The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: U

The Ubani Code
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 22 August 2020
Updated 19 September 2020

A pair of teenage boys find a cheat code in a mind-control device.

Uber Pussy
by Jukebox
Added 02 March 2024

A hypnotic induction intended to brainwash the subject into fetishizing the vagina.

mc mf ff md fd
by amaranth
Added 02 April 2011
Updated 06 April 2013

In the future, teen mages must do battle as part of their dating rituals.

Ugly, Stupid and Fat
mc mf md ft
by D. Holzer
Added 03 August 2002

Once Brian achieved total control over Peg, he had to decide what to do with her.

Uh Huh
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 12 January 2019

Buddy uses hypnosis to guide Keith into his first sexual experience.

Uh-Oh, Mrs. Austin Is In Trouble
mc mf md hm
by A Bad Man
Added 11 May 2002

A spoilt, condescending, jumped-up business woman gets taught an inproportionately excessive lesson.

Ulterior Motives
mc mf ff md fd
by BB Zed
Added 28 June 2003
Updated 13 July 2003

John and Noreen use hypnosis to try to get Lydia to loosen up a bit.

The Ultimate Bunny Girl
mc mf ff md
by Robotunit8
Added 08 July 2007

Lulu’s job at the “Bunny Club” comes with a very special bunny outfit.

Ultimate Control
mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 01 October 2016
Updated 22 October 2016

Sam invents a new kind of pantyhose that are made with a highly addictive drug.

The Ultimate Form
mc mf md gr in
by MindSpark
Added 23 February 2019
Updated 06 April 2019

A washed-up loser is chosen to be the subject of a military nanite experiment.

The Ultimate Game
mc ff
by sara castle
Added 14 January 2007
Updated 04 February 2007

Kat finds herself fighting for her freedom in a twisted game of paintball.

The Ultimate Hypnotist — A Master PC Story
mc mf md gr
by The Lycanthrope
Added 21 September 2019

Ted’s collectable military computer has a bigger secret than he expected. Now he must take on a new identity as the ultimate hypnotist.

The Ultimate Lovedoll
mc mf ff md bd rb
by Vendatrix
Added 26 September 1998

An undercover agent is captured while investigating a lovedoll manufacturer, and is brainwashed into becoming one herself.

The Ultimate Orgasm
mc ma mf fd
by Hypknot Eyes
Added 25 August 2001

Jacob’s new hypnosis CD is the most erotic experience of his life, and he can’t get enought of it.

The Ultimate Price
mc ff mf fd ds hm
by Alecta’s Shadow
Added 08 April 2023

Lesbian student Julia wants nothing more than for her roommate Frida to step on her and make her a slave. What was once a crush is now an obsession. The only problem? Frida is both vanilla, and straight as they come. In desperation, and unable to move on, Julia seeks help from Manfred, a fellow classmate who once told her he was an amateur hypnotist. No matter his price, Julia intends to meet it, if it means Frida can be dykeified and kinkyfied into being her domme. What could possibly go wrong?

The Ultimate Rush
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 29 June 2019

A game of hide-and-seek inside an allegedly haunted house proves to be Matthew’s demise.

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
mc mf ff md fd cb
by Jukebox
Added 24 September 2022

Veena’s mind-controlled armies begin the final battle for the fate of Earth against the forces unleashed by the Grand Concordance. Is the Great Collapse moments away, or will the heroes pull out one more victory against impossible odds?

The Ultimate Vacation
mc mf ff md fd
by Jukebox
Added 30 May 2020

Katie wins an “ultimate vacation” package from a travel agency, and becomes ultimately vacant.

The Ultimate Voyeur
mc mf cb
by Gloryboy
Added 25 February 2007
Updated 18 March 2007

A young man learns that mind control can make him the perfect spy, unseen and unheard. He’s a teenager so of course he uses it to watch girls. But will his abilities ever allow him to do more than just watch?

UM, It’s a Typo
mc mf gr
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 30 January 2010

Ashley’s found the perfect job listing in the paper, but because of one little typo it may not be the job she thinks it is.

by Jukebox
Added 17 February 2018

An induction that pops your thoughts with a single word.

The Umbilical Sisters
mc mf ff fd in
by Chrysostomon
Added 23 April 2022

Chloe and Helen love men. They love men. They both want a man but for evil…

mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 04 August 2018

Ryan gets into an argument with the forceful Miriam over an umbrella and winds up speechless. And mindless. And helpless...

mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 21 April 2012

Boyd’s special Talent shuts down others’. Andrew is a mind-controller. What happens when they meet?

