The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mind Control Stories: N

N.C.U. — A Brief Pause
mc ff hu
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 24 March 2018

A student at New Chicago University searches through the storage room of the psychology department in an attempt to find a topic for her semester project. What she finds is a literal blast from the past.

Nadine’s Secret
mc ff mf fd rb sf
by Roboman127
Added 19 September 2020

No one—absolutely no one—knows about Nadine’s secret fantasies about being abducted and robotized. Or so she believes.

The Naga
mc ff
by Vanderbilt
Added 20 February 2010

Daivya is tempted by the demon inside of her.

Naked Eye
mc ff
by Salem
Added 06 November 2005

Mira years for something else beyond her idyllic life with Lucinda.

Naked Fitness
mc mm in gr
by Hypnothrill
Added 01 July 2017

Jon spends a normal morning at the gym...naked and hard.

Naked If I Want To
mc ex
by Jukebox
Added 17 December 2022

A hypnotic induction intended to increase exhibitionistic tendencies.

Naked in Front of the Computer
mc mf md ma
by Jukebox
Added 21 September 2019

Niusha is convinced that she’s not going to spend yet another night masturbating to the Guiding Dark’s hypnotic website. She’s very very wrong.

Naked in the Half-Light
mc mf md
by Maximilian Cummings
Added 16 October 2010
Updated 24 October 2010

Martha has an early morning (naked) holiday romance with the boy next door.

Naked Selfie
mc fd
by Siegfried Volsung
Added 26 August 2017

RedRory is being bothered by a creepy online hypno-dominant. When she turns to Mademoiselle Trouble for assistance, she gets more than she bargained for.

The Naked Superhero
mc mm cb
by Topaz172
Added 05 May 2001

Lewis Lane, investigative reporter, is about to do an exposé of SuperTeen’s shocking secret, But gets more than he bargained for.

The Naked Truth
mc mf ff
by Archibael
Added 10 April 2005
Updated 15 December 2012

After a seizure Charlene sees herself in a whole new way.

The Naked Woman
mc mf md
by Fool’s Page
Added 19 June 2011
Updated 23 July 2011

Natalie sees a naked woman on the street that no one else notices.

Name Game
mc mf fd
by Lucky Guy and Lynda
Added 01 February 2004

Lucky entrances Lynda over a romantic dinner and plants a posthypnotic suggestion that fuels their already-hot lovemaking. Its intensity catches Lynda off guard. Then Lucky uses a binding suggestion to add some extra spice.

Name It After Me
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 01 January 2022

Guy tells his life story to his latest hook-up.

mc mf fd
by Bungiejump
Added 02 September 2000
Updated 10 September 2000

Michael encounters a female alien while walking through the park.

Nani the Fuck
mc ff ds hm hu
by Skaetlett
Added 29 June 2019
Updated 20 August 2022

Justine’s perfect life takes a drastic turn when she meets Giselle, local anime enthusiast at her college and skilled hypnotist.

Nanite Cluster
mc mf md gr
by banksie
Added 13 July 2019
Updated 10 August 2019

Dan wants to use his father’s nanotechnology to save his friend Lucy, but his plans change when desire gets in the way.

The Nanny
mc ff rb
by Robotunit8
Added 20 April 2002
Updated 11 May 2002

A lesbian couple working on a secret project hire a new nanny.

Nanny’s Nap
mc ff
by Anynom
Added 20 February 2000

Maria, an American co-ed in London, applies for the job of a nanny.

Nano Tech
mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 22 July 2017
Updated 29 July 2017

Kim is infected with illegal nanotech.

mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 26 March 2016

The new medical specialist offers an experimental solution to Daryl’s football injuries.

Nanomachines Make Short Work of Their Willful Creator
mc mf md gr
by Mind-Control-Makeover
Added 17 April 2021

When a brilliant scientist tries to break away from her boss and his shady business partner, she finds her brain at the mercy of her own creations.

mc ff rb
by URN My Power
Added 20 April 2002

When Jennifer applies for a job as a nanny, she learns she will be taking care of a robot.

mc mf
by The Persuader
Added 17 September 2010

This is a paid for advertisement/documentary on behalf of The NanoPanties Corporation. No actors were used in the making of this documentary. Results may vary. Read the instructions thoroughly before using the product.

mc ff cb
by Vanderbilt
Added 04 July 2010

Rebecca infiltrates The Hive in order to learn its secrets.

NANOTECHNOLOGY: the Frankenstein Scenario
mc mf md
by Lorax
Added 01 December 2001
Updated 14 September 2007

Joe Garner, once a nerdy and unpopular graduate student, finds himself the undisputed master of the world.

nanoTouch: Rebellion
mc ff ft in sf
by mr. potestas
Added 20 December 2009

Allison embarks on her final mission, but not without having a little fun along the way.

nanoTouch: The Assassin-Spy
mc ff ft sf
by mr. potestas
Added 20 December 2009

Allison is now AS29, a beautiful assasin-spy—one that turns out to be beyond anyone’s expectations...

nanoTouch: The Initiation
mc ff ft ma gr sf
by mr. potestas
Added 08 November 2009

Allie’s new job at nanoTouch becomes more than a life altering experience.

