The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: O

$1.99 Per Minute
mc mf md hu
by Writerzblocked
Added 12 February 2011

Nicki finds that her phone-sex roleplay is becoming more and more literal.

mc mf ff md
by URN My Power
Added 02 June 2001

Aimee is recruited by a governmental agency.

mc mf ff md
by Aerosol Kid
Added 10 June 2000

Erik looks for a young girl to subjugate at a rave.

Obedient Girlfriend
mc mf ff fd
by Chew Toy
Added 06 February 2000

A woman forgets to label her hypnosis video tapes, and accidentally hypnotizes her best friend and her boyfriend into becoming sex slaves.

Obedient Mommy
mc mf md in be bd hm
by Helena Aranatovya
Added 28 September 2008

A spoiled teenager who turns his own mother into his slave and makes her do degrading things like having sex with dogs and ants, perform sexual acts on him and pimp her out to foreigners.

The Obedient Sister-In-Law
mc ff
by A Nony Mouse
Added 16 September 2001

While on her honeymoon in Paris, the sister of Merilee’s new husband drops in to visit.

The Obelisk
mc mf ff
by Somebody You Don’t Know
Added 26 February 2011
Updated 18 May 2013

A mysterious tower appears in town and begins to change people.

Obey Thy Neighbor
mc mf md
by iqfvp
Added 07 December 2008

A woman visits a hypnotherapist to help her with her impending separation from her boyfriend.

Obeying Mistress Odilette
mc mf ff fd
by Comte La Fere
Added 29 October 2016

Richard ha finally found an hypnodomme that can control him how he wants, but he was not planning how deep he could go and how much control she will have on his life.

The Objective’s Objection
mc ff
by sunt
Added 26 July 2008

When the highly ethical Bonnie’s research yields a functional mind control machine, she decides it’s too dangerous to be used. Her roommate, however, has plans of her own...

mc ff
by Sara H
Added 07 December 2003
Updated 15 December 2012

Sharon and Leslie get together a few years after a trying ordeal with a very controlling Mistress.

mc mf md
by Sky in the Pie
Added 16 July 2011

Alice is insulted when her boyfriend insists that she wouldn’t notice any changes he’d make with his reality alteration device, so she makes a bet.

mc mf ff md
by Cindy Silver Eyes
Added 21 May 2011

Cindy can’t stand Brian. Nonetheless, she finds herself unable to disobey him.

mc mf ff bd sf
by Orestes
Added 07 April 2001

A military scientist, Jamie, finds herself on the wrong side of the observation window, exposed to alien life in ways she never would have imagined.

mc sf
by MoldedMind
Added 07 December 2019

Monica discovers a strange new plant in her research but didn’t plan on it discovering her.

mc ff mf md
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 18 May 2019

Ayla is observing the pendulum. Ishana is observing Ayla. But who’s observing her?

Obsessed With Her Natural Beauty
mc fd hm ma ft
by Changeme
Added 12 May 2012

Margaret loves her natural beauty, and finds herself going to great lengths to keep it.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 01 March 2008

Erica can’t stop herself from visiting Miranda and looking at her sculptures.

Obsession (Greyscribbler)
mc ff
by Greyscribbler
Added 07 January 2017
Updated 25 February 2017

Melissa finds herself fascinated by the realistic-looking mannequin in the store’s window.

Obsession (HB5211)
mc mf ff md ma bd
by HB5211
Added 28 January 2017
Updated 11 March 2017

Amy views Dr Mitch Waltham as a colleague, but Mitch has deeper plans. Will Amy survive the encounter with her mind intact?

Obsession Is Such an Ugly Word
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 22 February 2020

Julia suspects that Professor Wedgewood is twisting another innocent young woman around his little finger, and she’s determined to stop it this time.

mc mf ff mm md fd ds
by Mudak
Added 26 June 2005
Updated 13 April 2008

Dr. John Smith has invented a new STD that programs people to be slaves.

mc ff
by softi
Added 29 October 2016

Robin tracks down a spellbook to get revenge on her boyfriend-stealing former friend Megan.

mc mf md
by Tax and Tithe
Added 27 February 2016

A college student meets a man who can help her with her anxiety.

OC Condo
mc mf md ex
by dmjack
Added 04 May 2013
Updated 15 June 2013

A man uses his powerful mind-control technology to take control of a condominium community.

mc mf md
by eviltwinmordred
Added 13 October 2018
Updated 27 October 2018

In this long-lost Hammer Horror film, a fiendish hypnotist has a taste for nubile lasses.

mc mf ff ma md fd gr la sf
by Tax and Tithe
Added 15 March 2014
Updated 12 April 2014

Grace Adeyemi prepares to depart the solar system, bound for the first human colony on an extra-solar planet.

mc ff mf fd ft gr sf
by Half Shim
Added 15 June 2019

Rosanna is sent down with her crew to salvage a crashed Alliance ship. They weren’t expecting first contact with octopus humanoids.

An Odd Job
mc mf gr
by RallyWeasel
Added 27 April 2013

Two wizards investigate a mystery in a small village.

Ode to Demonic Joy
mc ff mf in gr
by Son Of Sandman
Added 23 August 2003

Two nuns travel to a convent to inspect religious artifacts. They find more than they bargained for as they unwittingly let demonic powers loose in the convent.

The Odyssey
mc ff mf sf
by ThatSquickGuy
Added 12 August 2017
Updated 21 December 2019

A simple survey mission on a newly discovered planet goes squickly wrong.

Of A Gift and A Confession
mc mf md ma
by Anonymous-013
Added 12 April 1998

A dying man confesses to his best friend about how he manipulated a woman to be the friend’s wife.

Of an Innocence Divine
mc mf md
by Robotunit8
Added 04 December 2011
Updated 15 January 2012

Lucy gets a job at a high-end speakeasy in 1920s New York City.

Of Cabbages and Kings
mc mf md bd
by Cal O’Shaw
Added 17 September 2000

Terry’s slave training with her previous Master begins to remanifest itself. How will Paul handle the responsibility?

Of Class and Quality
mc ff
by Sara H
Added 12 October 2002
Updated 15 December 2012

Martha finally gets the promotion she has wanted, but there is a price to pay for success.

Of Course We’ve All Seen the Sun
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 23 February 2019

A slave tries to explain her strange dream of freedom.

Of Course, Daddy
mc mf fd in
by Imperator Mentus
Added 11 April 2015
Updated 20 August 2016

A weary stepfather grows tired of his stepdaughter’s infatuation, but is at a loss as to how he can deal with it. But sometimes, the cost of refusal can be a lot higher than he’d ever expect.

Of Hearts Bound
mc mf ff md fd
by Saddle Rider
Added 20 January 2018
Updated 27 January 2018

In the kingdom of Erette, the ties that bind can connect one another in deep, unbreakable fashion...with a bit of help from magic.