Una Noche Del Amor
mc mf md
by Tamale Knight
Added 14 April 2001

Esteban helps Angelique to relax.

mc mf ff md
by S. P. Riley
Added 06 August 2022

An ex-con found a book of magic and as soon as he figures out how the magic works he’ll get his revenge.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 14 December 2019

The women at Kelly’s office are behaving very strangely, and none of them seem to notice their new, subservient personalities. Luckily, Kelly has a theory about what happened and why she remains immune to the effect.

mc mf ff md hm
by PDV
Added 12 February 2022
Updated 10 June 2023

A TV anchorwoman agrees to an unusual bet with a panelist on her show.

mc ff hu
by Jukebox
Added 14 April 2012

A teacher is caught falsifying her job application.

The Unbound Genie
mc mf md gr in sf ts
by IronLacedCarbon
Added 26 October 2019
Updated 23 July 2023

Eighteen-year-old Jack Thompson gets a URL link sent to him from an unknown individual, which ends up being some kind of virtual genie’s bottle. With his new abilities, he decides to improve his mundane life bit by bit.

The Unbreakable
mc mf md fd
by S. B.
Added 08 May 2010

A writer in search of inspiration gets caught in a supernatural struggle between a lustful Muse and a strange being that lies beyond Good and Evil….

Unbreakable (Jukebox)
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 18 March 2023

Nia discovers once again that Darnelle’s control only gets stronger the more she tries to fight it.

The Unburnt
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 28 January 2017

When the Queen of Flames is captured by a mysterious man who promises he’ll make her his sex slave, she vows to resist him.

Uncanny Valley Girls
mc ff ft
by Autumn Oldaker
Added 16 January 2021

When Jerri wakes up, she feels lovely and lazy. Lots of things seem kind, but she can’t tell why. Nobody has less than C-cups and they’re all at least half naked, but why would that be odd?

mc mf md
by HypnoDude
Added 17 April 2004

What happens when a girl is programmed, but there is nobody there to claim her?

Uncle Bob
mc mf md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 25 June 2022

Bob returns to his family after a very long, mysterious absence. But has he changed that much?

Uncle Carl’s Present
mc mf md gr
by 30Kerotica
Added 16 June 2018

Michael is struggling in his relationship with Moira, but then he remembers the present his Uncle gave him, many years before.

Uncle Joe
mc mf
by b4uweremine
Added 09 March 2008

Julie uses her hypnotic prowess to do a huge favor for Joe.

Uncle Sam Wants You
mc mf ff md
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 04 July 2009

On the Fourth of July, an outbreak in sexual depravity creates widespread havoc.

Uncle’s Hypnosis Game
mc mf md in
by 1HypnotizedBimbo
Added 04 March 2023

Stella discovers a new, highly addictive phone game through her uncle. Why does it seem to be mind-addling her into a cumslut?

Uncle’s Hypnosis Ring
mc mf md in
by 1HypnotizedBimbo
Added 09 July 2022
Updated 25 February 2023

Misty visits her uncle’s jewelry shop to check out wedding bands. When she realizes she can’t afford his prices, Uncle Roderick has an unconventional solution—and a special ring to show the sexy teenager....

Unconscious Needs, Insensibly Met
mc mf md in
by Gina Oulait
Added 25 September 2021
Updated 23 October 2021

Young Decker and his stressed-out mother Suzanne have a typical day after work, until it isn’t.

Uncontolled AI
mc mf ff md
by GDMex
Added 02 December 2023

Government scientest reveal their new powerful AI.

An Uncontrollable Incident
mc mf md hm
by Likes ’Em Sloppy
Added 12 February 2000

A man with a mind-control device has the perfect cure for a cockteasing salesgirl.

An Unconventional Defense
mc mf fd
by Carol J.
Added 04 April 2020

Raphael is a failure of an exorcist. He hasn’t fought off a single monster after he was hired by the people of Beauchamp. But when a trio of monster women arrive to raid the village, will he finally be able to carry out his duties or will he be helplessly mesmerized by their charm?

mc ff ft
by MoldedMind
Added 03 July 2021

Leonora finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, seeing something she shouldn’t. She tries to blend in, but she may not be able to pull it off.

Uncovering the Power
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 30 October 1999

Kevin develops his supernatural abilities, and is pursued by other supernatural beings.

mc mf md
by Gris
Added 12 October 2019

Finally having moved into their own apartment, Audrey finds herself slowly dragged into a new world of which her long-term boyfriend Damian is a part—willingly, or otherwise.

Under A Rest
mc mf fd ds
by semi lucid
Added 21 January 2023
Updated 29 April 2023

When ace homicide detective Michael Berman arrives to interview his intriguing primary suspect, he gets far more than he bargained for.

Under Achiever
mc mf md
by JAX
Added 02 December 2000

A high school student seeks out a hypnotist to teach him to get girls.

Under Construction
mc mf ff md fd
by URN My Power
Added 29 July 2000

Daria lusts after the construction worker across the street, and is willing to go to any length to be his slave.

