The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: V

mc ff
by DanielleK
Added 29 October 2016

A lonely huntress is captured by creatures beyond her imagination and forced into a game where her freedom is the prize.

V.I.P. (Jukebox)
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 27 February 2021

A young woman is gifted with a free V.I.P. package at an upscale day spa as a tip by one of her customers. It doesn’t seem like there’s any fine print, but every offer has a catch.

mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 08 June 2019

The owner of a quiet roadside motel is wakened on a dark and stormy night by someone asking about the vacancy. It turns out she means something very different than the sign intended.

Vacant Moan
mc ff ma
by Jukebox
Added 23 September 2017

Rose watches as Nani receives another one of her “special calls” from her mysterious hypnotic Mistress.

The Vacation
mc mf md fd ft
by Mojo Tim
Added 08 September 2007

Mike goes on vacation in Montreal and enjoys the local sights and sounds.

The Vacation
mc mf ff md in
by mr. potestas
Added 15 August 2010

Over the past year, Jack’s marriage hit the breaks. He convinced his wife to go with him on a boat trip to the Caribbean to possibly reinvigorate their relationship. It was a trip that made the universe tremble!

The Vacation (The Slaver & Hunter c. Wolf)
mc mm
by Hunter c. Wolf and The Slaver
Added 29 March 2014

Hunter travels to a South American country and takes part in a weird religious ceremony.

Vacation Rental
mc mf fd
by LightSail
Added 27 April 2019
Updated 23 May 2020

Anna and Matt are two young professionals who need a romantic break, and find the perfect island vacation rental. But is it too perfect?

Vacationing With Doctor Danger
mc ff cb
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 01 May 2021

A superhero dating a supervillain sounds like a recipe for disaster, but Bethany and Fortune are trying their best. And, a theme park vacation might be the perfect time for them to see a whole new side of each other.

Valentina’s Night Out
mc mf fd hm
by SleepyShamrock
Added 19 February 2022

Valentina creates a lightshow for a DJ set at a local nightclub. But then the DJ makes the mistake of trying to use the lightshow against her.

Valentine Gift
mc mf md bd
by Ellie Dauber
Added 05 July 2003

Attorney Rebecca Sutton normally didn’t like getting gifts from her staff. She didn’t like this one—until she put it on and couldn’t get it off.

Valentine's Day
mc mf md
by BZ"2"
Added 30 June 2007

Brian has some special gifts for Debra, which he hopes will save their failing marriage.

The Valentine’s Day Mesmerizing
mc mf ff
by wouldnitbnice
Added 22 February 2014

Jonathan and Anjelica are a happy couple. She gets a new job and Jonathan worries that he’s going to lose the love of his life to her boss. But he has a Valentine’s Day plan to win her heart. Will love triumph in the end?

Valentine’s Dinner
mc mf md ft
by Hypnofur
Added 20 February 2016

The Newsons’ dinner for two doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Valentine’s Night Shift
mc mf
by The Pen Is Mightier
Added 18 February 2023

Chrissy picks up a night shift at work and needs a boost to stay awake. Fortunately, her coworker has just what she needs...

Valentine’s Treatment
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 07 July 2018

Michael Valentine is being treated for a delicate mental condition. Symptoms include amnesia, paranoia, the delusion that he’s being mind controlled, and the belief that he’s being kept in the facility against his will.

Valerie’s New Reality
mc mf ff md fd
by Doktor Gostel
Added 08 January 2011
Updated 19 February 2011

Valerie struggles against a mind controller using her own body against her. The question for our hero is whether she’ll accept the new reality being offered.

Valerie’s Story
mc mf ff md
by OpenlyJas
Added 19 July 2014

Valerie is targeted by a classmate with mind-control powers.

Valkyrie Don’t Cry
mc mf ff md fd
by littlefrog66
Added 12 October 2019

A Middle aged lawyer becomes entangled in a young girls life. She’s seeking revenge when they are both killed and brought back to life by 10 dimensional being. They recruit a team of girls to investigate and seek her revenge.

Valley City Tales: A New Career
mc ff ds cb
by Second Chair
Added 26 March 2022

The Valor Force aren’t Valley City’s only heroes. What happens when one of the city’s active heroines meets a retired villain?

Valley City Tales: Who Rescues the Hero?
mc ff ds in cb
by Second Chair
Added 31 December 2022

The beautiful, new, solo super heroine Diamelle has already faced the dangerous super villains known as Glimmer and Gloss twice in her short career. They say “third time’s the charm” and they’re right. But the question is... for who?

Valley College Dream
mc mf mm fd ma
by AmberFog
Added 08 April 2023
Updated 29 April 2023

A fae being from another world craves the pleasure of human lust. It enters a college campus and influences the students, faculty, and others to lower their inhibitions and consummate their fantasies. How far will it push them into living their dreams?

Valley Girls
mc ff
by Chrysostomon
Added 04 January 2020

Kay goes to investigate a mysterious place in northern Scotland.

