The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: J

Jacinta’s Creepy Boss
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 05 August 2023

Jacinta decides to give her boss a taste of his own medicine.

Jack Beanstalker
mc mf md
by C. King
Added 12 October 2002

Jack receives a valuable treasure handed down from his ancestor, whose life was turned into a fairy tale.

Jack Easterly and the Island of Depravity
mc md
by Centurea Montana
Added 03 October 2015
Updated 05 December 2015

Dr. Hayanishi’s evil machine threatens to drag down the United States of America into a wanton swamp of lust, and only atomic chemist Jack Easterly can save his country. A serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps.

Jack — The Early Years
mc mf md in
by SatanKlaus
Added 12 June 2010
Updated 28 May 2022

Jack learns to use his powers from his Uncle.

Jackass With Mind Control Powers
mc ff md gr
by S. P. Riley
Added 19 November 2022

Rhoda recounts how her life was messed up by someone with mind control powers.

Jackie Big Tits
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 05 June 2021

Jacqueline gets an unexpected phone call, from an unexpected phone.

Jackie Fox: The Rookie Years
mc mf md
by Trent Wolf
Added 26 March 2000
Updated 08 April 2000

Jackie arrests a perpetrator with amazing persuasive abilities.

Jackie Fox: Vice Detective—Black and Blue
mc mf md
by Trent Wolf
Added 14 August 1999

An undercover female cop investigating a strip club is captured and reprogrammed.

Jackson Falls
mc mf
by gwazi101
Added 07 December 2019

With the help of her new friend Mandy, Anna settles in to her new life as a waitress in Jackson Falls.

Jack’s Inteview
mc mf fd
by The Lycanthrope
Added 29 June 2008

Jack desperately hopes that she can hold things together through her job interview, even though it’s the season of fertility.

Jaclyn’s Slide to Submission
mc ff ft hm bd
by Latexthom
Added 09 May 2009
Updated 17 May 2009

A top fashion model, flying home from a modelling assignment in the sun upsets a teenager with psychic abilities while on a stop over.

Jacob’s Ladder
mc mf fd md
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 16 April 2016
Updated 19 February 2021

Jacob has been hired to tack down the last of Lilith’s offspring after so many other have failed.

Jacob’s Tina
mc mf md
by Changeme
Added 11 January 2014

A woman going about her busy day finds herself helping a man trying to find his wife.

Jacob’s Word
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 03 November 2018

Cheryl tries to describe what happens to her mind when she hears Jacob’s special word.

Jacquelyn’s Ordeal: Blood and Shadows of the Mind
mc mf md
by Finder Theseeker
Added 26 February 2012
Updated 07 February 2015

Troubling news from the Il’ldais Manor has reached Jacquelyn, a young slayer. Jacquelyn has been implored to investigate the possibility a vampire could be the cause of such dark influences. Fighting memories of her own enthrallment, the night’s task would test all her skills and training.

Jade in Repose
mc ff cb
by Madam Kistulot
Added 26 June 2021

Ava and Isla, a pair of cyborgs sent from Bastet City, watch as an important event in Midas City unfolds, but their presence is detected by a local heroine...

Jaded Submission
mc ff
by Serene Cherry
Added 24 March 2001
Updated 15 December 2012

While being treated by a doctor, Alice has strange and vivid dreams.

The Jaguar Princess
mc mf ff fd
by TexTrance
Added 09 December 2000

Greg’s fantasies about submitting to his boss come true.

Jail Tale
mc ff
by MissLornaD
Added 07 April 2002
Updated 06 April 2003

Madeline meets a new friend after she is arrested.

mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 16 April 2000

Mark, a part-time deputy, hypnotizes a TV star who is spending the night in a jail cell.

mc mf ff md fd ma cb
by Jukebox
Added 26 December 2020

Venus Ascendant helps to stop a breakout at the most dangerous prison in the multiverse.

Jailbreak (Skaetlett)
mc ff ds hm
by Skaetlett
Added 04 March 2023

A hacker butcher’s cyborg girlfriend comes to her with a strange request one day. Her girlfriend is determined to fulfill her girlfriend’s wishes.

Jailed Passion
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 17 December 2000

Deb shows her new cellmate who’s in charge, and who’s the bitch.

Jailhouse Ruck
mc mm
by Chester
Added 02 January 2000

Devon’s cellmate uses hypnosis to help him get over his clausterphobia.

Jake the Frippin’ Snake’s Tales From the Pussy Trail
mc mf md ma
by Pluto Knee Em
Added 19 June 2011

A young man is transformed through a vision, and has a mission to fulfill.

Jake’s Dream Come True
mc mf md
by Billy_Ray77
Added 13 April 2013
Updated 17 August 2013

After being pummelled by a pair of bullies, Jake’s mental powers manifest themselves.

Jake’s Rig
mc mm
by Spot, Master Jason’s dog
Added 16 March 2002

Cody hitches a ride on Jake’s truck. Jake gives him a special set of headphones to help him relax.

James and the Leeches
mc mm
by cicero
Added 05 October 2008

A hard body young star gets a ‘special’ rehearsal with his scriptwriter and some unique leeches!

James Makes the Rounds
mc mf md in
by Red Unicorn
Added 30 March 2003

A high-schooler experiments with hypnosis.

James Windsaber Chronicles
mc mf
by James Windsaber
Added 07 May 2016
Updated 09 December 2017

In the future the world of games has been taken over by a single game—The Reality. Almost the whole population of the world play it. But in this game lies a secret—a power to control the minds of humans. Certain individuals are looking for this power, their mission—to conquer and rule the world. Only 1 boy stands in their way—but what is HIS mission? Things start getting complecated when the world leaders decide to meet for the fist time in this virtual world.

Jamie’s New Job
mc mf ff md
by MrGrey
Added 02 February 2003
Updated 07 June 2003

Jamie gets laid off just as a new strip club opens up across the street from her home.

The Jammer
mc mf md fd in
by bendherovr
Added 08 January 2011

A home-built cell phone jammer has some unintended side-effects.