Of Myths and Monsters
mc mf ff md fd ma bd ds fu sf
by Bawarao
Added 29 July 2017

A young man raised by monsters sets out on a journey across the world of Toria. Armed with the power of the Lust Primordial, he quests for revenge against the followers of the Night Goddess.

Of Pavlovs and Pavlovas
mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 01 July 2000

Two restaurant proprietors resort to unusual means to ensure the loyalty of their employees.

Of Pink Panties and Cheerleaders
mc ff ft
by Mr. Scade
Added 22 January 2011

A devious bimbo cheerleader uses her army of silly cheerleaders to break the wills and minds of three young goth girls until their whole beings are warped into the perfect image of a silly bimbo cheerleader.

Of Ruins and Ruin
mc mf ff md fd
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 04 August 2018

Edward and his party only came to search some old ruins. And maybe get rid of the occasional unwanted creature. A job like all others. So there is surely no reason not to split the group. Or make sure both teams have a magic user. Or be wary of lurking witches. Wait, what?

Of Sex and Chocolate
mc mf md
by mcguy101
Added 17 May 2009
Updated 25 July 2009

Dr. Susan D’Amore seeks the help of Psychologist, Dr. Aaron Hershey, as she attributes her weight gain to her love of chocolate.

Of Wolves and Lambs
mc mf ff md hm in
by EvilWitch
Added 04 July 2010
Updated 21 August 2010

A cruel being with the power to warp reality itself appears in town. Will anyone be able to stop it and undo the perverted changes it makes?

Off the Leash
mc mf md sf
by MCBridger
Added 15 March 2009

The best proof for Jesse of a scientific impossibility is a live demonstration. Jack is more than happy to oblige.

The Offer
mc mf md fd rb
by Android
Added 30 September 2000

Strange things happen to Tim when he tries on a shiny metallic jogging suit at the sporting goods store.

The Offer (br0adband)
mc mf md ds
by br0adband
Added 31 March 2018
Updated 13 April 2018

A professional hypnotherapist makes an offer to a young client he is attracted to.

The Offer (Wrestlr)
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 06 May 2012

Jack’s a runaway. If he wants a place to stay, he has to agree to be hypnotized.

The Offer — A Counteroffer
mc mf ff md fd ds
by br0adband
Added 14 April 2018

A counteroffer appears clear out of the blue that requires a lot of serious consideration before it can be accepted.

The Offer — A Hypno-House Party
mc mf ff mm ds
by br0adband
Added 21 April 2018

The final chapter of a lifelong journey into the dreams of a man who took a chance on one special girl and had the Universe cheering behind him the whole time.

The Offer, Part 2
mc mf md fd rb
by keraptis02
Added 25 November 2000

When Samantha finally acknowledges her fetish for shiny spandex, she has a feeling her life is about to change. She has no idea how much.

The Offer, Part 3
mc mf md fd rb
by keraptis02
Added 13 September 2003

No matter how hard Wendy tries, she can’t seem to get what she wants most in life. What does a girl have to do to become a robot like her friends?

Office Boy
mc mm
by SoxnTies
Added 08 February 2009

The day after “There Is Nothing Like A Slave” our hero decides what to do about the keys.

Office Daze
mc mf
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 14 February 2015

Audrey uses unethical tactics to get ahead at work. Her co-workers decide to teach her a lesson.

Office Down the Hall
mc ff
by Imperator Mentus
Added 23 December 2012

Just when Melissa is getting used to her first job after college, she’s suddenly transfered to a new department. The work isn’t bad, but what’s the deal with her strange girl she’s sharing her cubicle with. And why does her monitor keep flickering like that?

Office Hour
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 02 July 2016

A student visits his TA about his paper.

Office Interview — Replacing June
mc mf ff md fd
by New Name Dan
Added 18 February 2012

Jack needs to replace June, his retiring secretary. Good thing she’s more than willing to help him find a replacement.

Office Medical
mc mm ma
by Mcgarguy
Added 06 June 2004

Two software employees are caught up in a mysterious brainwashing scheme.

Office Moods/Greedy Girls
mc mf md fd
by Checkmate
Added 30 June 2001

Two short stories about MC gone wrong.

The Office of Female Transition
mc mf ff md ft gr
by Fool’s Page
Added 31 October 2015

In a magical empire, a bureaucrat performs his regular duties.

The Office of Female Transitions 2: The Matter of Prenandamna
mc md gr
by Fool’s Page
Added 12 March 2016

A horse-slave is transitioned into a free woman.

The Office Party
mc mm
by Mafisto
Added 09 December 2000

Mark is ordered by his boss to perform hypnosis at an office party.

Office Policy
mc mf ff md
by The Scrivener’s Paradox
Added 24 November 2018

The new management has changed a lot of office policies since taking over, but Lauren doesn’t mind.

Office Referral
mc mf md nc
by Daphne
Added 10 August 1998

In this sequel to “Talked Me Into It”, Daniel helps councel some of Dr. Erickson’s patients.

Office Slut
mc mf ff md fd gr
by Liar
Added 21 July 2001

Heather is kidnapped by a jealous coworker and reprogrammed.

Office Space
mc mf ff gr
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 19 September 2009

It’s just an ordinary day at the office…until an uninvited visitor shows up.

Office Space 2 — Space Harder
mc mf fd
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 21 September 2019

Lady Kanja arrives searching for her sister Lady Gaja. Chaos ensues.

Office Visit
mc mf md hm
by qxvw198
Added 31 July 2010

Mandy is unable to resist her new doctor’s increasingly excessive medical exam.

An Officer and a Lady
mc mf md ft
by Hypnocigar
Added 04 June 2016
Updated 29 October 2016

A police officer comes to a man’s home, investigating a suspicious fire.

Officer Down!
mc mm
by MTL Bear
Added 07 November 1999

After saving a police officer’s life, a gay man ends up having some hypnotic fun with the officer’s sexy co-workers.

Officer Friendly
mc mf ff in md
by Ice Bear
Added 18 May 2019

Detective Brindley becomes more and more obsessive in her investigation of a missing persons case involving Todd.

Officer Lauren, Police Slut
mc mf md
by Gander
Added 23 May 2009

Lauren attempts to arrest Zack, but his powers are too much for her to resist.

Officer Tom
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 26 February 2011

When a man gets caught speeding, he gets to watch his wife take it from the officer.

Official Position
mc mf fd
by Moose 2016
Added 19 November 2016

Three queen hotties attempt to corrupt a city official.

Oh Boy!
by Ann and oc
Added 19 December 2015

Ann reaches out to a member of the online hypnosis scene.

Oh My Brainwashed Darling
mc mf md
by Divney
Added 11 April 2015

Carrie is kidnapped, brainwashed, and implanted with hypnotic triggers. Her husband finds that it isn’t quite the disaster that it first seems to be.