The Valor Force
mc mf ff md fd ds cb
by Second Chair
Added 02 October 2021
Updated 26 March 2022

Valley City is protected by roughly a dozen costumed super heroes and heroines. Among them is the city’s only official team of heroes. An all female, five member group of super heroines known as the Valor Force. Unknown to them, three of the city’s individual villains have also recently joined forces. This could get... interesting.

Value Added Customer Service
mc ff
by Cafetray
Added 20 May 2012

The customer doesn’t always get what she needs, but sometimes, she gets what she wants.

Value of My Egg
mc ff
by Twilightsight
Added 09 March 2002

Maria explains to her old friend Raschelle how she has made so much money in such a short time, and in the process turns her friend into her newest customer.

Vamping the Vamp
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 20 February 2000

A female vampire with tremendous hypnotic powers has her comeuppance.

mc mf ff md sf
by Homealone_447
Added 23 August 2008

Cassandra and Marian are enthralled and enslaved by what seems to be a stereotypical vampire.

Vampire (Jukebox)
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 20 November 2011

An encyclopedia entry on the vampire, man’s deadliest and most implacable foe.

The Vampire Amethyst
mc mf fd
by QuietMan
Added 24 October 2015

Amethyst is captured by a vampire-hunter.

Vampire Fantasy
mc mf md
by qxvw198
Added 29 November 2008

Lisa has erotic fantasies of being ‘taken’ by a vampire. For Halloween, she is hypnotized to believe her husband Mark is a real vampire. Things get complicated when a stranger named Misty also falls under Mark’s hypnotic control.

The Vampire Hunter’s Folly
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 03 November 2018

Lucinda, a vampire hunter, falls into the clutches of a deadly vampire who decides to take the one thing she values most: her intelligence.

Vampire Hypnotherapist
mc mf md
by hypnoololook
Added 10 September 2006

A vampire tries to protect himself from detectives investigating the death of one of his patients.

Vampire Lovers
mc mf ff
by Chrysostomon
Added 08 June 2019

Bea goes to visit her Aunt in the big city. She finds it to be much stranger than she anticipated.

Vampire Money
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 15 January 2022

Lusty adventurer Kei runs into a vampire who gives her a run for her money. And a kiss, and a lick, and a kneel, and....

Vampire of the Masquerade — SHR
mc mf ff md fd
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 28 October 2023

On their way to a Halloween party, Sleepygirl and her friends encounter a magician whose powers end up being much more magical than expected.

The Vampire on the Move
mc mf md
by hypnoololook
Added 17 May 2003

A vamprire moves to a new town, and comes up with a new strategy for meeting female victims.

Vampires of Passion
mc ff in ft
by mr. potestas
Added 06 April 2013

Three stories centering on the three Vampires of Passion in this prequel set within the Passions Multiverse.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 09 November 2019

The Brighton Broadcast Group has another pretaped insert for its local news stations, an opinion piece on the importance of trusting our haemophagic friends who’ve only recently been revealed to the public. It’s... captivating stuff.

Vampiress & the Hunter
mc mf fd
by male sub
Added 27 October 2001

A helpless male is unwillingly forced into control by a sensual female vampire.

The Vampire’s Bite
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 27 January 2018
Updated 10 February 2018

Ashley finds herself being preyed upon by Lillian, a domineering vampire from her college

The Vampire’s Kiss
mc mf
by Chigal
Added 12 August 2000

A vampire takes a new victim.

Vampire’s Kiss (Dreamy Dolphin)
mc ff fd
by Dreamy Dolphin
Added 13 May 2023

Sara and her roommate try to figure out what to do when she wakes up one morning with fangs.

Vampire’s Lust
mc mf md
by hypno_bdsm
Added 05 August 2007
Updated 02 September 2007

You are hypnotized and taken by a vampire.

A Vampire’s Promise
mc ff
by Madam Kistulot
Added 15 January 2022

Abbigail makes Collette a promise that soon, Collette will agree to be her thrall.

A Vampire’s Tales
mc mf md
by OpenUrMind
Added 10 October 2004

A vampire seduces a woman.

Vampiric Tales
mc mf ff md
by GDMex
Added 17 February 2024
Updated 09 March 2024

A collection of vampire stories.

mc ff
by Chrysostomon
Added 16 March 2024

University student Beth Carter comes under the attention of a vampire.

mc mf fd
by Sneakel
Added 10 January 1997

Female vampire hypnotizes male victim.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 10 December 2022

Vanessa wakes up to find her body covered with obscene graffiti.

Vanessa, High Mistress
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 29 April 2023

Those who have drawn Vanessa’s ire find out why she was named to the High Conclave.

Vanessa’s Education
mc mf ff md fd
by Hypno S
Added 13 January 2001

Alex and Vanessa’s relationship takes a hypnotic turn in college.

Vanessa’s Revenge
mc mf ff fd md
by Ben Wa
Added 19 May 2002

Men have mistreated Vanessa all her life. Now it’s time for payback. A little hypnosis and her chosen victim will fulfil her every desire.

Vanessa’s Voice: Brain Fucked By Phone
mc ff mf fd
by VWscribble
Added 11 September 2021
Updated 29 January 2022

Hannah does phone sex to pay the bills. But when Vanessa calls, she finds herself getting much more involved than usual...