Under Construction (The Golden Hammer)
mc mm
by PutU2Sleep
Added 01 September 2001

David finds his new construction job to be a lot more than he bargained for. Hypnosis and Surprise Seduction... in the most interesting of places!

Under Control
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 11 March 2017

Delfina confronts heiress Constance Danforth about her unethical activities, but the situation threatens to spiral out of control.

Under Control (Chrysostomon)
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 17 August 2019

Principal Bob goes to extra lengths to ensure that parents and children take care of each other.

Under Her Control
mc mf fd in la
by wikiwhyguy
Added 20 March 2021

Johnny Glassier is on his way home from work one night, when a girl named Jasmine from his college has different plans for him.

Under Her Sway
mc ff
by GigglingGoblin
Added 16 January 2021
Updated 23 January 2021

An arrogant enchantress finds herself facing off against a sultry succubus, but she’s confident she has this under control. After all, all the succubus is doing is swinging her ass to that slow, soothing rhythm. Back and forth. Back and forth. What’s that supposed to... um, supposed to...

Under Her Wing
mc ff
by Ogodei-Khan
Added 30 August 2014

Dianne gets much, much more than she bargained for when she seeks a little New Age healing at a small shop. Inspired by the Pink Floyd song Mother.

Under His Spell
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 01 November 2014
Updated 19 August 2023

A housewife finds herself unable to resist the advances of her daughter’s new boyfriend.

Under Lock and Key
mc mf md
by olithoi
Added 31 July 2010

A witch attempts to put a spell on a man she has captured.

Under My Skin
mc ff sf
by Jukebox
Added 31 October 2020

In a dystopian future where humanity is united through the Internet, the last few unassimilated humans live a perilous existence outside the realm of wifi.

Under My Thumb
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 04 November 2007

While cleaning, Molly discovers her owners’ manual lying around.

Under New Management
mc mf md nc
by Daphne
Added 10 August 1998

Lisa, a prostitute, is expecting a to meet a customer, but instead meets her new owner.

Under New Management (InLeaves)
mc mf ff gr
by InLeaves
Added 16 August 2014

Lady Eleanor is a proud and competent businesswoman standing at the helm of an underground sex slave company. Her two co-founders, resentful of her overbearing authority, decide one day to make her their bimbo sex slave.

Under Pressure
mc mf md fd gr hu
by Otterly Ruddertail
Added 29 April 2023
Updated 13 May 2023

A loving couple of empty-nesters have their lives transformed when the husband accidentally discovers a magical massage.

Under the Alaskan Ice
by S. B.
Added 29 January 2011

After the journal of a famous ancestor is uncovered in the city of Nome, Alaska, Stella Haynes travels there to try and secure possession of it. Upon reading its contents, things in her life start to change in mysterious ways.

Under the Bell Curve
mc mf ff md fd
by Rajah Dodger
Added 15 January 2006

Chet accidentally discovers Peg’s trigger phrase that turns her into an obedient zombie.

Under the Gun
mc ff cb
by chris.lionofthenorth
Added 27 July 2019

A gun-wielding superheroine is captured by a hypnotic villain. Will she fall to the same fate as the former hero Ronin?

Under the Hill
mc md fd ds hm
by iq
Added 29 August 2015
Updated 02 January 2016

Stephanie meets a group of strangers at her bachelorette party, who take her to a special nightclub.

The Under the Hill Franchise — Alicia’s First Visit
mc md fd bd ds ex
by Betsy Leohtar
Added 19 December 2015

Alicia treats her friends to a night at the exclusive, invitation only, Under the Hill Club.

The Under the Hill Franchise — Alicia’s Second Visit
mc md fd ma ds hm
by Betsy Leohtar
Added 07 May 2016
Updated 04 June 2016

When Alicia and her friends return to the Under the Hill Franchise Club there is no Sonia to divert their attention from everything the club offers. They are excited and determined to sample everything on offer. But this club offers a lot, so is it physically possible to sample ‘everything’? Or will they need further visits?

Under the Influence
mc mm ft
by Pipengarman77
Added 22 June 2013

Nick uses hypnosis to take advantage of his friend’s fetishes.

Under the Influence (Jukebox)
mc mf ff md ma
by Jukebox
Added 28 November 2015

Fiona goes to an informal wine tasting, and finds that Dave’s homemade wine packs quite a kick.

Under the Milky Way
mc mf ff gr
by Mudak
Added 06 July 2013

Following a scientific breakthrough, an international team of astronauts is assembled, to travel to a distant star with planets that could support life. When they get there, what will they find and how will it change them?

Under the Panties
mc mf in
by Pan
Added 22 July 2017
Updated 19 August 2017

One wish before, one wish after. Sophie uses hers to make sure that her brother can never go under the panties.