Oh Romeo Where the Heck Are You
mc mf md
by b4uweremine
Added 16 January 2010

When a meteor strike gives a man power will he be a hero or a villian? He finds he can give women the romance they think they need and mold their minds as he pleases. Perhaps he will just go for the sex and lots of it.

Oh, Damn
mc mf ff md in
by New Name Dan
Added 29 January 2012

A man wakes up in the hospital with a power that he has trouble controlling.

Oh, Honey
mc mf md in
by Pan
Added 26 August 2017
Updated 02 September 2017

Late night discussions between a husband and wife about their son’s budding sexuality.

Oh, My Goddess!
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 25 May 2002

Red’s mysterious powers enable him to control Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

The Ohmaega Maneuver
mc mf md
by Demi Monde
Added 21 August 1996

(B-Movie Early ‘70’s Acid Sci-fi-Influenced Megalomaniac Neurotica. The Joy of Sex and Power, but not like you’re used to seeing it, most likely...)

mc mm
by Nexis Pas
Added 06 January 2008

The more that Patrick resists the hypnotist’s commands, the greater the heat.

Oi Oi Oi, What’s All This Then?
mc mf md
by Wesley King
Added 23 December 2012

A policeman has a difficult time grappling with the sweeping changes in the law that have been enacted in England.

mc mf md hu
by Pan
Added 28 July 2012

Denise believes that Patrick hasn’t hypnotized her, and she’s willing to follow his every command in order to prove it.

Old College Ave.
mc mf ma gr
by Dictionary Rainbow
Added 30 May 2010

Jennifer and Gwen thought that when the bimbos upstairs were kicked out their lives would be perfect. Little did they know it started their path to replace them.

Old Friends
mc ff mf fd md
by Sweet Caress
Added 12 February 2012

Amy doesn’t remember much about how she became Matt’s slave, but Heather does.

Old Habits
mc mf md
by Ice Bear
Added 25 February 2017

Harmony thinks she is free from the man who brainwashed her to be his slave, but she isn’t sure if her old trigger phrases are still active.

Old Pete
mc mf md
by Witchman
Added 14 September 2002

After getting caught in the rain, Beatrice’s neighbor helps her to calm down.

The Old Roommate
mc mm
by Zot
Added 29 August 1999

Tom is invited to a barbecue by his old college roommate. The roommate shows off his hypnosis skills on Tom.

Old School
mc mf md hm
by Writerzblocked
Added 12 February 2011

Assistant Principal Hawkings attempts to discipline one of her arrogant students.

An Old Story?
by Word Weaver
Added 26 May 2018

A story about how you forgot it, may induce a dazed trance and relaxation, somewhat recursive.

The Old Switch-A-Roo
mc mf md
by Moose 2016
Added 05 August 2017

Super Pimp uses a machine disguised as a basketball to take over a women’s basketball team.

An Old Typewriter
mc mf ff md ft
by mr. potestas
Added 17 September 2010

Jack’s fondness for antiques leads him to an old typewriter at a flea market. It proves to be quite the investment.

Old Wives’ Tales
mc ff
by Alphax
Added 25 November 2000

Alice and Wendy, on holiday in Ireland, get lost and wind up at a strange woman’s home.

Ole Time Curios
mc mf md
by Buster
Added 04 June 2016
Updated 18 June 2016

Lacey Dupree is coming to the end of her college career at Glenda College when she comes across a shop in the small town nearby with an odd proprietor.

mc mf ff fd
by Buckingham Malice
Added 21 September 2002

Something is not right in Kurt’s remote office building. A quarantine, examinations, and a strange, armed force—at the whim of a young woman—seems to be having a powerful effect on his fellow employees.

Olivia’s Ass Toy
mc ff ft
by kmiru0
Added 30 November 2019

Olivia uses hypnosis to transform her partner into her ass toy.

Olivia’s House
mc mf ff md ma ds
by Angel Raymond
Added 30 August 2014
Updated 24 October 2015

Olivia and her friends are going to college. They’ve got a big house, where they can all live together. Olivia’s dad is reassured that one of his friends owns the house and will be watching over the girls; but he’d be a lot less confident if he knew about the plans to make it Jim’s personal harem. (Note: This will be an episodic series, so when there’s a gap between chapters you won’t need to read the whole story-so-far to get into it)

Olivia’s Lust
mc ff mf fd
by Olivia
Added 10 April 2004
Updated 18 May 2004

Olivia uses a special pheromone to seduce herself into Sara and Tom’s marriage bed.

Olivia’s Party
mc mf ff md fd
by Angel Raymond
Added 28 June 2014
Updated 30 August 2014

Olivia loved the fantasy of having her mind controlled, and being forced into all kinds of dark sex games. Just her luck that the first real hypnotist she met said “No, you’re underage,” and programmed her to be a good girl, quit smoking, and study hard at school. But today is her birthday, she’s finally old enough, and Jim is really looking forward to testing out all the exciting triggers he’s set into her mind over the last year.

Olivia’s Revenge
mc ff mf fd
by Olivia
Added 13 February 2005

Olivia uses her pheromones to get revenge on a friend who betrayed her.

Olivia’s Step-Sister
mc ff mf fd
by stonedinstilletos
Added 27 January 2018

Olivia hates her new stepmother and step-sister, so she concocts a plan to break up their marriage.

Ol’ Blue Eyes
mc mf md fd
by authoress71
Added 12 February 2012
Updated 03 March 2012

Mandy explores hypnosis from both sides, encountering some intriguing men along the way.

Omega Girl
mc mf ff md fd cb
by J. Darksong
Added 05 February 2006
Updated 26 March 2006

A costumed Super Heroine saves the city from peril, unaware that she is being stalked by five sinister and shadowy beings.

Omega Girl 2
mc mf ff md fd hu cb
by J. Darksong
Added 17 December 2006
Updated 24 December 2006

After a year of laying low, an old enemy returns to have his revenge on Omega Girl.

Omega Girl 3
mc mf ff md fd sf ft cb
by J. Darksong
Added 22 April 2007
Updated 08 July 2007

Battered, nearly broken from her ordeals, Omega Girl returns once more, as a new threat emerges from the shadows.

Omega Girl 4
mc mf ff md fd bd ft cb
by J. Darksong
Added 17 November 2007
Updated 04 May 2008

Lacie continues to struggles to find herself, while a new Evil, long hidden in the shadows, begins to emerge. An important crossroad, a dire choice... but which way will Omega Girl decide?

Omega Girl 5
mc mf ff md cb
by J. Darksong
Added 05 December 2009
Updated 12 December 2009

Lacie’s world has fallen. Through her inaction, Jeremiah King has conquered and enslaved the world itself, and now seeks to conquer all other realities as well. Thrust unfairly from her world of bliss, Lacie returns to find her world changed, twisted into a desolate parody of itself, where evil rules the day, and all others who dared to stand against King’s tyrany gone, either enslaved to his will, or slain outright. Can a fallen heroine find the courage and strength to challenge an enemy that no one, including herself, has been able to defeat?