Vanessa’s Voice: Complaints
mc ff mf fd
by VWscribble
Added 27 August 2022
Updated 10 December 2022

Sandra is at the front desk of the Sunrise Hotel when Vanessa calls with complaints. Or are those instructions?

Vanessa’s Voice: Lesbian MILF Sex Survey
mc ff in
by VWscribble
Added 04 September 2021
Updated 29 January 2022

Vanessa is conducting a phone survey and wants to hear about Cathy’s fantasies. Fantasies Cathy didn’t even know she had...

Vanessa’s Voice: Phoned, Milked, and Fucked
mc ff mf fd ft
by VWscribble
Added 18 September 2021
Updated 29 January 2022

Tam works at the corporate offices of Bright Cow Dairy. A mysterious caller convinces her she needs to do more milking. And other things.

Vanessa’s Voice: Pink Tail
mc ff mf fd
by VWscribble
Added 04 November 2023

Vanessa suggests some changes to the girls at the Pink Tail strip club.

Vanessa’s Voice: Police Corruption
mc ff mf fd ft
by VWscribble
Added 13 November 2021
Updated 29 January 2022

The voice on the phone tells police officer Cassie to do things. She does.

Vanessa’s Voice: The Perfect Job
mc ff mf fd
by VWscribble
Added 02 September 2023

Vanessa is interviewing Chloe for a new job. But what kind of new job exactly?

mc mf ff fd
by me-chan
Added 29 July 2017

A husband learns a great deal about his wife and her friend in a small afterparty.

Vanishing Act
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 05 March 2016

Kara finally decides to get to the bottom of Vanessa’s frequent disappearances.

Vanishing Point
mc mf md rb
by scifiscribbler
Added 13 May 2023

A couple explore what it’s like for one to become a drone.

mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 20 November 2005

An apocryphal adventure in trance formation.

Vanity (Dede)
mc mf md ft
by Dede
Added 23 November 2019

Denise is really enjoying this new shade of lipstick she ordered.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 10 February 2018

A woman walking home through Victorian London runs into a strange, mesmerizing fog.

Vargas in Vegas
mc mf md fd sf
by Vapidman
Added 20 June 2004
Updated 02 October 2005

A man is changed after an encounter with an alien female outside of Las Vegas.

Vargas’ Syndrome
mc mf md
by sourdough
Added 15 June 2003

A woman investigates a bizarre series of pregnancies on campus.

A Variation on a Theme
mc mf fd bd
by Dr Moroculous
Added 06 May 2017

A man is drugged, kidnapped, and given an attitude adjustment.

Various and Sundry Hypnotists
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 24 April 2021

The machinations of many different hypnotists continue to unfold around the True Hypnotism Universe (T.H.U.) with various consquences.

Various Techniques
mc mm
by Topaz172
Added 13 December 1998
Updated 03 April 2004

New mind control techniques need to be tested. A group of male university students just got nominated.

Varsity Blues
mc mf ff
by nattybumpo
Added 31 July 2021

Mark comes home to find his family staring off into space, and a stranger in his home.

VBRC (How It all Began)
mc mf md
by mcguy101
Added 30 October 2010

Rod invents a remote-control device, and uses it on his lab partner.

VBRC (Virtual Biometric Remote Control)
mc mf ff ma md fd hm
by mcguy101
Added 13 November 2010
Updated 27 November 2010

Glenn uses Rod and Sara’s device to save Helena from a great evil.

The Vegas Adventure
mc mf ff mm fd
by StryWrter7
Added 16 October 2005

De Ann and her husband Trent experience Vegas from the back of a strip club. Used and humiliated, they think their arrival back home in Dallas is the end of their personal nightmare – but thanks to their nosy neighbor, it is just the beginning.

The Vegas Game
mc mf ff md
Added 03 October 2015

A controller arrives in Las Vegas for some fun.

Vegas Weekend
mc mf ff md in
by Jafar
Added 23 February 2002
Updated 30 March 2002

Aahh, time to head with the family to Vegas for an exciting weekend, to sink into the pits of sin with the one-armed bandits and the slut machines there, finally emerging as shiny, freshly-minted whores and cuckolds to carry a little more sexy joy back to the mundane world. Compliments from Vegas.

Veil of Fears
mc ff md fd ma ts
by EyeofSerpent
Added 11 August 2001

If tomorrow is being poisoned, how do you heal the future? Maybe you can’t, even if you are an Ancient.

Veil of Seers, Veil of Tears
mc mf md
by EyeofSerpent
Added 04 August 2001

When you treasure tomorrow, how do you spend the last tomorrow? How does an immortal die?

Veil of Years
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 28 July 2001

The history of the Ancients is one of many passions, many seasons, and much blood. But what if you can see tomorrow?

Veiled Passions
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 10 February 2001

Jeri tries on a special hat while shopping in Italy.