Jane’s Attitude Adjustment
mc mf ff md ma
by HB5211
Added 23 September 2017

Jane Simmons is a young federal attorney in the office. For the life of her, she cannot understand why Emma will not entertain pursuing what she considers the largest crime boss in the city. On her own, she begins an undercover investigation to determine why Ricardo Munoz seems to be protected. What she discovers shocks her and too late she discovers that Emma and her friends all had an attitude adjustment. Is she next?

Jane’s Mission
mc mf fd sf
by Catsuit78
Added 06 May 2007
Updated 22 July 2007

Young spaceship captain Jane is sent with her crew on a secret mission. When they encounter the strange phenomenon they are supposed to observe, things quickly get out of their hands and the future of mankind is at stake...

Jane’s New Job
mc mf md fd rb
by Robotunit8
Added 17 August 2002

Jane applies for a job at an agency that has a suspiciously high success rate of placing clients.

Janice’s Experiment
mc ff
by Nick Vegas
Added 15 July 2007

Janice advertises for a roommate so that she can perform experiments on her.

Janice’s Miscalculation
mc ff
by triglonot
Added 11 August 2012
Updated 18 August 2012

Janice goes shopping in the supermarket for a girl to hypnotize, but makes a serious miscalculation in her choice.

Janice’s NipplaMont
mc ma ex hm ft sf
by Mr. Hymie
Added 01 October 2016

There is something wrong with Janice’s nipples...

Janie’s Got A Gun
mc mf fd ft
by J. Darksong
Added 12 July 2009

Overlooked, overworked, exploited by her superiors, Jane Nelson’s humdrum and mundane life is turned upside down when she’s beaten and raped in a parking lot and left for dead. Pushed over the edge, Jane creates a hi-tech weapon to get her revenge. And now that Janie’s got a gun, she ain’t never gonna be the same!

Janie’s Hell
mc mf md gr
by Mr. Hymie
Added 06 January 2001

Janie meets a stranger who uses his supernatural abilities against her.

mc mf fd
by Adam Smith
Added 08 September 2018

Janine offers a man free hypno stress reduction session that has far-reaching consequences.

Janine No More
mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 02 September 2017

Janine wakes up wearing a swimsuit and a pair of pantyhose, and is having difficulty wearing anything else, or even remembering anything else.

mc ff sf
by trilby else
Added 04 January 2004
Updated 15 December 2012

In deep space, six Alliance fighter pilots, for whom hypnosis is a familiar tool, encounter an enemy with a desperate plan to subvert their superior technology.

The Janus Coins: John’s Story
mc mf md
by Corrupting Power
Added 18 December 2021
Updated 04 March 2023

A Midwestern college student gets a gift from his big sister that sets two women competing for his affection.

Japan Guide
mc mf md
by Wesley King
Added 05 February 2006

Mary has just moved to Japan for her JYA year and it’s not long before she receives an offer she can’t refuse.

Japanese Schoolgirls
mc mf fd ft
by mike smitus
Added 18 October 2009

Tim arrives in Japan, and is seduced by some girls.

Japanese Schoolgirls 2: The Beginning
mc mf fd ft
by mike smitus
Added 30 January 2010

Miko and her friends hypnotize men with their panties.

Jasmine’s Last Stand
mc mf md bd ds
by Garnett Gibson
Added 18 February 2023
Updated 04 March 2023

At first, Jasmine is thrilled when she wakes up after a one-night stand with her boss’s drop-dead gorgeous son, but some things aren’t quite right. Like the leather cuffs she can’t remove, the mysterious room that fills her with dread, or her murky memories of being hypnotized the night before.

Jasmine’s Secret
mc ff mf fd
by OpenlyJas
Added 13 September 2014

Jasmine, a young lawyer, is visited by the wife of a client who was sent to jail.

Jasmine’s Story
mc ff mf fd md
by OpenlyJas
Added 09 August 2014
Updated 13 September 2014

Alice uses a mind-control drug on uppity Jasmine.

Jason and Me, and Subjects Three
mc mm
by TanCuteGuy
Added 21 July 2001

Jason continues his stage hypnosis show tour, but strangely, the same guy keeps appearing at all the shows.

Jason and Paul and That’s Not All
mc mm
by TanCuteGuy
Added 04 August 2001

Jason and Paul get a surprise visitor, who’s ready for more hypnosis.

Jason and Paul Follow-Up
mc mm
by TanCuteGuy
Added 04 August 2001

Jason and Paul continue their relationship after Jason leaves for college.

Jason, Paul and Tommy
mc mm
by TanCuteGuy
Added 04 August 2001

The hypnotic suggestions that were given to Tommy need to be erased.

Jason’s Hypnotist Show
mc mm
by TanCuteGuy
Added 07 July 2001

Jason wants to learn to be a stage hypnotist.

Jason’s Secret
mc mf md
by Nocti Raven
Added 07 April 2012

Jason’s friend discovers how he is so successful with the girls.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 27 November 2021

Nicole, the woman from ‘Bobblehead’, discovers that another woman has a trigger just like hers. And together, they make plans to deal with it.

Jay and Jerry
mc mm
by Johnox
Added 06 May 2001

Jay cruises the bars, looking for a new victim.

mc mf md ft gr
by Downing Street
Added 26 May 2018

Police constable Lise LaBelle tries to issue a ticket to a jaywalking tourist, but instead he reveals the true reality of her career in law enforcement.

Jay’s Accidental Hypno-Harem
mc mf md ds
by Luke3799
Added 27 April 2024

Jayson “Jay” Samford recalls how he accidentally created his current harem of beautiful women, beginning with his inadvertent acquisition of mind control powers.

Jazz and Sex
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 08 March 2003

Juni runs off with a jazz musician.

Jealous of Her Slaves
mc ff mf md fd
by seesaw6
Added 17 September 2010

A Mistress wants to experience the pleasure of being a slave.

mc mf md
by MrGrey
Added 20 October 2002
Updated 31 May 2003

After his girlfriend dumps him and starts going out with another guy, Josh asks the school nerd to invent a mind-control device for him.

Jealousy (Kallie)
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 14 October 2017

Eager for affection, Emma hypnotises her girlfriend to make her more possessive. But will she get more than she bargained for?

The Jeanette Journals #1: Phone Six
mc mf md
by The Lycanthrope
Added 11 October 2014

A hypnotherapist calls up a submissive woman he met online.