Omega Girl at AlphaCon
mc mf md cb
by Sen Oluguat
Added 05 September 2020

Omega Girl loves to attend comic conventions in costume pretending to be an ordinary cosplayer. A photographer with a very special camera ends up asking for a picture...

The Omega Man
mc ff in
by Chrysostomon
Added 18 April 2020

Robert is the last living man on Earth.

mc ff fu sf
by Ogodei-Khan
Added 09 August 2014
Updated 01 August 2015

Omkara: the only one of her speices to compete at the interstellar martial arts dojo. The human girl Ankita hates her. Or does she? One way or another, their destinies are intertwined.

On a Train
mc ff
by Greyscribbler
Added 28 September 2019

Linda encounters a stranger on the train. Her life won’t ever be the same.

On Cake, Ethics, and Unorthodox Requisitions
mc mf fd
by Bad Penny
Added 13 August 2006

Karen tries to make their first anniversary memorable for her husband even though she’s out of town.

On Campus Vampire
mc mf ff md
by Hypno S
Added 23 September 2001

Liz, an RA, visits a strange new resident who requested a dorm room with no windows.

On Her Knees
by SlapHop
Added 21 February 2015

Anna is on her knees.

On My Mind
mc mf ff md ma gr in
by Captain Eazy
Added 04 January 2009

When Beth’s stepbrother Ryan comes home after college, he is ready to make some changes… in her.

On the Beach... Sorta
mc ff
by Flibinite
Added 18 September 2011

While lying out on the beach, doing some of her college schoolwork, Julie is accosted by a mysterious, powerful woman.

On the Cards
mc mf ff md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 21 September 2019

Two sisters on the beach run into a magician.

On the Clock
mc mf ff md fd
by Lisa Teez
Added 13 May 2007
Updated 19 August 2007

Stacy must have sex every hour on the hour.

On the Couch
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 28 May 2006

He always finds his therapy sessions arousing.

On the Cusp
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 01 August 2004

A dream comes true.

On the Farm
mc mf md gr la
by Anonymous-045
Added 22 July 2017

Mary blacks out at the doctor’s office, but wakes up somewhere else entirely.

On the High Seas
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 30 September 2017

Caroline, Tammy, and Emma visit Clara on her boat, and learn that since Clara is the Captain, she must be obeyed.

On the Job Training
mc mf fd
by Midnightblue
Added 11 February 2007

John receives some extra “on-the-job training” from his boss after she discovers his web-surfing habits.

On the Marital Habits (Intimate or Otherwise) of Species Foreign to Man
mc mf fd
by Carol J.
Added 19 August 2017
Updated 07 July 2018

Vendric Wilstead, disdainful of his fellows’ shallow aspirations, aims to chronicle the yet-unknown intricacies of so-called “beast-men” and the cultures thereof. Naturally, this gets him into far more trouble than he expected multiple times.

On the Prowl
mc ff
by Cynthia
Added 30 July 2005

Madame Ling goes out for a night of stalking.

On the Three Days of Birthday…
mc ff bd
by Flibinite
Added 18 April 2009
Updated 23 May 2009

Jennifer receives a “temporary” birthday present from the company she works for... a virtual reality box.

On the Train
mc mf md
by Darkmind
Added 20 May 2007

Orion meets a very enthusiastic hypnosis subject.

On the Train (Selferd)
mc ma ex
by Selferd
Added 12 July 2014

Nathan is compelled by a Stranger to masturbate on the train.

On Their Anniversary
mc mf md fd
by Take Her
Added 21 October 2001
Updated 01 December 2001

As a present, a couple receives a special tea that will make the drinker do anything asked for a twenty-four hour period.

On Your Knees
mc mf fd
by afjakwrites
Added 18 July 2020

A spoiled Prince is enslaved by one of his servants.

mc ff sf
by Dariatech
Added 22 August 2020
Updated 12 September 2020

Katie’s first day at the Ravens Nest Mansion is when she gets to ease into the new work environment and culture. Whether she wants to or not.

Onboarding (Darr Fall)
mc mm
by Darr Fall
Added 12 September 2020

Tyler begins working his new job, although memories of exactly how he got the job are fuzzy.

Once A Courtier
mc ff mf fd bd sf ft
by Tang
Added 29 May 2005

A naive young woman in the court of Princess Dalia of Xylaea is turned into a nubile slave.

Once a Paranymph
mc mf md
by FishMouse
Added 21 October 2017

Isabel is one of millions of victims of a parasite which drives women into uncontrollable bouts of lust on a regular schedule. The effects can be avoided though—she just has to stick to the timetable.

The Once And Future Gladiator
mc mm sf
by maslyfe
Added 09 April 2006
Updated 14 October 2006

A nobleman takes an interest in an injured slave.

The Once and Future Mistress
mc ff
by Topaz172
Added 10 April 2004

Pet Silver has a Time Machine and a mission; nothing short of saving the human race from extinction at the hands of an insane dominatrix.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 08 February 2009

Darla goes back to Jane’s hotel room to give Jane a piece of her mind. But if she’s not careful, she might wind up giving away the whole thing.

Once Every Four Years
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 26 February 2012

A woman finds her sexual options somewhat limited.

Once It Was Done
mc mf
by Billy_Ray77
Added 08 February 2009

A man with psychic powers pays a great price for helping the woman he loves.

Once Upon a Shadow
mc mf ff md
by b4uweremine
Added 18 April 2009

A janitor working at a science lab accidentally gets a shadowy superpower.

Once Upon a Tacky Hotel in Chicago
mc mf fd
by saturnlovesme
Added 08 July 2007

Two people with an interest in hypnosis don’t quite understand why they have shown up at a seedy hotel room.

Once Upon a Time
mf ff hu
by JHB
Added 11 July 2010

An unusual event and a spell gone awry cause changes in a garden.

The One
mc mf fd md
by Chrysostomon
Added 14 December 2019

Callie is the new girl at school. Pete is the geek. Why would she want to talk to him?

One Afternoon
mf mc
by Aster, Mark
Added 15 August 1996

Mindless sex at the mall.

One Bad Apple
mc mf ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 26 July 2008

A young women who lives in the forest with seven short men and is about to marry a prince becomes the target of a jealous woman.

One Bit
mc mf md
by Psionic_X
Added 15 January 2012

Adam walks up to a beautiful, rich woman with a demand that is impossible to resist.

One Chance to Impress Her
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 25 May 2019

Jason is trying to write a story to impress an online Domme, but when Mistress Veronica suddenly appears in his office to turn him into her puppet, things get hotter before he has the chance to realize what’s going on, and his downfall may prove to be more than he can handle.