Under the Skin
mc ff in
by sara castle
Added 15 July 2007

The search for her missing sister leads a remarkable woman back to Hong Kong. But, with the threat of betrayal drawing ever closer, it seems only a matter of time before she too fall into her enemies’ clutches.

Under the Spell of Youth
mc ff
by Nick Vegas
Added 22 July 2007
Updated 09 February 2013

Laurel is hypnotized and made to fall prey to a teenager.

Under Your Spell
mc mf md
by J. Darksong
Added 23 May 2009

Phoebe and her friends enjoy playing D&D on the weekend. She particularly enjoys losing herself in the roleplay, but when Steve’s freaky roommate John interrupts their latest sesson she learns just how easy it is to lose one’s self.

Undercover Nylon
mc ft
by jman_bigdaddy
Added 03 June 2017

Rachel goes undercover to discover the truth about the Nylonica conspiracy.

Undercover Transformation: POV
mc mf ff md ma bd
by HB5211
Added 29 October 2016

Sent to investigate a world renowned researcher at a prestigious university, Emma becomes a research assistant to uncover what is going on. Nothing will be the same for her as she discovers the hidden truth behind the research. Told from Emma’s Point of View.

Undercover: The Conversion of Samantha Clover
mc ff
by Madam Kistulot
Added 29 January 2022
Updated 12 February 2022

A spy infiltrates a party thrown by one of the most powerful, and dangerous women in the whole world. Is she ready for what awaits her, or will she succumb to the femme fatale’s tricks?

Undercover: The Interrogation of Shauna Larson
mc ff
by Madam Kistulot
Added 19 September 2020

A spy is caught during a dangerous, but important, operation. She’s been trained to resist attempts to control her mind, but is her training enough?

mc mm mf ff fd in
by Julian Obedient
Added 15 March 2003

Against a background of international intrigue and several historical periods, Matt tries to live free of unwanted mind control.

mc ff
by trilby else
Added 10 May 2003

Cary is troubled by her friend Diane’s relationship with the maid.

Underneath it all
mc mf ff md
by amaranth
Added 19 March 2006
Updated 10 January 2015

Jeff discovers that his stepsister and two other girls have been given a drug that makes them obedient to anyone who gives them orders.

Underneath the Bunker
mc ff sf
by Mampang
Added 05 February 2012

Helena takes her crew upriver, through a changed world.

The Understanding
mc mf ff md
by antiwidow
Added 30 March 2008

JD uses subliminal messages to make his wife more agreeable.

mc ff
by 8-bit
Added 13 April 2008
Updated 20 April 2008

A journalist has unique ways of “protecting” her sources.

Undertow (Dixon)
mc ff
by Dixon
Added 24 January 2015

Ginny and her two hypnotically brainwashed wives go on a vacation.

The Undertow (Trixie Adara)
mc ff mf fd bd la
by Trixie Adara
Added 06 February 2021
Updated 03 April 2021

Struggling with her failing marriage, Victoria learns control and strength from a beautiful stranger.

Undivided Loyalty
mc mf fd
by chris.lionofthenorth
Added 16 April 2016

A Soviet agent encourages CIA agents to flip.

Undress Code
mc mf ff ft
by Mania
Added 08 June 2019
Updated 26 September 2020

Celest is concerned the school’s strict new “Thongs Only” dress code might be turning her daughter into some kind of slut.

Undress Rehearsal
mc mm ma
by Jukebox
Added 24 April 2021

Nathan listens to a hypnosis file, and finds himself compelled to get naked and masturbate.

Unearthing the Lesbian Goddess
mc ff bd ds
by Sammynona
Added 28 October 2017
Updated 09 June 2019

Three college girls get a lesson in ancient history when they accidentally unleash Cassandra, the goddess of lesbian lust.

Unending Dance
mc ff
by Madam Kistulot
Added 06 January 2024

April meets a very unusual woman at the club who promises to keep her dancing forever…

The Unexpected Gift
mc mf md
by John Mclane
Added 23 June 2002

A man suddenly discovers his latent mind-control abilities.

mc mf ma fd
by Captain Eazy
Added 22 November 2008
Updated 21 December 2008

Brand and Sandra visit a counselor to resolve a puzzling question: Since they are happily married, why has she been repeatedly unfaithful?

mc ff ma cb la gr rb ft
by LRP
Added 26 March 2006
Updated 27 July 2019

Jacqueline’s wires get loosened up when an unexpected visitor introduces her to a new side of life.

Unfettered: Wax And Wane
mc ff ma
by LRP
Added 21 December 2008

Jacqui and Jess spend solstice on Costa Luar. What awaits the couple in the moonlight and sand?

Unfinished Works in a Forever Afternoon
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 01 July 2000

A brief interlude in the life of Corelle D’Amber.