The Jeanette Journals #2: Realplaying
mc mf md
by The Lycanthrope
Added 18 October 2014

Jeanette finally meets her favorite hypnotist and a little roleplaying gets very real for her.

Jedi Mind Trick
mc mf md
by Hypno S
Added 25 May 2002

A young hypnotist plays a few games with a girl while vacationing at a cabin in the woods.

Jeff, the Doorman
mc mm ft
by White Briefs Hypoman
Added 23 May 2009
Updated 25 July 2009

A man attempts to use behavior modification on his building’s doorman.

Jelly Anne Daez
mc mf
by Cristina Prince
Added 30 May 2020

Angela, aka Jelly, becomes a victim of the Culonavirus.

Jenn and Sarah
mc ff bd
by nwofns
Added 05 January 2002

Jennifer and her coworker are kidnapped and brainwashed by a woman who, among other things, instills an addiction to drugs and cigarettes.

Jenna’s Dilemma
mc mf md
by amaranth
Added 13 February 2005

Jenna wants to be hypnotized to make her forget what happened to her when she was robbed.

Jennifer and Kim
mc mf md
by Trent Wolf
Added 05 April 2009
Updated 10 April 2009

Kim is suspicious of best friend Jennifer’s new relationship with Wade. Something just isn’t quite right.

Jennifer Lost the War
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 28 September 2019

Shelly comes home to find her old friend waiting for her... but Jennifer, it seems, wants to be more than just friends now.

Jennifer — Hypno-Mistress
mc mf fd
by Jane’s Heather
Added 26 March 2005

A guy sees an ad in adult paper and calls a dominatrix. His life is changed forever.

Jennifer’s New Friend
mc ff
by Tantric Legion
Added 19 November 2022

Jen is infected by an alien parasite, and must infect others.

Jennifer’s Workout
mc mf fd in
by Tantric Legion
Added 19 November 2022

Jen wants to get in some exercise, but spreading the parasitic infection takes priority.

mc mf md
by hypnoololook
Added 21 September 2003

Jenny, an online chat friend, is turned into a mindless slave bot.

Jenny Loses a Bet
mc mf md
by ELPeterEL
Added 23 July 2006

A stage hypnotist bets Jenny that she can’t be hypnotized.

Jenny Poussin — Bold & Expanded
mc ma gr
by Jaycee Knight
Added 27 October 2018
Updated 24 November 2018

A fairy helps Jaycee experience his dirtiest sexual fantasy at a comic convention.

Jenny Takes a New Job
mc mf md gr
by capstick
Added 20 January 2001

Jenny takes a job at a medical supply company.

Jenny, Queen of the Fairies
mc mf fd
by Jenny’s Admirer
Added 03 December 2016

Jenny has a rival for the devotion of her subjects.

Jeremy’s Story
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 17 October 1998

Jeremy, a wrestler, sees a sports psychologist who uses hypnosis to help him with his problems. It works out so well, that the entire wrestling team gets hypnotized.

Jersey Shored
mc mf gr in
by Varian Milagro
Added 28 November 2015

Unbeknownst to the Huangs, a Chinese American family of four, the vacation home they just purchased is the very same house featured in MTV’s “Jersey Shore”. They are about to discover that there was a reason everyone who lived in the house looked and acted as they did.

Jesse’s Brand
mc mf in
by Night Wolf
Added 30 April 2006
Updated 30 September 2007

They left him for dead, but that wasn’t all they left him with.

Jesse’s Power
mc mf
by The Mother Of Invention
Added 21 April 2012

Jesse has an unexplained power, which he uses to help out his classmates. He’s fascinated by the fact that Robbie doesn’t want any help.

mc mf md
by M Collins
Added 27 November 2010

A coworker orders Jessi to become a slut.

mc mf md fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 17 October 2020

Hank gets a replacement wife after his beloved Jessica dies.

Jessica’s Dangerous Game
mc mf md
by Jeanne Brannesecca
Added 17 March 2001
Updated 09 June 2001

Jessica takes belly dancing lessons, but her ex wants her to take her lessons more seriously.

Jessica’s Joy Ride
mc mf md
by AbolethLasher
Added 07 May 2022

Frank slips his wife a few drops of amnesia tincture, so he can live out his cuckolding fantasies. Things don’t quite go as planned.

Jessica’s Summer Internship
mc ff rb ft
by Nick Vegas
Added 06 January 2018
Updated 20 February 2021

A random stop for coffee in San Pedro starts a new adventure for Lacrosse Player Jessica.

A Jessie McClintock Story — Ghost
mc mf md
by GingerDaddyOh
Added 19 August 2017

Jessie attempts to help a woman after she has been fucked by a ghost.

A Jessie McClintock Story — Succubus
mc ff
by GingerDaddyOh
Added 09 September 2017

Jessie is hired to clean out a strip club that has been infiltrated by a supernatural being.

Jessie’s Girl
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 09 August 2008

Jessie’s got himself a girl, and Lars wants to make her his.

Jet Lagged (Jukebox)
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 10 February 2024

Audra’s just arrived in California from England, and her jet lag makes her uniquely susceptible to Jan’s hypnotic talents.

mc mf fd
by Daffy
Added 20 March 2021

When Tim travels to America to meet up with some online friends, one of them helps him adjust to the time difference. And to some new ideas about his lifestyle.

Jevanna: Hypnotic Homemaker
mc mf ff fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 13 November 2021

Hypnotherapist Jevanna Walker balances her career as a hypnotist with being a wife and mother…as well as indulging her hypnodomme nature.

The Jewel of Denial
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 16 October 2011

Betrothed to Prince Carl, Princess Dolorian seems to rebuff every adavance, but is that a bad thing.

A Jewel of Many Facets
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 04 May 2024

Mercedes Jewel takes stock of her life and decides how she wants to move forward after the defeat of Jonathan Creel.

Jewels of the Gods
mc ff ft bd
by Duskshadows
Added 09 May 2020
Updated 31 October 2020

Trapped on a world lost between dimensions, the young girl Jewels is sentenced to sexual slavery, and a pawn for battling Gods. What will become of her?