One Day
mc mf md
by Angel Raymond
Added 24 March 2012

Karin reveals her submissive side to a friend after watching a horror TV show.

One Day in the Life of Clarissa Clairmont
mc mf md gr hm ft
by Wintermute
Added 12 July 2014
Updated 15 November 2014

Clarissa’s day has gotten off to a horrible start. Luckily for her, her boyfriend brought a device to school that could change all that. And then change a whole lot more.

One Fine Day
mc mf ff in ds
by Dr. Quoll
Added 11 January 2009

After the genetic plague of 1968, humanity’s sexual attitudes and abilities are radically changed. This is one man’s story of a single day.

One Good Man
mc mf md
by txhypnodegenerate
Added 07 May 2006

A man tells the story of how he was turned into a vampire.

One Hot Summer
mc mf md ex
by Centurea Montana
Added 02 March 2013
Updated 09 March 2013

A new swim coach turns up the heat for summer vacation.

One Hot Summer — Redux
mc mf ff md in ex
by Anonymous-043
Added 05 October 2019
Updated 12 October 2019

A new swim coach turns up the heat for summer vacation.

mc ff
by connie k
Added 23 September 2017

A powerful electric shock awakens a woman who discovers she is being held prisoner in a mind-controlling slave labor camp.

113B — Part 2
mc ff
by connie k
Added 07 October 2017

Two slaves escape from their labor camp and are on the run.

One Incident in the Life of the Clinic — A Three Fingers Companion Volume
mc ff
by Betsy Leohtar
Added 11 February 2017

Vicky has lost all her memories, but Dr. Charity Clearwater is there to help her. Possibly.

One Last Night on the Island
mc mf md ft
by statuetized
Added 12 February 2011

An archeology collects a few final specimens before he returns to University.

One Last Time
mc mf md
by Dreamfire
Added 21 December 2003

Shawn has one last encounter with Kim before she is about to leave.

One Last Time (Reilly)
mc mf md hm
by Reilly
Added 04 April 2020

Abby doesn’t understand why she keeps showing up at her ex-boyfriend’s apartment.

One Last Trick
mc ff ft
by sara castle
Added 25 February 2007

Outclassed in battle, Kasumi has only one more option at her disposal.

One Little Pill
mc mf
by New Name Dan
Added 03 March 2012

Desperate to have children, Amanda orders special pills from a sketchy web site.

One Long Day in December
mc ff
by Jypsy Jones
Added 26 November 2006

Tanya Covington’s first Monday morning at university in December proves to be one to remember.

One Lucky Roll
mc mf ff md fd
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 26 October 2019

No matter how thorough, one can’t plan for everything. As the weather crosses the group’s plans for a picnic, Mary and her friends find themselves with nothing to do but play a game. But somehow, this game develops a strange life of it’s own.

One Man’s Rubbish
mc mm ft
by Peircedskin
Added 30 June 2001

David, who likes to wear clothes that were worn by other people, joins a second-hand clothes group.

One More Last Shot
mc mf ff md gr
by Dictionary Rainbow
Added 12 February 2011
Updated 26 February 2011

A dead detective tries to solve a sexy case.

One More Try
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 15 August 2020

Kiara’s really hoping that this is the night Paul succeeds at hypnotizing her, but he doesn’t really see why he should waste his time on such a naturally resistant subject. It’s up to Kiara to convince him that having a blank, compliant puppet will be worth his while.

One Night at Fat Jack’s
mc mf md
by A Sinister Bent
Added 08 June 2008

Hypnotist George Custer encounters a domineering woman at a local pool room and plays games with her.

One Night In Bangkok
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 20 August 2011

Lydia doesn’t feel right about going to a corporate mixer.

One Night Out
mc mf ff md fd gr
by izenrann
Added 17 June 2017

Instead of finishing her thesis, Kathleen decides to go to a nightclub instead. What could possible go wrong? As it turns out, a lot can.

One Night Out — Turnabout
mc ff mf md fd
by izenrann
Added 04 November 2017

Maegan, a witch, makes a stupid drunken promise to another witch, that must be kept.

One of These Nights
mc mf md ma
by Jukebox
Added 26 March 2011

Donna gets woken up in the middle of the night…as usual…and can’t get back to sleep…as usual…and decides to masturbate in front of her living room window. As usual.

One of Those Days
mc ff
by Delta
Added 18 May 1997

A woman plots of a way to take advantage of her girlfriend, Cindy.

One of Those Nights
mc mf ff fd ft
by Writerzblocked
Added 17 April 2005

The hottest star in Hollywood goes on vacation, bringing a rather unique curse with her. Chaos ensues.

One Quick Shower Later...
mc ff rb
by Sega-boy
Added 02 February 2003
Updated 08 November 2003

Josie doesn’t notice anything strange about Teresa when she comes home, but is surprised when she comes to visit her in the shower.

One Sip
mc mf md
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 02 February 2019

He offers her a glass of water. Who knew a simple cup of water could be this powerful?

One Size Fits All
mc mf md gr ft
by Mudak
Added 08 August 2009

Justin and Amelia believe they’ve found a wondrous new fabric that can accomplish the seemingly impossible, but they need help finding people willing to test it out. Is Kim the right girl to try?

One Thing Leads to Another
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 04 July 2015

Sophie gets a lecture from Carol on how to avoid sexual temptation. Well, strictly speaking it’s more of a demonstration...

One True Slave
mc mf md
by LeoNine
Added 03 March 2001

Jerry has half a dozen gorgeous girls at his command—till they fight back.

One Villain
mc mf fd ft
by Mistress Dyvia
Added 26 October 2019

During a hero-themed Halloween concert, a flash of energy leaves all the attendees as their hero namesakes… But what happens to the one woman dressed as a Supervillain?

One Way Or Another
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 13 January 2001

Stacy agrees to a reading from a cheesy fortuneteller.

One Way to Cure Those Pre-Wedding Nerves
mc mf md rb
by Mudak and Robotunit8
Added 13 July 2008

Louise turns to a hypnotherapist to help her with her wedding jitters.

The One Who Thought He Was Immune
mc mm
by Joran_H
Added 23 August 2003

A man experiments with hypnosis to control a gorgeous straight acquaintance.

One With Us
mc ff mf fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 13 June 2020

Become one with us… There is bliss. There is only one.

One Word
mc mf md
by Zaos Z
Added 18 October 2014

A mysterious stranger gives a Brian a magic word.

One Year at a Time
mc ff in
by jessicablank
Added 26 June 2005

Twin sisters Cindy and Linda have a secret special relationship.

mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 03 October 1999

Tina calls the perfume company’s hotline to compain about the rank-smelling perfume called “Submission”

The One-Person Genie
mc mf md hm
by TheDarkChateau
Added 04 August 2018

Richard, a man struggling to have success with the opposite sex, finds a lamp containing a genie whose power to grant wishes is limited by very specific rules. The target of his wishes is Mary, his young sexy colleague, who he perversely manipulates into craving blowjobs, and then more…

mc mf md
by Blue Kahuna
Added 23 July 1998

A woman in an online chat room is compelled to do whatever the man on the other end tells her to do.