Veiled Threats
mc mf ff md fd in cb
by J. Darksong
Added 17 April 2010
Updated 12 June 2010

Investigating the simple disappearance of a student from the local college, Eva uncovers a deeper conspiracy going on behind the scenes. A threat, as large as any she and her fellow Supers have face, looms just over the horizon, hidden behind a veil of normalacy and peace. Can she and the heroes of River City stop the threat in time, or will the momentary peace be forever shattered by a force of change that threatens not only the city, but perhaps the entire world?

Veins of Gold
mc mf fd
by Meleva
Added 24 August 2019

A mystic of the desert, Ket’ia offers a lesson into the ways of her people, the ways of others, and the true powers of gold.

Velandro’s Revenge
mc ff
by Marcus
Added 14 October 2007
Updated 17 December 2022

Lirya begins to enjoy her new life with Mistress Malyenne, but a new scheme from her former employer intrudes.

Velvet Rope
by Jukebox
Added 30 July 2022

A bondage-themed hypnotic induction that encourages immobility and freeze-play suggestions.

Venezuelan College Student with Two Blonde Danish Slaves
mc mf md hm be bd
by Sonya Esperanto
Added 08 May 2010

A Venezuelan college student puts his stuck-up girlfriend and her mother under his control.

The Vengeance Of Miss Applesauce
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 31 August 2019

A group of rebels try and free a TV host from the clutches of an evil corporation. However, the job may not be as straightforward as they first thought.

Vengeance, Thy Name Is
mc ff md ma
by BluejayGS and CG
Added 18 September 2011
Updated 22 October 2011

Claudia joins a secret group of anti-Mind Control spies.

The Vengeful Spirit
mc mf md bd
by Spiritmaster
Added 26 June 2004

A spirit is able to posess people and insert himself into various scenes.

The Vengence Factor
mc mf md sf bd
by SHevland
Added 29 June 1997
Updated 03 October 1997

A spaceship is captured by pirates slavers.

mc mf md sf
by ContractorofLife
Added 11 February 2023

After an explosion at his job site, Danny is left with special abilities.

mc mf gr la
by CNP
Added 26 October 2013

Cherry Leong just won’t stop talking when it comes to her fiance’s new purchase.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 14 August 2021

A woman describes the strange fate that befell her best friend, and warns others what to watch out for.

mc ff rb ft
by zorkmeister
Added 27 August 2022
Updated 24 September 2022

Trapped aboard an Authority Battlecraft, a resourceful woman embarks upon a daring plan in a desperate attempt to escape the fate that has befallen the rest of the crew.

mc mf fd sf
by Left Hand Harrison
Added 13 September 2003

Danial rescues a Venusian who crashes her spaceship in the woods near him.

Venus Needs Men
mc mf fd sf
by Carol J.
Added 02 December 2017

The year was 1955, and the world was in danger. This danger came not in the form of the atom and its radioactive caprices, nor from the pernicious touch of Communism. This danger came from beyond the stars, from the surface of Venus, and it came in sleek, metallic space-ships.

Venus Rising
mc ff
by Sara H
Added 24 November 2002
Updated 15 December 2012

Kim is worried about the strange visions that seem to be intruding on her life.

Venus Slave Trap
mc mf fd ft
by VENUSowned
Added 18 November 1997

Gene discovers that two of his male coworkers are under the control of their sexy secretaries, who both went to a special secretarial school.

Vera’s Revenge
mc ff rb ft
by Roboman127
Added 17 August 2019
Updated 24 August 2019

Vera jealous of her girlfriend’s promiscuous ways reels her in with the help of a powerful German Mistress.

Verbal Intercourse
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 06 April 2024

A stranger’s dirty talk on the subway becomes something more for Daniela.

The Verdict
mc mf md
by inferno
Added 23 July 2006

Three gorgeous bank robbers are sentenced to the mysterious Area 61.

mc mf fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 30 January 2021

Colin goes to Ukraine to meet Sonja, a girl he met on an on-line dating agency.

mc mf fd
by Topper
Added 13 February 2010

A man meets a beautiful model stuck on the side of the road.

The Vertical Event
mc mf md fd
by blankpage
Added 20 November 2005
Updated 15 December 2012

Daniel starts to hear voices as he checks into the hospital.

by Jukebox
Added 05 January 2019

A screen on the floor provides a dizzying illusion of endless descent for one hapless woman.

Very Agreeable
mc mf md gr
by S. P. Riley
Added 18 June 2022

When Aran’s one wish is granted, it turns out pretty well for him.

A Very Big Mistake
mc mf ff md gr
by Paladin
Added 06 March 2010

A woman is transformed in order to pay for her husbands gambling debts.

Very Convincing
mc ff mf fd ft
by Tyrannosaurus Sex
Added 04 February 2007

Lexa describes how she can instill fetishes in other people.

Very Convincing (VWscribble)
mc mf ff md
by VWscribble
Added 26 March 2022
Updated 02 April 2022

Lydia’s job is to get Darren to pee in a cup. It’s not going so well.

Very Convincing: Mother-In-Law Edition
mc ff mf fd md
by VWscribble
Added 09 April 2022
Updated 23 April 2022

Joey is irritated by her mother-in-law’s timidity. Darren helps them both.