Unforeseen Reward
mc ff in
by MoldedMind
Added 11 February 2023

Ellen Wu makes Senior Partner at her lawfirm but there are a few more perks to the position than she expected.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 13 March 2010

Ursula is haunted by a recurring dream that she can’t quite remember, but can’t get out of her mind.

Unforgettable Erica
mc mf fd
by Andre013
Added 04 September 2005

For his birthday, a man lets himself be hypnotized by the beautiful Erica.

The Unforgiven
mc mf md
by J. Darksong
Added 06 October 2002

A young runaway living on the street is given an experimental drug, which changes his life forever.

An Unfortunate Habit
mc mf ff md
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 05 February 2012
Updated 26 February 2012

A young lady visits a consulting hypnotist. She has a problem to be cured, but is the problem really what it seems?

The Unholy Rites
mc mf ff mm md
by Chrissy
Added 22 June 2019
Updated 21 March 2020

A teenager begins to fall under the spell of a demonically possessed priest.

Unholy Spirit Hospital
mc ff gr la
by CNP
Added 11 October 2014

Disturbing things happen to nurse Alicia Tan and her coworker Carrie during the night shift.

The Unholy Whale
mc mf md gr in la
by Wiseman
Added 20 November 2021
Updated 02 July 2022

A loser nerd with a penchant for breast expansion and a severe case of yellow fever is rewarded with a dark, yet powerful magical artifact after wasting a fortune on a satanic gacha mobile game.

mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 03 July 2021

Hayley is concerned she’s being brainwashed by her flatmate’s boyfriend. But according to him, she’s actually being unhypnotized!

mc mf ff mm md fd gr ft ma bd
by Degenerate Intellectual
Added 27 November 2011

In an age when the youth are in rebellion, the British government has sanctioned the creation of St. Lycurgus’ School to rehabilitate ‘criminal’ youths using unorthodox methods. Holly, a leader of the Student Left and her friend Hector, are both destined to be stripped of their individuality and taught the true meaning of obedience.

Uniform (Jukebox)
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 30 July 2016

Marcelline is a little bit late for work, but she still has to make herself look good in her uniform.

Uniform Obedience
mc ff ft ds
by Shadra
Added 11 August 2018

Veronica reunites with her former slave. With her she brings a surprise that she is sure will make their weekend together unforgettable.

Uniform Policy
mc ft
by doctorpluto
Added 18 December 2021

Tanya, a security guard, is summoned to take on a new role at work.

Uniforms Control Your Mind
mc ff mf fd in rb ma ds ft
by Mr. Scade
Added 27 July 2013
Updated 27 July 2019

A series of short flashes where we dwell into the deeper meanings of what can be done to control us, and how simple it is. From the mystic to the mundane, there are and infinite themes with which to control minds.

Unintended Attraction
mc mf md
by Sidia
Added 17 February 2018
Updated 15 September 2018

A man begins to come to grips with and master an ability that he’s feared all his life.

Unintended Consequences
mc mf in
by Letcher Kimes
Added 23 April 2022

Dick’s plan to get his wife to down on her using drugs goes awry.

mc mf ma
by Jukebox
Added 23 May 2009

Ben knows that some guys wake up next to a strange woman all the time. But usually they’ve been drinking or doing drugs. And they’ve left the house the night before, or at least had guests over. And usually, the women are human...

Uninvited (Asymmetry)
mc ff
by Asymmetry
Added 24 November 2018

A widow discovers an uninvited guest in her garage.

mc ft
by MoldedMind
Added 12 June 2021

Sloane gives her old friend Matthew an amulet for his birthday, but it joins him to his girlfriend, Elli, in a way he never imagined.

Union Mechanique
mc mf md bd
by Mr. Sleep
Added 05 December 1999

Denise’s brain is implanted with a powerful control device.

Union Rules
mc mf md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 08 February 2009

A woman is unhappy with the construction crew working for her.

mc ma
by Jukebox
Added 02 September 2023

Sophie battles the relentless intrusion of a telepathic hive-mind. For as long as she can.

Unit 345
mc ff ds
by Princess Kay
Added 15 February 2020

Hypnotic music turns Jillian into the perfect fucktoy.

Unit 4219
mc mf md sf
by Agachak
Added 20 December 1997

Susan, suspicious of her boyfriend Jason, follows him and becomes recruited by aliens.

Universal Baby
mc ff
by Autumn Oldaker
Added 16 July 2022
Updated 12 November 2022

Abby discovers she loves it when her friend Nissi calls her “Baby”.

Universal Overdrive
mc ff sf
by fembotheather
Added 30 October 2021

Geena’s housemate’s toaster malfunctions after a comet passes by.

Universal Remote
mc mf md gr in
by Dr. Fakes
Added 10 April 2005
Updated 07 May 2006

What would happen if you got your hands on the ultimate remote control? Our main character is about to find out.