The Online Misadventures of GoodGuyGrey
mc mf md ex ds hu
by Kris P. Kreme and SpaceFaith
Added 09 April 2011

GoodGuyGrey, as he’s known online, only wants to help girls he meets and falls for. Unfortunately for him, his help keeps going awry. Told through chat logs.

The Only Choice That Matters
mc mf md fd
by br0adband
Added 19 December 2004

When faced with the choice of a lifetime, how would you know which one is the correct one? And is the one that looks worse actually worse – or just an illusion?

Only Happy When It Rains
mc mf ff sf
by Jukebox
Added 29 March 2009

Selina waits for a rescue attempt, and muses on just how she came to be stranded on the planet Lilac.

The Only Human in the Class
mc ff gr
by J Swafford
Added 02 September 2007

Jesse is everyone’s plaything at an inner city college full of aliens with powers.

Only In My Dreams
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 23 June 2012

Lori tries to resist a temptress who can provide her with all the sleepwalking women her heart desires.

Only Just Begun
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 08 September 2018

No matter how deeply Nancy sinks into pleasure and obedience, it turns out that she’s still capable of feeling so much more.

Only Natural
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 10 January 1999

A psych professor meets one of his students on the street and decides to have some fun with her.

Only One Wish
mc mf md fd gr hu
by Paladin
Added 19 February 2011
Updated 26 February 2011

Jack loves his girlfriend, he just wishes she could be a little different.

Only Teasing
mc mf md in
by Pan
Added 21 October 2017
Updated 04 August 2018

Cecil’s mother finds herself wearing less and less around the house. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s only teasing.

The Only Way is Down
mc mf fd ma ds
by c213
Added 11 July 2020

If Rob wants to have anal sex with his girlfriend Sky, he’s going to have to earn it.

The Onyx Falcon
mc ff bd
by Flibinite
Added 12 March 2011

In exotic India, adventuress Lorna Cross attempts to retrieve an ancient statuette from a dangerous Kali cult.

Ooh, Look, A Falling Star!
mc mf in
by Mister Arioch
Added 16 July 2011

While walking on the beach, Cindy makes a wish on a falling star. When the star actually lands in front of her, though, weird things start happening to her, and to her scientist brother Scott as well.

mc mf md
by Ice Bear
Added 20 April 2019

A woman tries to describe how she got turned into a bimbo.

Opal Mantra
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 19 August 2017

You descend into the opal depths of obedience.

Open Book
mc mf md
by Darkmind
Added 26 August 2007

Whatever is written on Calliope’s body becomes true for her.

Open For Humiliation
mc md fd
by OpenlyJas
Added 21 February 2015
Updated 11 July 2015

On a trip with her fiancé, Jasmine is escorted from the airplane by her new owners.

Open Loops
mc fd
by me-chan
Added 21 March 2020

Do those who get lost in tangents ever really find their way back?

Open Mic
by BDantes
Added 15 July 2017

A mysterious audience member at a bar’s open mic night has Morgan performing in ways she didn’t expect.

Open Mind
mc mf ff md fd
by Moose 2016
Added 08 October 2016
Updated 09 September 2017

Ashley becomes more open to new experiences after she becomes friends with her new neighbors.

Open Secrets
mc mm
by Zot
Added 06 April 2003

Kyle is unaware that he is being watched while he hypnotizes Steve.

Open Wide
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 18 June 2016

Candace shares some of her worries about her hypnokinky relationship with her Master, Paul.

mc mf ff fd md ma
by Archibael
Added 20 January 2008
Updated 25 January 2008

Sheila’s husband believes hypnotism is fake, but his wife is less skeptical.

Opening Andora’s box
mc mf ff sf
by mesmeri
Added 02 September 2007

Pete thought he was going to spend 2 years alone in a remote outpost. Turns out, even deep space isn’t so lonely anymore.

Opening Refrain
mc mf md fd
by JHB
Added 12 April 2009

A singer who finds all sorts of uses for her unique gifts finds herself hoist by her own petard.

Opening the Box
mc mf md gr
by The Sinner
Added 23 June 2001
Updated 25 August 2001

Jason attempts to write an open-source clone of the Master PC program.

Opening the Box (Tang)
mc ff mf fd md ft
by Tang
Added 09 October 2005

Jane finds a box that transports her to a slave-owning world.

Opera Nights
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 30 November 2002

Brandon deals with rejection.

The Opera Singer
mc mf fd
by Jarod Whitestaff
Added 13 February 2005
Updated 05 March 2005

A fledgling operatic singer gets mesmerizingly much more than he bargained for.

mc be
by Jukebox
Added 10 March 2012

Julia is willing to try anything to cure her fear of snakes.

Opportunity Knocks
mc mf ff md
by BB Zed
Added 11 February 2007
Updated 04 March 2007

David discovers how his son has hypnotized the babysitter to be obedient. He takes advantage of the situation.

The Opposite of Chastity
mc mm mf md fd
by Julian Obedient
Added 08 September 2002

High finance power broker Brad Larsen lends his slave, movie idol Derek Madison, to socialite heiress Allison MacKensie who turns him into a lesbian, until his master says the magic words to free him from her spell.

Opposites Attract
mc mf md
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 07 June 2009

Chloe is a bio-chem major who despises ditzy girls drooling over guys at clubs. All that quickly changes.

Optical Clarity
mc fd ft
by CantFindADecentAlias
Added 10 September 2016

Gordon Smith is an average man who needs a little help from a sexy optometrist to see things more clearly. His breast fetish makes him an easy target and Hitomi uses her unusual assets to get her own way.

mc mf
by Interstitial
Added 25 April 2015

Kira’s a gymnast. It’s her passion—her destiny—to achieve that elusive perfect score. And there’s always a way to improve. Striving for success against increasingly tough opposition, she invests in a hi-tech training and fitness aid to optimize her performance, and she joins a social network of fellow enthusiasts. Very soon, her life begins to change beyond her wildest imaginings…

The Optometrist
mc mf
by Hypno Witch Shiri
Added 07 October 2017

Mike goes in for a very “unethical” eye exam, but what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, right?

Or Do I Dream?
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 02 May 2020

Chris’ car breaks down in the middle of an industrial park. When she wanders in search of help, she is invited into a strange waiting room and an even stranger routine...

Oral Exam
mc ff md ft ma
by Downing Street
Added 21 November 1998

Tammy and her roommate find themselves strangely attracted to their older professor, and so do all the other cute co-eds in the class.

Oral Exam (bendherovr)
mc mf ff md ma
by bendherovr
Added 30 March 2013

Kate goes for an examination at the new dental clinic in town.