A Very Fine Mind
mc mf md
by Mesmerr
Added 02 June 2002

Anna learns that she is the subject of a hypnosis experiment—or so she is led to believe

A Very Nice Place to Go
mc mf fd
by Sara H
Added 17 October 2004
Updated 15 December 2012

Angie likes to dance... but what really goes on in her room when she’s alone?

A Very Small Invasion
mc mf md sf
by ADS
Added 26 September 1999

During sexual intercourse, Gladys’ body is invaded by microscopic aliens.

A Very Special Chinese Girl
mc mf md
by Robert Towers
Added 20 March 2010

A young CEO goes in for a free makeover.

mc ff
by Iago
Added 27 January 2001
Updated 15 December 2012

A reporter’s thoughts keep returning to an interview subject, whose tapes she keeps listening to, over and over.

Vessel (Jukebox)
mc mf ff md cb
by Jukebox
Added 12 September 2020

Azure doesn’t know why she’s doing what she’s doing. In fact, she’s not even sure what she’s doing. She only knows that she has to keep doing it.

mc mm
by Orion 1961
Added 13 September 2008

A college student uses an experimental ipod and a VHS tape to gain control over her homophobic boyfriend.

mc mm
by Orion 1961
Added 07 December 2008

Ryan uses his mind-controlling ipod on his sister’s boyfriend again, and again and again.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 06 May 2023

Jameson achieves a perfect rapport with his hypnotized slave Summer during sex.

The Vicar’s Wife
mc mf ff md in
by Astropirate
Added 06 October 2012

Two women from the parish council keep finding themselves at a certain parishoner’s home.

The Vice
mc mf md
by MCBridger
Added 26 October 2008

James knew using his power would get him in trouble one day. He just never knew they’d fight fire with fire.

A Vicious Circle
mc mf fd
by me-chan
Added 13 August 2016

Two childhood friends play an old game in a new way.

Vicious Circles
by Jukebox
Added 16 April 2016

A woman tries to find a gap in the endless cycle of brainwashing.

mc mf
by Penny Propofol
Added 14 April 2018

Vickie is a shy and quiet girl that works at a supermarket. She and the rest of the workers are terrorized by their manager, Stephanie. Stephanie picks on Vickie’s friend Sam one too many times and learns of Vickie’s power the hard way.

The Victim
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 02 December 2023

Steph, a trans girl at a traditionalist college, suffers a curse that turns everyone around her into cruel, sadistic bullies. But is it really a curse at all? That depends on how she feels about it—and who comes near her.

Victoria: The Office Slut
mc mf md gr
by Vinividiemcee
Added 30 January 2010

Victoria is too good a project manager, after investigating a bit, her boss decides to fix that.

Victoria’s Mansion
mc ff ma bd ds ex ft
by Sammynona
Added 24 May 2014
Updated 09 June 2019

Marie and her sorority sisters are stranded after a flat tire. Luckily, her Aunt Victoria has a mansion nearby, that’s ready to welcome all of the girls in.

Victoria’s New Slave
mc mf fd
by Asphyx
Added 18 January 2004
Updated 08 February 2004

After being conditioned by the Army to be a perfect obedient soldier, a man is captured by Victoria for othe purposes.

Video Killed the Radio Star
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 19 October 2008

A reporter does a “Where Are They Now?” piece on a former radio star who didn’t make the jump to television; while she might not have the looks for TV, she’s got an amazing voice. Guess what her old show was about?

Video Vixen II
mc mf ff md bd
by bendherovr
Added 30 March 2013

Jason must play a video game that changes people if he wants to get his missing wife back.

Video Vixens
mc mf ff md gr in
by bendherovr
Added 14 June 2009

The videogame that a teenager plays is much more realistic than he anticipates.

The View From The Other Side Of The Pocket Watch
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 05 February 2022

Two Hypnodommes and a former slave experience things from different perspectives.

View Through a Window
mc mf md gr sf
by Angel Raymond
Added 04 October 2014

In a future where women are willing to become sex slaves in order to stay young and beautiful, a self-confessed pervert and abuser wants to do something very unusual with one victim, Amy.

A View to a Jill
mc ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 23 December 2012

Keiko’s plan to dose Bethany and Jeanie with a potion backfires.

mc mf ff mm md
by Virtual Scott
Added 29 January 2011

Can a weird folk cure save Stan and Gretta’s marriage?

Vigil: Part 1
mc mf md cb
by The Person
Added 07 November 2020

A vigilante returns to a city in chaos.

The Village
mc mf md gr
by Hypnojim
Added 10 May 2014
Updated 24 May 2014

A small village fights against an invading force intent on imposing a new way of life on them.

Village of the Damned
mc mf ff fd in
by Chrysostomon
Added 13 January 2024

Long ago forgotten, the incident in Midwich draws some attention to budding reporter Reba Maher.

A Villainous Deal
mc mf md gr cb
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 28 December 2019
Updated 19 February 2021

SuperbGal has been captured, yet again, but this time seems different. Can she overcome the villain and escape one more time?