Universal Sex Remote
mc mf md gr
by Pegasus300ZX
Added 06 March 2010

Joe gets a remote control that grants wishes.

Universe 8
mc mf ff md sf
by InLeaves
Added 20 September 2014
Updated 22 November 2014

Dr. Tonia Sandstrom, brilliant engineer, lives in a future where neural augmentation is strictly controlled. She upgrades her system illegally and begins to test it by way of video games. But her routine testing turns to the otherworldly when she discovers that an obscure MMO game, Universe 8, evolves into an immersive virtual reality when she uses the full power of her augment. Soon, she finds herself in the clutches of a perverted but immensely powerful man turning the game into his harem.

University Experiment
mc mm
by AgainstMyWill
Added 30 May 2009

You agree to take part in an experiment that is supposed to map the human brain. Perhaps the Professor is not being completely straighforward with you.

The University Placement
mc mf fd
by Rizzle Dizzle
Added 19 January 2013

A college student goes to work for a hypnotherapist.

Unjust Desserts
mc mf ff md
by Jukebox
Added 02 April 2022

Hetty, Sammie and Emily go to a sneak preview of a brand new restaurant run by an absolute wizard of sugary concoctions, and learn that there’s more to molecular gastronomy than they ever knew.

Unknown Implant
mc mm
by Agachak
Added 25 October 1997

Steve is fitted with an implant and tortured.

The Unknown Object
mc mf ff md in
by Himitsu Jutsu
Added 19 February 2022
Updated 06 April 2024

Tim discovers something special in the woods while cutting class, and it will irrevocably change his life and the lives of those around him.

Unladylike Behavior
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 27 January 2001

Lillian and Nicole are upset about having a commoner like Alex in their social circle.

Unleashing the Beast
mc mf fd
by Penelope Pitt
Added 18 August 2001

A woman calls upon a mysterious young man to help her win the man she loves.

mc mf md in
by Pan
Added 01 December 2018
Updated 20 April 2019

A hypnotist recounts the final sessions with his sister.

Unlocked Inhibitions
mc mf ff md
by T
Added 13 December 1998
Updated 10 January 1999

A scientist invents a machine that makes women become sexually wild.

Unlucky Seven
mc mf ff md in
by Haxa
Added 02 October 2005

A man has a friend hypnotize his wife and his sister-in-law.

mc fd
by Daffy
Added 27 March 2021
Updated 03 April 2021

Lynn has a rare condition, and has a special prescription to help control it. The theft of the tablets has significant consequences for her and some of the people she knows.

Unnatural Desires
mc ff sc
by Kimberley Adams
Added 10 May 2003
Updated 09 March 2008

Debbie Keogh has a dark secret, a basement dedicated to the enslavement of the female mind. Today she is shopping for a new slave!

Unnoticed Arrival
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 12 June 2021

Nicole tells Mara she’s going to trance her for the first time, and Mara waits for it to happen, but still misses it when it does.

mc mf ff fd
by Leslie B.
Added 27 April 2002

A cult blurs the lines between the real and imagined, between what is good and what is evil.

mc mf md in
by Zerenity
Added 16 July 2022

A chance encounter turns an ordinary life around.

Unorthodox Research
mc ff md fd ft
by Latexthom
Added 15 February 2014

Three research scientists reap havoc on the people that come into their lives.

Unorthodox Therapy
mc md mf ff
by Rajah Dodger
Added 11 April 1997

Marci’s therapist takes adavantage of her submissive tendencies.

mc ff cb
by mesmeri
Added 15 September 2012

Chill has a problem using her powers and reaches out to her fellow supervillain Mesmeri to help her.

An Unplanned Audit
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 21 March 2020

Nimmi’s walk in the park is ruined when she encounters a woman with a very strange problem.

Unplanned Revenge
mc mf md ft
by Latexthom
Added 25 April 2009
Updated 10 March 2012

A university student gets a whole new perspective on life after bumping into someone on her way home.

mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 05 December 2020

A familiar face from her past returns to help Claudia escape her prison of obedience.

mc mf ff md
by S. P. Riley
Added 24 May 2003

Elizabeth’s new life begins when she meets a stranger at a club.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 22 June 2019

A mad scientist explains exactly what she’s going to do to her helpless victim.

Unraveling the Onion
mc mf gr
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 15 May 2010

A man finds that every lie he tells becomes the truth.

UnReading Glasses
by AbolethLasher
Added 06 November 2021

Mary acquires some glasses that make reading subtract from her knowledge.

mc mf ff md ft
by Ted Wood
Added 15 January 2006

A mad scientists lives in a place halfway between fantasy and reality.

mc mf ff md ex
by BB Zed
Added 11 August 2012

A high school teacher has a normal day where nothing interesting happens.

Unremarkable (S. B.)
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 11 July 2020
Updated 05 September 2020

When Julian saw Gretchen for the first time, he thought she was unremarkable. He should have known better.