Jezz and Edge
mc mf md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 23 February 2019

Jezz—along with her sensei Edge—are recruited to locate a missing girl believed to be kidnapped and mind-controlled.

Jezz and Edge 2 — Disco is a Dish Best Served Cold
mc mf md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 23 March 2019

Jezz—along with her sensei Edge—are once again recruited to investigate a possible kidnapping involving mind-control.

Jezz and Edge 3 — Tea Time with the Meta
mc mf fd ma
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 16 January 2021

Jezz—along with her sensei Edge—are recruited to investigate a talk show hostess with ominous abilities.

Jezz and Edge 4 — Mayhem in the Big Top
mc mf ff md fd hu
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 26 November 2022

Jezz and her sensei Edge are recruited to investigate a mysterious circus.

Jiggle Belles
mc mf md
by Lisa Teez
Added 28 November 2009
Updated 20 December 2009

A jolly fat man in a red suit grants Savannah’s wish.

mc mf ff md
by Zabu
Added 11 May 2002
Updated 21 October 2004

Bob discovers a mind-control drug which he uses to turn women into slaves.

mc mf md
by Leslie B.
Added 20 April 2002

An attractive lady psychiatrist is raped by her patient, who expertly manipulates her mind for his own nefarious plans only to have the tables turn when she discovers his secret.

Jill One More Time
mc mf md
by Just Joe
Added 21 September 2002

A man recalls his hypnotic encounters with his girlfriend.

Jill, First Hypnotic Friend
mc mf md
by Just Joe
Added 07 November 1999

A photographer learns how to hypnotize people, and he enjoys it. His girlfriend, Jill, enjoys being hypnotized.

The Jilliad
mc mf ff md fd
by mcguy101
Added 31 August 2008
Updated 09 August 2014

Mark notices that women who wear a particular necklace, all seem to be falling in love with him. How can a nice guy get to the bottom of a supernatural mystery, yet still get the girl?

Jillian Jinxed
mc mf ex
by Pan
Added 01 November 2014
Updated 03 January 2015

After flashing a pastor her fantastic ass, Jillian decides it’s time to start showing it off to anyone (and everyone) she can.

Jillian’s Tale
mc ff mf ds
by Dr. P
Added 09 November 1996

Jillian reveals her deepest, darkest secrets to the hypnotist who is helping her quite smoking. Her therapist, in the employ of one of Jillian’s rivals, “helps” her reveal her deepest, darkest fantasies through hypnosis.

Jill’s New Baby
mc mf fd
by pshadme
Added 03 July 2005

Jill thinks that Robert should start acting a little younger.

Jim and the Work Wife
mc mf md
by The Pen Is Mightier
Added 25 March 2023
Updated 05 August 2023

Molly’s coworker Jim is finally back after having a surgery, and Molly begins realizing just how much she missed him.

Jing-Mei and Liliana: Girls’ Weekend
mc ff
by DazzlingLady
Added 27 February 2021

Two members of the High Hypnotists’ Conclave go on a guided camping trip.

Jing-Mei’s Blessing
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 29 April 2023

High Mistress Jing-Mei prepares for the birth of her child.

Jing-Mei’s Enlightenment
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 04 July 2020

A powerful and experienced true hypnotist, Jing-Mei has reached a crossroads in her life and seeks the advice of the mysterious and legendary True Hypnotist known only as “The Archdomina”.

Jing-Mei’s Purpose
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 21 November 2020

After weeks of introspection and study at The Archdomina’s estate, Jing-Mei is ready to move forward with a clear vision of what she wants.

Jingle Bells
mc mf ff md gr
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 17 December 2022

It’s that time of year again and Nick has to get to work.

mc mf md
by smcnnr7
Added 27 February 2010
Updated 13 March 2010

Jacob gets a very special present on his 19th birthday.

Joan Gets Out
mc mf md
by jo199
Added 29 November 1998

Joan sees a psychiatrist to help her with her problems, but the psychiatrist has other plans.

Joanna’s War
mc mf ff md fd ma
by Scalar Seventh
Added 09 February 2019

Joanna wakes up a convention for mind controllers with more than a little evidence that she’s been Altered, but no idea by whom, or when. Or why.

Job Benefits
mc mf ff fd
by Neo Whyachi
Added 28 June 2003

Krystal uses the tools from her after-school job at a hypnotherapist’s office to improve her difficulties in school.

Job Hunting
mc mf md ds
by Flying Decadent
Added 17 November 2018

Katherine Welles just can’t land a job. She signs up for a one-on-one crash course in job-hunting with Peter Roi. And while Peter might be a sexist hunk who thinks a woman’s place is in the home, he knows just how to get Katherine the job she’s made for.

Job Interview
mc ff
by Erika
Added 24 March 1998

Sally falls under the control of a female executive who is interviewing her for a job.

The Job Interview
mc mm
by Darr Fall
Added 01 August 2020

An 18 year-old fitness buff Tyler thinks he’s found his dream job, until the job interview takes a turn.

The Job Jar
mc mf md
by Lucky Guy
Added 05 March 2011

Burt hypnotizes his female study pals, gets a surprise, and eventually marries one of them. Their relationship is hypnosis-free for years, however, until he gets a brilliant idea… that almost destroys their relationship. He has to reach deep into his trove of hypnotic skills to salvage it.

A Job on Caltas Vearok
mc mf mm ff md
by WolfTotem
Added 25 November 2017
Updated 14 April 2018

James (Sin) Ingram fell through a hole in the world and did quite a lot of damage when he came out the other side. With a hefty debt already and no other way to pay it, he reluctantly gets handed over to a whorehouse to pay it off and has to make use of his hypnotic skills to earn his keep.

Job Opening
mc mf ff md
by The Worm
Added 13 November 1999

When Wanda goes on a job interview at a publishing company, she is reprogrammed with subliminals and hypnosis.

Job Placement
mc mf md in
by Cait
Added 10 May 2003

Lisa tries to find a job that will make her happy.

Job Search
mc ff
by Mongol
Added 29 July 2000

Gabrielle behaves strangely during an interview.

Jocasta’s Playground — The New Arrivals
mc mf fd in ft
by JValet
Added 10 January 2015

When Nate and his mother win an all-expenses-paid trip to an island spa, he finds that it caters to a very specific clientele...