Villains and Damsels
mc mf md ma ds sf
by Garnett Gibson
Added 01 April 2023
Updated 06 May 2023

Sam owns a device that lets him enter other people’s dreams. His ex-girlfriend asks him to use it to help her fight a troubling nightmare.

The Villain’s Hero
mc mf md cb
by Baron
Added 18 November 2017

A hero encounters a villain who plays with her mind in various ways.

Vincent and Lila
mc mf md
by Phobetor
Added 08 July 2023

After stage magician Vincent Darkwood hypnotizes his new assistant Lila into becoming more in sync with him for their act, Lila finds her sense of self gradually fading as her mind, identity, and personality become merged with Vincent’s.

Vineyard of the Gods
mc mm
by Max Rank
Added 15 June 2002

In Sicily, a man meets a devotee of the god Dionysus.

The Vintage Salon
mc mf fd
by Robert Towers
Added 15 January 2022
Updated 19 February 2022

Christine visits a vintage salon with her friends and her owner turn their in a very classic ladies.

mc ff ds hm
by Skaetlett
Added 04 March 2023

A new actress gets cast on the same movie with a seductive older actress. What will she do when she finds out she’s been hypnotized for real?

Violating Viola
mc mf md hu
by Angel Raymond
Added 29 November 2014

Viola’s curious about being hypnotised. But once she’s helpless, what kind of man could resist the temptation?

Violet and Theodore
mc mf md
by Kallie
Added 28 October 2017

Becky receives a visit from a strange man on Halloween, and finds herself struggling to resist possession by the ghost of his dead sweetheart.

Violets and Roses
mc mf md fd
by GigglingGoblin
Added 23 January 2021
Updated 22 July 2023

An inexperienced Ranger arrives at a town ruled by an infamously arrogant—and beautiful—upstart known as the Brat Baroness. He sets out to bring the cocky enchantress to her knees, but who is underestimating who here?

Violin Lessons
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 19 March 2000

A violin instructor hypnotizes her teenaged student.

mc ff in
by nevermind
Added 08 January 2011

Someone breaks into the apartment of two sisters.

mc mf md gr
by Hypnocigar
Added 06 February 2016
Updated 28 May 2016

A man shows up at Lisa’s door and performs a scientific experiment on her.

The VIRAL Anthology
mc mf ff md fd gr in
by Alan Smithee; bw; Cristina Prince; Ice Bear; Jordan Farcourt and Limerick
Added 11 July 2020
Updated 10 December 2022

A virus-themed anthology from a collection of authors.

Viral Sensation
mc ma
by Jennifer Kohl
Added 19 December 2020

A quarantined ASMR video maker tries out a VR rig that is supposed to be able to stimulate touch.

Viral Shards: A Garden Anthology
mc ff mf
by Adamant Phoenix; euanthe; Frustrated; FZY0001; Halcya; JHB; Lady K; miketheFable; Robotunit8; sara castle; Sleeping Beauty and zorkmeister
Added 02 November 2008

A collection of flash stories loosely based on a common theme.

Viral Video
mc mf ff md ds
by Joey Stech
Added 10 October 2020

Employees at a new social media startup are called into a meeting to discuss a new video rapidly trending across their platform.

Virginia Plain
mc mf ff md ma gr in
by alecm
Added 12 July 2009

Virginia keeps having memories of being someone else—someone much sexier than she is.

A Virtual Dungeon
mc mf ff md bd
by Master E
Added 14 August 1999
Updated 09 December 2000

Cassandra visits a male-dominated bondage site in virtual reality.

A Virtual Temptress
mc mf fd
by Quiet Elegance
Added 08 May 2021

Dan encounters a strange anomaly while beta testing a virtual reality dungeon game.

mc ff
by MC Ellen
Added 10 February 2001

Elisa encourages Renee to try out a virtual reality program.

Virtually Real
mc mf fd
by Daffy
Added 13 March 2021

Neighbours Keith and Nicole strike up an online friendship, and they become more intimately acquainted than he realises.

Virtually Reality
mc mf md
by Virtual Scott
Added 18 March 2012

An unsuspecting coed is programmed by a borrowed VR game.

The Virtue of Chastity
mc mm ma hm
by Nicky Noxville
Added 12 January 2019

A man gets a severe punishment when his wife catches him cheating on her.

The Virus
mc ma mf gr md
by The Joker
Added 17 August 1997

A madman releases a virus that turns women into brainless nyphomaniacs.

Virus (Jukebox)
by Jukebox
Added 22 April 2017

A description of the life-cycle of a unique virus that breeds in the host’s brain and addicts them to hypnosis and submission.

The Virus (My-side-bimbo)
mc mf md gr
by My-side-bimbo
Added 03 June 2017

A virus that turns women into bimbos sweeps the world.

Virus (Transformed One)
mc ff sf
by Transformed One
Added 05 February 2005

An all-female crew explores a strange new planet.

Virus 2.0
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 28 November 2020

A form of Encephalitis causes people to lose their sexual inhibitions.

Virus 2022
mc mf
by Chrysostomon
Added 03 July 2021

A mutation to the chlamydia virus makes the host want to spread it.