Unruly Women Reform Academy
mc mf md ds bd gr rb
by bw
Added 22 October 2022

A technologist, fed up with his defiant girlfriend, sets out to correct the attitudes of not only her, but other unruly women at the new and very modern reform academy he founded in their city. While the technology may be modern, the gender roles learned will be very old fashioned.

Unsafe Cybersex
mc mf md sf
by IIvx
Added 21 October 2001

Lisa’s new neural interface for virtual reality comes with undocumented features.

Unseen Powers
mc mm mf md
by FantasyWhispers
Added 20 May 2023
Updated 01 July 2023

Alex awakens one morning with a new physique, and with new powers of persuasion.

by Jukebox
Added 25 April 2009

Justine writes a letter to her ex-boyfriend about what’s happening to her at work, and why she can’t tell her friends or family about it.

mc mf ff md ma bd
by HB5211
Added 11 September 2021
Updated 22 January 2022

Heather receives an unsolicited email from a fan of her writing. He is a Master and what transpires is fact not fiction. Will Heather continue this budding relationship in an attempt to make her writing even better?

Unspoken Surrender
mc mf fd
by kbug
Added 06 March 2010

A busy man steals a cab from a non-descript woman and gets more than just a big cab fare.

Unstoppable Pleasure
mc mm
by T. T. Fletcher
Added 05 December 2020

His hypnosis makes his straight roommate feel wonderful. He returns time and time again.

mc mf md sf
by The Lycanthrope
Added 18 March 2012

On a planet where the government sells pre-made slave girls, Derek tries to make a better one from scratch.

Until It Sleeps
mc mf md
by J. Darksong
Added 02 November 2002

Jeffrey’s power continues to grow, as does his desire to use it. Is his will strong enough to control his carnal desires?

Until the Real Thing Comes Along
mc ma
by Jukebox
Added 23 October 2021

McKayla finds out that she has a fetish for erotic hypnosis, and decides to create her own induction files to enjoy it safely.

mc mf
by PDoc
Added 20 July 2008

Tommy is tired of his manipulative boss, and wants to quit.

Untold Stories
mc mf fd hu
by S. B.
Added 17 November 2018
Updated 16 November 2019

Enough with the same boring tales of handsome princes and damsels in distress! It’s time for fairytales to go kinky, one childhood memory twisted at a time.

An Unusual Gift
mc mf ff md fd
by PTWrites
Added 09 October 2021
Updated 07 October 2023

Jack gets a present from his grandfather: A magical collar that makes its wearer completely obedient for twelve hours.

An Unusual Gift — Halloween Special
mc mf ff md fd
by PTWrites
Added 29 October 2022

Abby wants to make some Halloween costumes using Jack’s magical collar.

An Unusual Parasite
mc ff in
by Autumn Oldaker
Added 27 August 2022
Updated 10 December 2022

After Megan’s body is occupied by an alien entity, she finds she has a need to go and make new friends.

The Unusual Sexuality of Malcolm Spandoz
mc mf md
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 20 July 2008
Updated 09 August 2008

Randolph Trevais has a client with an unusual sexual problem. Can hypnosis help?

mc mf md
by Thereisnospoon4
Added 22 December 2001

Stacey watches as her coworker is hypnotized and enslaved.

An Unwilling Husband
mc mf fd
by Asphyx
Added 19 January 2002

An abusive husband is reprogrammed by his sister-in-law to be a slave.

The Unwilling Sex-Toy
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 11 June 2006

Just before his wedding, Jeff meets a stranger in a restroom that he cannot resist.

mc mf md
by Nom Plume
Added 01 May 2021

Stacy has fantasies of a simpler life. Her partner is happy to oblige.

Unwrapping Someone Else’s Gift
mc mf md
by Hypnofur
Added 02 January 2016

After seeing a hypnotist show, a woman finds herself dressing up and making a visit to see the Amazing Raza.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 11 December 2010

It’s her first day at Westcroft College for Girls, but already Felicity’s memorized the school handbook. But it turns out there are some “unwritten rules”…

mc mf fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 26 October 2019

Dr. Pressburger’s research is too controversial for most people to appreciate, but not Lilith.

Up All Night
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 26 August 2017

Dylan helps Justine pull an all-nighter with the help of a few hypnotic cat-naps.

Up and Comer
mc mf md
by Trent Wolf
Added 24 January 1999

Megan receives a lesson from her husband’s boss on how to behave like a corporate wife.

Up and Down
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 03 September 2022
Updated 10 September 2022

On the day before her birthday, Dr. Vanessa Madsen gets stuck inside an elevator with a gentleman having a panic attack and a jerk that gets on her nerves. Both get to see two different sides of her as a result.