Oral Hypnosis
mc mf md bd
by thuggee
Added 15 July 2000

A husband and wife enhance their sex life using hypnosis.

Oral Sedation Dentistry
mc mf ff md fd in
by Gh
Added 08 May 2005
Updated 15 December 2012

Catherine has conquered her fear of dentists. Now she helps her daughter do the same.

Oral Skills
mc ff ds
by sex-obsessed-lesbian
Added 23 March 2019

When Christine admits shyly to an alluring stranger at a party that no, she’s never eaten pussy... well, she never expected to get such an education.

Orange Papers
mc ff in gr ft sf
by chlestdh
Added 27 October 2018

Grent has fallen to the armies of the Witch-Queen of Elstrand and in the Duchy of Hillmartin four friends are stateless refugees, but they have a plan. Enter the conquered country and find the family and friends trapped within, after all, the rumours they’ve heard about Elstrand can’t be true... can they.

Oranges and Lemons
mc mf md
by ARheostat
Added 14 April 2018

A trans girl has the opportunity meet her long-distance hypno dom face to face.

Orbs of Power
mc mf fd
by pillevalium
Added 05 January 2019

Erik wants to have a serious conversation with Ioana about the memory lapses he’s been having.

The Ordeal
mc mm bd
by codeboi
Added 22 April 2007
Updated 05 January 2008

An officer goes to a mansion to serve a summons, and ends up being captured and reprogrammed.

The Order
mc mm
by maslyfe
Added 18 May 2004
Updated 11 July 2004

The wealthy Chief of the Order, wrapped in his own Iron Dream, seeks worker slaves and warriors for his mysterious Project.

Order in the Courtroom
mc mf md
by Zepp C.
Added 14 May 2011

A courtroom stenographer is hypnotized by a witness.

Order in the Courtroom II—JoAnne and the Judge
mc mf md
by Zepp C.
Added 06 May 2012

Court stenographer JoAnne is hypnotized again and this time at the mercy of an unscrupulous Judge.

Ordering On-line on Slaver’s Bay
mc mf md
by Chrysostomon
Added 29 June 2019

Terry and Bob discuss the various options for buying slaves on a dark web site.

An Ordinary Average Life
mc ma md fd cb
by J. Darksong
Added 22 September 2018

Sometimes you never know how your life impacts the lives of those around you. A man at the end of his life contemplating how empty his life has been gets an unexpected visit from a local heroine.

mc ff mf gr
by DevilBookCorruptions
Added 21 December 2019
Updated 02 May 2020

After a meteorite crashes near Bailey College, female students begin to undergo dramatic physical and mental changes while developing insatiable libidos. Meanwhile, the men begin to fall ill and die. In the middle of it all is a girl with exceptional abilities who might just hold the fate of the world in her hands...

Orgasmic Origami
mc ff
by JinnyJ
Added 14 July 2012

Mistress Helen plays a game of paper v will with her maid.

mc mf md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 25 May 2019

A professor harvests the sexual engergy from a mother and son.

Oriental Seduction
mc mf fd
by RBA
Added 17 August 1997

A man is entranced by a woman in a Thailand brothel.

mc ff ma ft
by zorkmeister
Added 16 August 2008

Beccy has to endure a lot of life-altering changes on the first day in her new job.

The Origin of Hootersville, USA
mc mf ff md fd in
by JRParz
Added 20 March 2004

Four high schoolers investigate what they believe to be a plane crash, but what they discover ends up being something far beyond their wildest dreams.

Originals and Outsiders: Assemble
mc mf md cb
by asianpersuasion
Added 16 March 2019
Updated 30 March 2019

Super powered heroes aren’t the apple of the public’s eye, but that doesn’t stop Nick, Jason from being recruited to join a team of young teenage superheroes to try and learn how to save the world. Taught and mentored by the great heroes of the previous generation like Luminaire and Darklight or their headmaster, Kyle Albinn, the young kids soon find themselves way in over their heads...

The Orion Legacy
mc mf md sf
by Voyer
Added 17 January 1999

Evil aliens use mind-control in their plot to conquer the humans.

The Orthodontist’s Wife
mc mf md
by Julian Obedient
Added 10 May 2003

Bunny solves the problem of being overweight by hypnosis.

Oscar’s Orgasm
mc mm
by Jay Roberts
Added 30 July 2006

A hypnotherapist helps Oscar with his difficulties reaching climax.

The Other Me Scares Me
mc mf md in gr
by dontloseyourmind
Added 13 October 2018

Ryan learns about a darker part of himself after being hit in the head.

The Other Side of the Mirror
mc mf fd
by SecretShadows
Added 24 November 2002
Updated 07 December 2002

When Josh and Rachel get in a nasty fight in a haunted hotel on Halloween, Josh finds himself becoming possessed by a mysterious female presence...

The Other Woman
mc mf md fd
by Ted
Added 06 January 2008

Jane is followed by another woman as she investigates her Mistress’ and new Master’s competition.

mc mf md
by One True Master
Added 26 September 2009

Maddie starts to think something strange is going on when other girls in her high school suddenly start wearing pink all the time.

Otto’s Device
mc mf md
by Cityslicker
Added 20 August 2005

Otto invents a device that helps him with women.

An Ounce of Prevention
mc mf md
by Wiseguy
Added 20 November 1999

A hypnotherapist goes to great lengths to ensure that his daughter and her new boyfriend do not misbehave on their first date.

Our House
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 17 February 2008

Kit, a homeless woman, is brought to a mansion.

Our Lady of Salvation
mc mf ff ft
by GhostlyGrin
Added 24 September 2016

Amelia, a juvenile delinquent, is sent to a special Catholic school for rehabilitation.

Our Little Secret
mc mf fd
by Lisa Teez
Added 19 March 2011

Mr. Williams has his eye on the babysitter, but the babysitter has her own agenda.

Our Lullaby
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 07 September 2019

Kenzie hates to admit it, but she needs Tasha to sing her a lullaby to help get to sleep again. Luckily, Tasha has just the song to send her off to dreamland.

Our Weekly Dinner (or What My Father-in-Law Did)
mc mf gr
by David Plymouth
Added 18 June 2016

David’s father-in-law performs an experiment on David’s wife and her family.

Out For an Afternoon Stroll
mc mm ft
by hypnoserve2001
Added 25 May 2008
Updated 06 July 2008

Chris meets a pipe-smoker while walking around the city.

Out in Left Field
mc ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 26 March 2011

Caitlyn helps her professor with his research.

Out Like a Light!
mc mf md
by PaperWeight
Added 26 July 2014

A physics student’s friend gives her a special present.

Out Loud
mc mf fd hm
by Abe Froman
Added 12 December 2009

David, a university student reveling in the academic experience, becomes devoted to his inspirational professor. So devoted in fact that he finds himself becoming more and more willing to do anything and everything for her.