The Virus — Kelly
mc mf md gr
by Limerick
Added 20 May 2012

Kelly suspects that she may have been infected with the virus that they’re talking about on TV.

mc mf
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 25 October 2009

Leah takes an eye exam and is warned of a risk affecting girls her age. A unique solution is offered.

mc ff
by kanshai
Added 10 February 2001

An agent conducting industrial espionage is captured by a hypnotic woman with black eyes.

Visions in the Mind
mc mm
by Thom21
Added 08 April 2000

A ghostly apparition visits Grant and unlocks his sexual identity—and his special abilities.

The Visit
mc mf md
by Tranzer
Added 30 June 1998

A man receives yet another visit from his hypnotized slave.

The Visit (Betsy Leohtar)
mc ff
by Betsy Leohtar
Added 08 November 2014

A hypnotist visits three women.

A Visit from A Fertility Goddess
mc ff ds hm
by Skaetlett
Added 04 June 2022

Veronica is a mean lady who breaks the hearts of girls crushing on her. A Fertility Goddess visits her for some divine intervention.

Visit from the Ex
mc mf md
by The Pen Is Mightier
Added 18 June 2022

Stacy is excited for her tenth anniversary tonight, but will an unexpected visit from her ex derail her plans?

Visit of the Apprentice
mc mf md
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 25 August 2018
Updated 27 October 2018

The Apprentice from the story Thief In the Mind comes to New Chicago for a brief vacation, and to meet Officer Jennifer Cartwright’s younger sister. Or does he have an ulterior motive for being here?

A Visit to Sir
mc mf md
by Nika
Added 26 August 2017

A woman travels to another country to meet her hypnotic Owner.

A Visit to the Strip Club
mc mf md
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 01 February 2014

Alex hasn’t been to a strip club in years, but to help out a friend he’ll visit one tonight.

The Visitor
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 03 July 2005

A stranger enters Justin and Andy’s apartment.

The Visitor (Hypsan)
mc mf ff fd
by Hypsan
Added 26 November 2016

Madam Violet recruits some new hypnotic slaves.

The Visitor (Tang)
mc ff sf
by Tang
Added 16 April 2016

In the year 2000, a strange woman appears in Jessica’s dorm room.

mc ff
by Angel Raymond
Added 13 September 2014

Dr Allison Perivalle has developed an enhancement to the ubiquitous brain-chemistry altering Visor. But she should have thought a bit more before starting human testing.

Visor — Discretion
mc ff
by Angel Raymond
Added 30 August 2014

Dr Allison Perivalle has developed an enhancement to the ubiquitous brain-chemistry altering Visor. But she should have thought a bit more before starting human testing.

Visual Aid
mc mf md fd ft rb
by Robotdoll
Added 30 November 2002

Amanda, a new student at St. Silkloom’s, is chosen to be a study assistant.

Visual Feast
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 31 October 2020

Mindy comes across a crystal vendor in a back alley, and goes out of her way to find them again and again.

Viva La Resistance
mc ff
by 8-bit
Added 02 December 2007

A collection of short stories set after The Happily.

Viva Las Vegas
mc mf ff md
by b4uweremine
Added 25 February 2007
Updated 15 July 2007

A man travels to Las Vegas and meets a woman he had an affair with.

Viva Virgin Vegas Victims
mc mm mf md
by Agachak
Added 05 June 2010

An enegaged couple find Las Vegas shows can produce victims of a different kind to the gambling ones. But is becoming a victim something to be enjoyed?

Vive l’Empereur
mc mf ff fd md
by Icarus
Added 16 December 2023
Updated 03 February 2024

Madame Odette Laurent collects vital intelligence for her empereur, on the eve of his grand invasion.

The VK Test
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 05 October 2019

Leilani’s wife’s strange experiment causes Leilani to start doubting her own humanity

The Voice
mc ff
by Greyscribbler
Added 02 February 2019

Leah has been kidnapped, but the owner of the voice will make sure that she’s safe.

Voice in Her Head
mc ff
by S. B.
Added 23 September 2023

There’s a voice in Tamara’s head changing her thoughts and desires one by one.

Voice In My Head
mc mf md
Added 02 July 2022

Valerie goes for a walk, but she ends up getting into a strange vehicle instead.

The Voice Inside My Head
mc mm
by Porno Person
Added 29 March 2009

A man has a therapy session with Dr. Houston.

Voice Inside My Head (Jukebox)
mc mf
by Jukebox
Added 11 April 2020

A thoroughly controlled woman does whatever the voice inside her head tells her to.

Voice of Authority
mc mf md
by Hypknot Eyes
Added 05 January 2002

Amenable Matt learns to take control...maybe too much control.

Voice of Authority (Wrestlr)
mc mm cb
by Wrestlr
Added 09 January 2016

It’s the campus police versus nefarious super-villain The Ferret in the men’s locker room, but this time The Ferret has a new toy.

The Voice of Magic
mc ff mf fd hm
by CactusJuggler
Added 22 August 1999

Tracy uses her new powers to humiliate her friends, but what happens when the spell wears off?