Jocasta’s Playground — The Pool Boy
mc mf fd in
by JValet
Added 14 February 2015

Jasmine and her son an island spa, and find that it caters to a very specific clientele...

Jock Enslavement
mc mm bd
by The Slaver
Added 06 June 2015

Djokovic is kidnapped and enslaved.

mc mm
by webb025
Added 09 October 2010
Updated 30 October 2010

A college student observes strange behavior in the jock dorm across the street, and joins in.

The Jockstrap
mc mm ft
by Hokan
Added 13 January 2024
Updated 20 January 2024

Jake’s new workplace has a very strict dress code.

Joe Boy
mc mm mf hm ma ex
by Sopwith
Added 08 May 2010

Jack likes to show women his cock online, but one woman is not too happy about that.

mc mm ma
by Chester
Added 12 December 1996

Joey lets his roommate Zachary put him in a hypnotic trance, but Joey doesn’t know that Zachary secretly lusts after him.

Joey Makes Varsity
mc mm gr la
by AgainstMyWill
Added 05 March 2011

Joey makes his school’s revered bodybuilding team, and even makes it to varsity, but it turns out the Coach might have some rather different goals for him.

The Jogger
mc mf md
by Slinky Sandy
Added 18 February 2007

A cute jogger is compelled to follow a stranger to his home.

John Is a Very Good Boy
mc mm
by Hypnonail
Added 11 April 1999

John sets out to prove that he will be a good adoptive son for Dale and Andrew.

Johnny Cum Latte
mc mf md cb in
by Illuminati Architect
Added 11 June 2022

Johnny brings his special flavor to his female café customers.

Johnny Kicks the Habit
mc mm
by Xavier
Added 16 March 1998

Ben hypnotizes the high school bully and makes modifications to his sexual preferences.

mc mm mf fd ma
by piscalrotcam
Added 13 August 2022

Jake just wanted to watch some porn, but there’s something strange about the video he’s watching.

Joining My Partner
mc mf ff
by Farleven
Added 11 September 2021

After Julie goes missing on an investigation, her partner Angela goes looking for her. She soon finds that they’ll be working together in a whole new way.

Joining the Circus
mc mf md ft
by Hokan
Added 15 April 2023
Updated 25 November 2023

The circus needs fresh, young recruits in order to remain viable. Thankfully, they have Dr. Mesmer to help them.

Joining the Family Business
mc mf md in
by Farleven
Added 01 May 2021

After getting out of school Jenny had trouble so she finally gave in to her father’s request that she join the family business. Now she’ll be starting from the very bottom.

Joining the Team
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 21 January 2023

This summer Diego and Curt are tasked with preparing their younger brothers to join the college swim team.

The Joker
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 14 May 2011

Jo bets Chantal that she can’t be hypnotized by stage magician Lady Columbina. But does she want to win or lose?

mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 13 February 2010

Ted is tired of being the butt of practical jokes and wants revenge ... or a piece of his roommate’s butt.

The Jokers’ Club
mc mf ff
by Tropos
Added 15 May 2010

A young telepath finds companionship among the dreaming spires of Cambridge University.

Joker’s Wild
mc mf
by Decker
Added 16 October 2005

Three people playing cards make a bet on whether or not hypnosis is real.

The Joke’s on You
mc ff cb
by Jukebox
Added 26 August 2023

In the wake of the Grand Concordance, Azure is flung into another reality and discovers first-hand that there are far worse places than the universe she knows.

mc ff fd ma
by BB Zed
Added 24 October 2004

Rebecca accuses Jolene of sleeping with her husband.

mc mm
by Lookintomyeyesboy
Added 25 September 2021
Updated 04 June 2022

Jonathan is a free spirit. He loves to have fun with other guys, and he can make any guy he wants want to have fun with him.

Jonathan Khan
mc mf md
by Wendy Slippers
Added 27 November 2011

An ancient artifact with the power to enslave is passed down through time.

mc ff
by BedHead
Added 18 February 2023

A strange dancer in a Japanese club compels Alex’s attention. Soon, she comes to realize that the world is much more mysterious than she had ever thought—and offers temptations beyond her imagination.

Joseph — The Programmable Boy
mc mm rb
by Topaz172
Added 08 May 2005

The Agency’s plan to create an expendible Spykid ended in disaster a decade ago. Ex-Spykid Joseph was happy for everyone to think it was all over. Unfortunately falling in love with a straight boy wasn’t part of the plan..not tactically or strategically. The only option left is to use the Cephelographic Analogue Transcriber one last time.

Josh and Professor Mommy
mc mf fd la
by bosoxfan31
Added 06 October 2018

A professor loves helping her students; especially her new, young, and naive ones.

Josh, My First Hypnotic Subject
mc mm ma
by ramps
Added 24 September 2011
Updated 22 October 2011

When Josh couldn’t get over the break up with his girlfriend Emily, he asked Matt to try to help him cope with his messed-up feelings. Matt decided to try something that would herald a lasting change in their relationship forever...

Josh’s Bad Night
mc mf md
by Psyco Turnip
Added 04 November 2023

Josh is awoken in his dorm room by a rather annoyed Lycan, who says that it’s time for his tribute. The only problem is… he has no idea what she is talking about.

mc mf md ma hm ds bd
by Synaptic Virus
Added 16 October 2011
Updated 11 January 2020

A cunning businessman uses subtle mind control to convince a ambitious young management trainee to follow his “executive” training programme, which in reality is training her to be a bondage slave.

Journal of a Journey
mc ff ma
by Abby
Added 07 December 2003
Updated 18 July 2004

Her best friend Melissa sends her to her hypnotherapist with interesting results. Her private journal tells of her journey of discovery but did Melissa and the hypnotherapist have ulterior motives?

The Journal of Juliet Samson
mc mf md ma hm ds bd
by Rilawild
Added 14 November 2009
Updated 20 December 2009

A cunning businessman uses subtle mind control to convince a ambitious young management trainee to follow his “executive” training programme, which in reality is training her to be a bondage slave.

mc ff
by Sleeping Beauty
Added 08 May 2004

Fay travels to Las Vegas, and meets someone who she can help with her abilities.