Up For Debate
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 12 September 2020

A pair of hypnocon attendees explore the resistant habits one holds.

Up For the Count
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 02 July 2016

A hypnotist discusses her take on an aspect of inductions.

Up to Eleven
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 27 November 2021
Updated 26 March 2022

Eric downloads an app which allows him to control his wife’s libido.

Up To Par
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 29 April 2000

Wendy gives Rene golf lessons.

Up, Up, and Away!
mc mf md
by knobreh
Added 01 March 2009

A mind-controller is bored on a long flight.

mc mf ff ma gr ft
by mightysopor
Added 24 January 2015
Updated 07 February 2015

At the airport, Dinah is told she has been selected for an upgrade on her flight. She finds there’s something strange and alluring about the airline’s sexy and sophisticated stewardesses.

mc ma md fd cb
by J. Darksong
Added 06 July 2019
Updated 27 July 2019

After several years of adventure as the heroic Robotica, Roberta Bayport finally has the chance to regain her humanity and become a normal human again. It’s a dream come true. But while Robotica is a powerful and capable heroine, Roberta, as a human, is vulnerable. And when her nemesis catches her in the middle of the procedure, her perfect dream may become a nightmare...

mc ff mf ma sf
by nevermind
Added 23 February 2019
Updated 25 May 2019

The promised future has arrived. Mankind has outgrown old Terra and lives peacefully among the stars. But when junior engineer Kyra Warner of the TSS Argo picks up the wrong item from an alien planet, the rest of her crew must soon find out that not everything in this universe is willing to coexist.

Upon Reflection
mc ff
by Fidget
Added 15 August 2020
Updated 05 September 2020

A professor and her two students are led into the basement of their dorm by a mysterious RA, where they find a mirror with surprising properties.

Upper Body Conditioning
mc mf ff md in
by Jafar
Added 01 December 2001

The world has just gotten soft in the head in the last 50 years. That is why Professor Jack Nordstrom has developed his upper body conditioning program—to set things right again, one slut at a time.

mc ff sf
by If I Was Not You
Added 06 July 2019

A woman tells her date about her experiences as a research subject.

Upset Power
mc mf fd md
by Backwards
Added 28 July 2012

Beth suddenly gets the power to make people do what she says.

Upstairs Neighbor
mc mm
by ethansummers800
Added 10 October 2020
Updated 17 October 2020

A man tries to cut off contact with his upstairs neighbor and see his regular boyfriend instead, but he has an increasingly difficult time with that.

Uptight Annie
mc mf md
by Carmen Kit
Added 19 April 2014
Updated 11 February 2017

Annette’s outlook on life changes after she gets a special cream in the mail.

Urban Witchcraft
mc mf fd
by Hypno-Tits
Added 06 October 2002

A woman watches as her friend Phil falls under the thrall of a Carribean woman.

Urban Witchcraft 2
mc mf fd
by Hypno-Tits
Added 06 April 2003

An interviewer talks to Sandie and the men that she controls.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 28 May 2011

A woman finds herself possessed with an inexplicable, irresistible urge to have passionate sex with another woman at a dance club.

mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 01 June 2013

Beth doesn’t remember that she volunteered to be hypnotized at last night’s party.

Urges (anorim)
mc ma ft
by anorim
Added 24 February 2024

Linda notices that fifty minutes of her life went missing after she clicked on a suspicious web link.

Urine Trouble
mc mm ft
by Seekingsometruth
Added 09 February 2013

When alpha males who are busy marking their territories confront one another, one will dominate, another will be forced to submit, and the collateral damage seeks only to serve and obey.

User Friendly
mc mf md
by Interstitial
Added 18 October 2014

Sara signs up for a three month test of a new high-tech entertainment product prototype. The money is good – but what exactly is the product?

User Manual
mc mf md rb
by Virtual Visitor
Added 29 March 2009
Updated 09 May 2009

Tom has bought a new hypno-slave, a state-of-the-art ‘CumBunny 3000f’. But he just hates reading user manuals.

User Settings
mc ff
by Hypno-Eretica
Added 27 June 2020

Anne gets Jane a new VR headset for their anniversary.

Using the Sex Doll
mc mf md
by BikeWriter
Added 25 October 2009

A wealthy man has an entranced woman delivered to his penthouse.

Using Tim
mc mf fd
by Tom
Added 28 November 2015
Updated 29 April 2017

Tim’s destiny is to be a hypno-toy for numerous women throughout his life.

Using Ursula
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 03 November 2018
Updated 08 June 2019

There’s only one way to stop Dion from using his step-sister Ursula.

mc ff
by Kallie
Added 09 July 2022

A devoted maid watches helplessly as her beloved mistress falls prey to a sinister, mind-controlling rival.

Utilized, Sequentialized
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 15 August 2020

A detective catches a thief in an act he’s strangely prepared for.