Voice of the Goddess
mc ff
by Kallie
Added 06 January 2024

The annoyingly pious, prudish party cleric suddenly changes her tune after a dark artifact connects her to a dark goddess with mind-warping powers and a very, very different set of values.

Voiceless Screaming
by Jukebox
Added 07 October 2023

A hypnotic induction and brainwashing session that focuses on turning down the volume to make pleasure a silent experience.

The Voices
mc mf md fd bd
by Interstitial
Added 02 May 2015
Updated 23 May 2015

The talented Mister Talv is busy with his exciting new project, Helena, when he receives an interesting and unexpected message. He discovers the existence of a strange disembodied intelligence—a sentient meme—at large in the world. Intrigued, he resolves to track the mysterious creature down. But be careful what you wish for, Mister Talv…

Voices Carry
mc mf ff fd
by Jukebox
Added 07 December 2008

Amber overhears when Thea hypnotizes James in public.

Voices Trapped in Yearning
mc mf ma in
by Mudak
Added 06 March 2010
Updated 10 April 2010

Penelope’s uncle invites her and three friends to his mansion over spring break. Tatiana becomes the first to succumb to the beauty and mystery of the location.

mc rb
by Terra
Added 08 August 2009

Emily awakens to find herself staring into the void, is the void staring back into her?

Void (MoldedMind)
mc ff ft
by MoldedMind
Added 06 March 2021

July finds herself plunged into the void of captivity and her resistance slowly breaks down.

Void Was Hungry
by S. P. Riley
Added 23 October 2021

A woman rents an apartment in a sketchy neighborhood in Paris, without first checking to see what was in the closet.

mc ff rb
by zorkmeister
Added 25 September 2021
Updated 19 February 2022

Exiled to a distant Planet, a resentful Doctor plots to unleash forces that will challenge the Authority.

Voluntary Infection
mc mf md sf
by Knowing-Smile
Added 16 April 2016

Rachael’s husband makes her fantasy come true.

Volunteer Position
mc mf md
by The Pen Is Mightier
Added 28 May 2022

Becca takes a new position volunteering at a local foundation, and finds herself developing a crush on her new director.

Volunteering for the Show
mc mf md
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 31 July 2021
Updated 02 July 2022

Sleepygirl recants a dream in which she volunteers for a stage show, thinking of course that it couldn’t possibly work on her. Only to find herself completely frozen and at the mercy of the hypnotist.

The Volunteers
mc mf md
by Robotunit8
Added 13 April 2002

The Army looks for volunteers to be part of a genetic enhancement experiment.

Volupian Takeover: Kendra
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 30 January 2000

Kendra is recruited for a mad scheme of sexual perversion.

mc mf ff md
by MC Writer
Added 17 September 1998

A man makes a deal with a voodoo priestess to have her wife turned over for retraining.

Voodoo Conferencing
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 18 February 2007

An ad executive seduces his junior assistant.

Voodoo Doll Testing
mc mm
by Oddballs
Added 26 October 2019
Updated 07 December 2019

Jordan shows up at Vincent’s front door, wanting to test his new project out on him.

Voodoo Man
mc mf md
by Cogito Ergosum
Added 12 December 2009

A Navy JAG defends a Marine accused of a horrific crime.

Voodoo This
mc mf ff md ft
by Fiona69m
Added 21 March 2009
Updated 12 April 2009

Prince Agbagwa, a Voodoo witch doctor, comes to the city.

Vote Pink
mc mf ff md gr la hm hu
by Cristina Prince
Added 22 October 2016

All across America, women vote for a change.

Voter Fraud
mc ff in
by softi
Added 30 May 2010

After a Council vote on which they disagreed, Zaria is invited to a meeting with Tatiana, who assures her it is in good faith.

mc mf md
by Chrysostomon
Added 20 July 2019

John and Karen have their marriage offciated by Mr Mephysto.

Vox Dominus
mc mf md
by Mesmerciless
Added 16 November 2019
Updated 17 April 2021

When Seb accidentally enslaves his classmate with his voice, they both get more than they bargained for.

mc ff in
by Mampang
Added 12 November 2011

Zara watches as her sister Caroline is subjugated by Anna.

Voyeur (Jukebox)
mc mf ff fd
by Jukebox
Added 01 October 2016

Mae finds out the hard way what Veronica’s been doing to her husband, Reed. And to her.

Voyeur (MoldedMind)
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 11 January 2020

Two friends are taken captive, and must decide who will become a slave, and who will watch.

Voyeurs and Victims
mc mf md ma in
by Captain Eazy
Added 23 September 2007
Updated 04 November 2007

Career girl Blair sees something very kinky in the park one afternoon, and before long she discovers she has a few kinks herself.

VR Slave
mc mf md
by S. P. Riley
Added 05 November 2022

A video is described where a woman is turned into a slave with virtual reality goggles.

VR Training for Boys
mc mm
by Chrysostomon
Added 18 November 2023

Virtual Reality—tapping into the mind’s desires… but can it also be used to control them?

VR: Vicki Reprogrammed
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 14 October 1999

Erik reprograms Vicki’s mind using virtual reality technology.