Journey (Marked One)
by Marked One
Added 18 November 2017

A young man’s journey into adulthood as he tries to figure out how his favourite teacher became his slave and companion.

Journey in Control
mc mf md
by Sacrip
Added 29 August 2004
Updated 03 October 2004

There are many stories about a young man who gain powers of mind control and use them for sexual gratification all while fighting/helping a mysterious conspiracy. This is one of them.

Journey to Saigon
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 08 March 2003

Juni visits distant relatives in Saigon.

Journey: Bliss
mc mf ff
by Sleeping Beauty
Added 22 May 2010
Updated 23 May 2010

Julie wakes up the next morning on a new mission to find her heart.

Joy of a Toy
by Jukebox
Added 29 February 2020

A hypnotic induction intended for those who want to increase their enjoyment of depersonalization and objectification.

The Joy of Chemistry
mc mf md
by Lord Rod and Sisenmana
Added 04 March 2017
Updated 09 September 2017

After reading a book on metaphysics, Del discovers that he is able to enslave a co-ed with his mind.

Joy to the World
mc mf fd
by Jukebox and Lady Ru’etha
Added 20 December 2009

Lynn has a sneaking suspicion that Michael might enjoy sex more when hypnotized, and winds up proving it.

The Joy Toy
mc mf md
by Julian Winslow
Added 31 October 1998

Sid tells a story about a device that can make girls do anything he wants.

Joyous Sound
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 14 May 2022

Amber must make her escape from a sinister preacher with a supernaturally persuasive gift.

mc ff md
by Jukebox
Added 24 December 2016

A body-hopping fratboy takes Detta out for a spin to the nearest lesbian nightclub.

mc fd
by URN My Power
Added 12 December 1999

A psych patient with multiple personalities hypnotizes her doctor.

Judas Goat
mc mf md fd ds bd
by Jay Inkwell
Added 03 February 2024
Updated 24 February 2024

She’s a leader among women. Where is she leading them?

Judas Kiss
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 23 April 2016

Lunch with an old friend turns into betrayal and enslavement...sealed with a kiss.

Judas Tree
mc mf md
by Orestes
Added 27 November 2010

A supernatural being cannot satisfy his earthly desires without destroying what he takes.

Jude Hypnotized
mc mf md
by Major Tom
Added 06 October 2002

John hypnotizes his new office assistant.

Judge... Not
mc mf ff md gr
by J. Darksong
Added 03 October 2009

Judge Patricia Mayweather enjoys the power she has as a circuit court judge, and wants nothing more than to fast track her way onto the Supreme Court. She weilds her power with ruthless abandon, but when she crosses paths with Jack Delvers, she discovers that there is power, and then there is power. As the old saying goes, “Judge not, lest ye be judged...”

Judgement Night
mc ff hm hu
by Etherealust
Added 24 September 2022

Agatha has always been an outcast, and she’s tired of being ostracized by the popular girls in her college. However, unbeknownst to them, she has a secret weapon that will help her get the revenge she deserves.

Judging Evilena
mc ff mf fd
by Mistress Evilena’s Servant
Added 17 October 2004

Aren’t Paris and Avignon BOTH in France?

Judith and Me
mc mf fd
by Homer Vargas
Added 24 October 1998
Updated 12 May 2000

David’s problems begin when he falls into the thrall of his sexy older neighbor. He seeks help from Judith and things just get worse. Or do they get better?

Judith: The Power of Desire
mc mf fd ex ma
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 04 December 2011
Updated 21 January 2012

A businesswomen gains an increasing control over her young male neighbours and uses them for her gratification.

Judy & the Pussies
mc mf ff md in
by Graphic Paul
Added 30 June 2001

A girl group is recruited by a record label with evil intentions.

Judy to Judi (with an I)
mc mf md gr
by Gregory Michelson
Added 02 September 2023

Judy’s a frustrated single woman, alone at home after her daughter went to college, but when she gets a jade figurine from a mysterious admirer, Judy will soon become Judi, a busty, horny, bimbo who is going to have all the fun she ever missed out on, at the feet of her man...

mc mf ff md
by kah2523
Added 02 June 2001

Bethany reflects upon how she came to be a waitress at a theme restaurant.

The Juice
mc ff
by Chrysostomon
Added 23 September 2023

An addiction to a fluid runs rampant amongst women.

Juicy Jungle
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 30 December 2017

Emily grooms herself for her hypnotic Mistress.

Jukebox Hero
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 26 July 2008

Kay tests her boss’s new arcade game.

Julian and the Princess Room
mc mm
by Baralai
Added 05 January 2013

A former corrupt bank executive lives out some twisted fairly tales.

Julia’s Power
mc mf ff md fd
by Griz T. Orc and Penny Propofol
Added 09 April 2016

Julia is a telepathic mind controller. As she is recruiting Sarah and her friends into a lesbian sisterhood Julia becomes the target of Dr. Hal Thomas. Dr. Thomas has his own plans for Julia as well as Sarah and her friends.

Julie and Lisa Love Shoe Shopping, “Will Their Shared Passion Grow To Be More?”
mc ff ft
by Srotoy
Added 10 June 2007

Julie uses their common interest to get into her straight best friend’s pants.

Julie Is My Puppet Now
mc mf md
by Trance-Man
Added 05 March 2022
Updated 09 April 2022

A man uses hypnosis to enslave a woman he lusts after.

Julie’s Gifts
mc mf md rb ft
by ArcylMan
Added 10 February 2001

The new building superintendent takes a special interest in Julie.

Julie’s Hypnotic Erotic Adventure
mc mf ff md ma
by Adrian Jones
Added 20 August 2006
Updated 27 August 2006

Julie is introduced to hypnoerotica by her long-distance boyfriend.

Juli’s Inititation
mc mf md
by Juli
Added 09 July 2005

Juli goes online in search of erotic mind-control, and gets something more literal than she imagined.

Jumping the Shark Tank
mc mf md hu
by J. Darksong
Added 08 October 2022

Dr. Drake, an up-and-coming scientist made a pitch to a group of entrepreneurs on a popular reality TV show, but was rejected. A year later. Dr. Drake returns with a brand new product pitch, a guaranteed hit that the group will not want to... or be able to... refuse.