Out of Afrika
mc mf md
by Mesmerr
Added 09 February 2008

Paul hypnotizes a woman while riding on a train in Africa.

Out of Character
mc ff md fd
by Bad Penny
Added 14 May 2006

Bobbi is hunting down the man who turned her into a bimbo. She’s gaining too much ground, so he leaves her a little distraction...

Out of Context
mc mf md gr hm
by Jennifer Kohl
Added 04 January 2020

Kelly is cursed with a vaguely-phrased spell that must be interpreted by a good friend, a complete stranger, and one of her enemies. Once that is done, Kelly experiences a series of shifts in reality where all of the inconsistencies and contradictions are ironed out in order to complete the curse.

Out Of Control
mc mm hm
by Dogslife
Added 17 November 2001

A man starts behaving strangely after being given a drink by three neighborhood teens.

Out Of Control (Angel Raymond)
mc md ws hm
by Angel Raymond
Added 29 November 2014

A woman loves to by controlled and humiliated by her master.

Out Of Her Mind
mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 08 April 2000

A hypnotist takes over Sarah’s mind. When he discovers that her flatmate, Ashley, has latent psychic abilities, he uses them to his advantage.

Out of Mind-Control 2 — Still A Mystery
mc ff mf ft rb
by Catsuit78
Added 07 December 2019
Updated 25 January 2020

Even five months after their investigations the Inspector and Trish can’t grab a breather as spandex-clad men and women disappear and Trish finds herself in the crosshairs. Is the Syndicate behind this? And what are they up to?

Out of Mind-Control — A Murder Mystery
mc ff mf ft rb
by Catsuit78
Added 25 August 2018
Updated 15 September 2018

The Inspector and his new colleague Trish have to investigate a murder in a big company. As they realize that a human mind is programmable just like a computer, they can’t trust anybody—not even each other...

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 24 February 2018

Paul has a new invention that Daphne’s just dying to see. Even if he does keep insisting that he’s already shown it to her several times.

Out of the Black
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 11 February 2017

Doctor Ballantine uses guided meditation to help Miranda confront her demons.

Out of the Friend Zone, Into the Fire
mc mf md
by BB Zed
Added 25 February 2017

Eydis is in trouble, and needs someone to take care of her. But her friend Terry couldn’t possibly understand what that entails.

Out of the Trance
mc mf md
by Nocti Raven
Added 11 December 2010

Jake lures Kelly back to his place in order to exact revenge.

Out Of Your Own Way
mc mf fd
by Crialia
Added 13 February 2010

Peter is seduced by Mina and Penny.

Out On the Town
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 13 November 1999

A teenager with the power to enslave collects slaves.

Out There
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 06 November 2005

Which shows the vicissitudes of slavery.

mc ff
by trilby else
Added 15 July 2007
Updated 11 January 2009

A call girl’s new client is an eager but inexperienced hypnofetishist.

Outed by My Wife
mc mf fd
by Meesso Horny
Added 02 July 2011

A man’s wife discovers his mind-control fetish.

The Outfits
mc ff mf fd ft
by Jimbo
Added 13 September 2003

Diane visits a dead relative’s Victorian mansion, and notices all the strange clothing there.

mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 28 September 2002

Jarod escapes from a hell dimension with incredible powers.

The Outing of Craig Smallwood
mc mm
by SlepNw
Added 06 October 2001

Attorney Craig learns how easy it is to come out.

Outside the Box
mc mf md
by Chrystal Wynd
Added 08 October 2011

A woman with strict business practices learns a lesson about flexibility.

Outside the Box (Voyer)
mc mf md
by Voyer
Added 07 September 2013

A woman wakes up in her training facility.

The Outsiders: A Package Deal
mc mf ff gr
by hush
Added 28 June 2014

A being from a higher dimension makes some adjustments to reality, but he perhaps takes it a bit too far.

mc ff
by Hypno S
Added 24 February 2001
Updated 23 September 2001

Outtakes from various Hypno S stories.

The Ovalords
mc mf ff md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 13 July 2019

Life is different now for Kylie and her family now that the Masters have conquered Earth.

mc mf md
by Penny Propofol
Added 28 July 2018

Melanie, Jennifer and Amy are alone in their building at work except for Rick, the new custodian. What they don’t know about Rick could definitely hurt them.

Overcumming Melanie
mc ff sf
by Charles P. Lingham
Added 28 January 2017

Heather’s had an unrequited crush on her straight friend Melanie since the tenth grade. Lately though, Melanie has been experiencing mysterious orgasmic spells at random times. These spells leave her in a highly suggestible state, and Heather might finally have the opening she’s always longed for.

mc mf md fd
by Lucky Guy
Added 15 June 2002

Frank perfects telepathic hypnosis. Except for one little problem.

mc mf md
by Lisa Teez
Added 14 June 2009
Updated 22 August 2009

An agent finds her training pushes her to the limits but does it go to far?

mc mf md gr
by Migraine 69
Added 07 June 2009

Rex, a subject of alien experiments, is given a new companion to help him with the transition into the psychogenically active state.

Overnight Field Trip: A McCallow Tale
mc mf ff fd
by Frustrated
Added 30 April 2006
Updated 20 July 2006

Abigail’s alter-ego Ashley manipulates the high-school tennis team.

An Overview of the Academy
mc mm
by webb025
Added 31 October 2015
Updated 28 November 2015

A headmaster explains what it takes to run a high school for exceptional young men.

mc ff mf fd
by Julian D’Angelos
Added 24 April 2005

Angela and Jarred are hypnotized with overwhelming lust.

mc mf md rb
by Darkmind
Added 14 December 2008

A corporate spy sneaks into the factory of a sex-doll company.

Owned by Olivia
mc ff bd
by Cindy Silver Eyes
Added 09 July 2011

Cindy and her roommate visit a BDSM club.

Owned by Oni
mc ff mf fd
by Jane’s Heather
Added 26 October 2003
Updated 14 December 2003

Transporting prisoners can be a dangerous job.

Owned Teacher
mc mf md ft
by Sonya Esperanto
Added 02 April 2006

A teacher in Canada comes under the control of one of her male students, and turns into his personal slave.

Ownership: A Romance
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 04 April 2004

Two guys meet in a coffee shop and become part of each other.

Owning Eric
mc mm in
by DannyDaLionKing
Added 19 March 2000
Updated 29 July 2000

After listening to his brother’s motivational tapes, Eric has no doubt who owns his ass. And neither do his fellow Navy SEALs.

Owning Nikki
mc mf md
by 2sheds
Added 25 February 2007
Updated 13 May 2007

A man uses powerful subliminal messages to turn Nikki into his slave.

Owning the Center
mc mm
by webb025
Added 21 March 2009

A high school basketball star is treated by a hypnotherapist with nefarious plans for him.