The Junction Before Abbey Rhodes
mc mf md
by Onyx
Added 05 October 2008

A man with mental powers disrupts Abbey’s new marriage.

mc mf md fd
by Sevenfactorial
Added 17 April 2004
Updated 24 April 2004

A psychological experiment on a mysterious island ensnares a young neurologist with a lurid past.

June’s Memories
mc ff
by Katherine Ma
Added 14 June 2014

June came to visit Tessa to get her cheating husband back. Or did she?

Jungle Babe — In the Clutches of Cernunnos
mc mf ff md fd ds cb
by Soul in Shadow
Added 29 March 2014
Updated 20 January 2018

Weeks after Miss Americana’s mysterious disappearance, Dana McQueen ventures into the foreboding, mist-shrouded forest to try and rescue her friend. But the evil that fell Miss Americana has only grown stronger and more insidious; can Jungle Babe succeed where the champion of Delta City could not?

Juni and Aaron
mc mf md fd
by Juni
Added 14 September 2002
Updated 21 September 2002

Two mutants on the run from the authorities become lovers.

Juni and Claudius
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 30 March 2003

After losing her husband, Juni is seduced by the new Emperor.

Juni and Josef
mc mf fd sf
by Juni
Added 25 August 2001

Juni has an encounter with a young soldier while time travelling.

The Juni and Liszt Chronicles
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 17 November 2002

The time-spanning couple of Juni and Franz Liszt visit each other.

Juni and Nicholas
mc mf md fd
by Juni
Added 29 December 2001
Updated 05 January 2002

Juni cheats on her boyfriend Jim.

Juni: X-Girl
mc mf
by Juni
Added 03 May 2003

A mutant spy girl is hypnotized by a Roman Emperor.

Juni’s Lesson
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 24 November 2001

After rejecting his advances, Juni receives special instruction from her professor.

Junk Mail
mc mf ff md fd gr
by Moose 2016
Added 22 October 2016

CINDI is a sentient computer virus who can bring people into the computer and reprogram them.

mc mf fd
by JoSchmo
Added 02 February 2002

A man meets a lovely Japanese woman in a bar, and is compelled to do whatever she says.

Just a Boy
mc mf mm md
by Jukebox
Added 25 March 2023

May’s brought home a new Boy™ to keep her company while her husband’s on the road, and he’s anything but happy about it.

Just a Citizen
mc mf fd
by KnifeCutRight2
Added 20 April 2003

William is very responsible, and fulfills all his duties as a citizen. The chip in his head ensures it.

Just a Girl
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 09 June 2012

Two burglars try to steal a Girl™, with predictable results.

Just a Little Wish
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 03 August 2013

Kara gets her birthday wish.

Just a Pair of Tits
mc mf md
by BDantes
Added 23 September 2023

Mary’s co-worker shows her his phone and helps her understand what her true identity is.

Just a Phase
mc ff ma gr ex
by Rev. Hale
Added 21 March 2020
Updated 08 April 2023

Mary finds herself staying with her Uncle during the last few months of high school. He doesn’t approve of her girlfriend, her style or her politics. She hates to admit it, but maybe he has a point. Maybe she’s just going through a phase?. It’s difficult to argue when her mind’s cloudy and he’s so convincing…

Just a Pill
mc mf md gr
by Dajaska
Added 31 March 2012

Lei takes a pill to enhance her breast size for her fiance but experiences some side effects.

Just a Regular Day
mc mf fd ma
by Mindlevel Zero
Added 16 November 2019

A day in the life of a deeply-brainwashed husband.

Just a Taste
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 15 October 2022

Nita’s scent and taste have a hypnotic effect on men, or so she claims... and whether she’s right or just making Marcus think she’s right, it seems to be working on him.

Just Add Water
mc mf rb
by Majortoo39
Added 10 August 2013

A man comes home to find a robot on his doorstep.

Just an Ordinary Guy
mc mf md
by Jason Davis
Added 09 February 2002

An experimental drug has some unexpected side-effects.

Just Another Day at the Library
mc mf ff fd
by Graphic Paul
Added 30 November 2002

Xanadu library, home of magic scrolls and books, gets some special visitors.

Just Another Day...
mc mf md
by Aimee
Added 30 January 2000

Suzy wakes up with no memories of the night before, but the slutty clothes she wore are lying on the floor next to her bed. The same thing seems destined to happen to her again tonight.

Just Another Guy
mc mf md
by Hypster
Added 07 December 2002

Bill tries out hypnosis on an old friend.

Just Another Story
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 26 May 2018

Jessica volunteers to proofread Kyra’s short story about a proofreader hypnotized by a short story she’s proofreading. It turns out that metafiction can be pretty compelling.

Just Arrange It: Priestly Actions
mc mf
by Victor Ramierez
Added 14 May 2011

A guy uses his powers of “persuasion” to help out others, usually for a cost. In this tale he helps his friend’s dad get revenge on the local Pastor by arranging for him to take the Pastor’s daughter’s cherry after the school dance.

Just Because They Serve You Doesn’t Mean They Like You
mc ff
by MichelleLovesTo
Added 03 June 2007

Mattie finds herself strangely attracted to Cat, in spite of the fact that Cat just told her she slept with Mattie’s boyfriend.

Just Can’t Get Enough
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 26 June 2010

Liz has plenty of experience with people who are reluctant to go into trance into her hypnosis demos, but she’s never had to deal with people who are reluctant to wake up. Until now, that is.

Just Chatting
mc fd
by Jerr Tameth
Added 24 September 2022

When an innocent conversation becomes a hypnosis session, the author is shocked to find out just how much control he’s given away.

Just Close Your Eyes
mc mf fd
by Inamorata
Added 20 November 2011

You are hypnotized by a seductive woman.

Just Consequence
mc ff in
by MoldedMind
Added 25 February 2023

Three sets of twins start their training at a post-secondary institute, but they don’t know everything they’re being trained for.

Just Deserves
mc mf fd md ft
by Latexthom
Added 21 March 2009

Paul investigates a prosecuting attorney who has bent the rules.

Just Desserts
mc mf md fd
by bz
Added 18 November 2000

Lisa lets herself be hypnotized, and must deal with the consequences.

Just Do Me
mc mf ff md ma gr
by Captain Eazy
Added 13 July 2008
Updated 02 August 2008

Hopeful writer Jane McKay is sent to do a story on a lush Caribbean spa. This might be a big break for her.

Just Dumb
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 15 July 2017

A young woman decides to experiment with bimbification play at a hypnosis con, and gets to experience an enjoyable descent into empty-headed bliss.

Just Fiona
by sleepygirlsometimes
Added 25 May 2019

Fiona finds her true self.

Just For Alec
mc mm
by au29
Added 23 April 2006

Matt is hypnotized by his personal trainer.

Just For Fun
mc ff md in
by Pan
Added 12 May 2018
Updated 15 December 2018

Emily shares her new incest fetish with her girlfriend.

Just for Practice
mc ff
by Virtual Scott
Added 03 March 2012

Shy Abby wishes for a kiss.

Just Friends
mc mf ff md
by BioParadox
Added 31 August 1998

Kurt hypnotizes his friend Jennifer to become his obedient slave.

Just Go Along With It
mc mf md
by D. Holzer
Added 23 September 2001

Jenny is kidnapped by a madman intent on brainwashing her, and she decides to co-operate.

Just Imagine
mc md fd
by Nova
Added 26 May 2018

Have you ever thought about the intricate connection between imagination, aesthetic sense and sexual arousal? Have you ever channeled the flow of energy created by erotic mc dreams into your own power of creativity? Nova will again share some of her teachings with you.

Just Joan
mc ff mf fd ft ma
by Archibael
Added 04 January 2004

A lawyer’s mistress brings out a new side of his wife’s personality.

Just Kidding
mc mf md
by Dorlas
Added 05 March 2016
Updated 26 March 2016

A husband thinks his wife is playing around when she starts behaving as his slave.

Just Like Being On Stage
mc mm
by T. T. Fletcher
Added 13 August 2022

While he is working my way though collage as a summer camp counselor—he meets a handsome camper, realized that he was gay, and fell in love. He encourages him to remember how he felt during the weekly hypnosis show.

Just Like Christmas
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 27 April 2019

Duchess and Tiana meet a beautiful young woman who sees them playing with hypnosis and can’t wait to try it herself. And Duchess can’t wait to show her how it feels.

Just Like My Sister Krissi
mc mf ff md fd in
by Saddle Rider
Added 15 February 2020

Krissi pays a visit to her younger sister.

Just Might Get It
mc mf ff fd
by Databastard
Added 20 May 2000

An accident in the genetics labs gives Janet the ability to read minds.

Just Old Friends
mc ff mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 16 September 2001

Rebecca visits her old friend Stephanie, who announces that she is now bisexual.

Just Old Friends — Revised
mc mf md ma la
by scifiscribbler
Added 23 September 2023

Rebecca visits her old friend Stephanie.

Just One Bite
mc ff
by SapphicSounds
Added 08 May 2021
Updated 05 June 2021

After meeting a real life vampiress, Amanda seeks enthrallment.

Just One Wish
mc ff
by Katie McN
Added 05 May 2001

A woman finds a mysterious bottle. When she happens to rub it, a sexy babe pops out and grants her a wish.

Just Passing By
mc mf in
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 17 May 2009

Stephanie is very special and has a special influence over those around her.

Just Passing Through
mc mf in
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 12 July 2009

Stephanie continues to have a special influence on those around her.

Just Passing Through Town
mc mf in
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 21 November 2009

Stephanie’s once again having an interesting effect over those she passes, this time on the road in her flashy car.

Just Relax
mc ff mf fd md
by Chrysostomon
Added 10 August 2019

June visits Dr. Roberts, and has a whole new outlook on her marriage, but Dr. Roberts has an issue with her husband Ken.

Just Relax and Look at the Light
mc mf ff md bd
by Allister Remm
Added 12 February 2012
Updated 10 August 2013

Ordinary women are taken to a facility where they will be trained to become submissive sex slaves. After two weeks they will be given the option to leave and return to their former lives, or stay and become full fledged slaves.

Just Rewards
mc mf md
by Lady Chantel
Added 05 December 1999

Hannah has herself hypnotized to learn the reason why she is so attracted to her boss.

Just Say No
mc mf md ds bd
by DystopianArtificer
Added 22 April 2017

Bob is baffled by his beautiful neighbor’s behavior.

Just Short of Sexy
mc mf md in
by OneAndTwo
Added 22 July 2017
Updated 27 April 2019

A series of short vignettes.

Just Sink
mc mf md
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 14 April 2018

Elena agrees to help her friend’s brother to practice for his hypnosis show.

Just Stare
mc mf md
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 29 September 2018

Yelena finds herself extremely fascinated by a dancing gem stone.

Just to Make Sure
mc mm
by Touchstone
Added 15 February 2009

A young businessman at a high-class orgy party has to make sure he’s straight.

Just Too Tired to Fight It
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 01 August 2020

An exhausted Jorge imagines the rest of the night with Cameron unfolding, knowing that he’s not going to be able to dissuade his roommate from furthering his addiction to hypnosis videos.

Just Visiting Sis
mc mf md
by Mian
Added 23 March 2008
Updated 16 August 2008

Sharon visits her twin sister, only to discover that she is now a bimbo cheerleader.

Just Wanted to Play
by Albus Somnus
Added 15 August 2010

Helena purchases a special cream that comes with a CD to help her to sleep.

Just What She Needed
mc ff
by Bad Penny
Added 21 January 2007

A trip to the gym gives Toni a greater appreciation for her annoying coworker.

The Just-Ass League
mc mf ff fd ex cb hu
by Mudak
Added 30 March 2013

When a gang of six superheroines arrives on the scene to tackle Metroburgh’s crime wave, Admiral Anticrime suspects that there’s something more sinister going on. Are these six shapely femmes fatales what they say they are, or is the Metroburgh right in his suspicions?

Justin’s Gift
mc mf md hm
by Bulgroz the Third
Added 28 December 2008

Justin, on a weekend visit to see his son, gets a visitor to his hotel room bearing a surprising offer.

mc mf fd md
by Gloryboy
Added 29 April 2007

A man with mind-control powers programs Laura to be dominant, but things don’t go exactly as planned.