Naoko’s Nadir
mc mf ff md hm in be
by Voltaire
Added 08 June 2019

Naoko describes how her life, and the life of her family, became a living hell.

mc mf fd
by Sublime Directive
Added 01 June 2013

In exchange for letting Mina hypnotize him, Alex gets her to promise something in exchange.

The Narcissus Plant
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 24 October 2004

A young man sees an old school fellow in an s/m bar.

mc ff
by trilby else
Added 07 June 2003
Updated 19 August 2007

A young Tokyo executive finds herself worried and aroused as she shepherds a team of mind-controlled Race Queens on a mission at a trade show.

Narrow Escape
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 13 October 2018

Julieta rescues Martina from an unscrupulous hypnotist, and tells her all about the risks of paying close attention and trusting too much.

Natalie: The Office Slut
mc mf md gr
by Bobbie Bazooms
Added 16 July 2006

Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform.

Natalie’s Magic
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 21 April 2018

Oscar’s life seems to be going nowhere but the magic of a very special woman may very well turn out to be his salvation.

Natasha and Dorothy, Psychology Lab Partners
mc hu hm ex
by jamjansandwich
Added 26 June 2011

Dorothy’s new lab partner witnesses the classroom demonstration and makes some notes about it, in case Dorothy ever remembers to ask.

Natasha’s Birthday Party
mc ff ft rb
by Nick Vegas
Added 05 March 2022
Updated 25 November 2023

A tall, attractive, androgynous hairdresser, skilled in NLP, finds a willing helper to restore her home, and assist her with her upcoming birthday party, in a very special way.

Natasha’s Nadir
mc mf md
by AbolethLasher
Added 22 January 2022

Natasha is pretty sure she’s going to have to fire her under-performing employee Jeremy. But suddenly, he starts stepping up, as she starts stepping down.

National Security
mc mm sc
by AgainstMyWill
Added 12 February 2011

Kurt is subject to a screening by the TSA when travelling home from Thailand.

mc ff ma
by connie k
Added 28 January 2017

A woman attending Christmas Eve church service is drawn to a mysterious parishioner.

Natural Connection
mc mf md
by Mountain Man
Added 13 July 2002

The proprietor of a new-age shop gives a special bracelet to a woman who wanders in.

Natural Entrapment
mc mf md
by Mesmerr
Added 09 February 2008

Steven tries to sell his book to a literary agent.

Natural Hypnotist
mc mf md
by S. P. Riley
Added 24 September 2022

A man with the natural gift of hypnotizing people explains himself to his wife after freeing her from his hypnotic control.

The Natural Slut and the Wizard-Enslaver
mc mf md gr
by Fool’s Page
Added 21 May 2022

A woman begs a wizard to make her a slave... and he has to think about it before making a decision.

A Natural State
mc mf md gr
by Moose 2016
Added 31 December 2016

The Lampmaker saves a quaint little resort from being taken over by developers.

The Natural States of America
mc mf md ma
by Mesmerciless
Added 01 February 2020

A psychologist’s controversial research causes an uproar across America, until his leaked presentation begins having strange effects on the women who watch it...

Natural Submission Studio: Luna’s Story
mc mf md
by 1HypnotizedBimbo
Added 24 June 2023

Luna is a human art piece in a garden of sexy, submissive women who adore being beautiful statues in Jean Paul’s special garden. What happens when the police ‘save’ her?

Natural Submission Studio: Violet’s Story
mc mf md
by 1HypnotizedBimbo
Added 03 June 2023

Violet has finally risen ranks to upper management, but her fiscal team, of older men, do not appreciate their new, young boss and soon put her in her rightful place.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 27 June 2015

Naturally, Leah doesn’t mind helping Aaron out after her store closes.

Naturally Natural
mc mf ff md gr la
by Charles Wallace
Added 18 January 2020

Rachel and Kristi try out Naturally Natural—the new weight-loss business that their friends Eric and Jenn have just started.

Nature’s Son
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 03 July 2021

Billy has special needs. His alien DNA activates and he starts to affect the people, a few at a time.

Naught Little Boy
mc mm
by AgainstMyWill
Added 17 February 2008

Josh is submissive, and very eager. Perhaps a little too eager.

Naughty Girl
mc mf md
by Fortunato
Added 29 June 2019

A call center employee deals with a diffcult customer.

The Naughty List
mc ma
by Coin of Gold
Added 23 December 2012

A boy gets a hold of Santa’s Naughty List, and discovers its secret.

The Naughty List (Sally Blair)
mc mf md bd ft
by Sally Blair
Added 07 January 2017

Dave gives his wife a membership in an exclusive health spa for Christmas.

Naughty Little Witch
mc mf md
by Svengarlic
Added 02 November 2002

Jackie dresses up differently for Halloween, thanks to a young man and his pumpkin.

The Naughty Neighbor
mc ff
by Sleeping Beauty
Added 13 April 2008

Kara is seduced by her next door neighbor.

Naughty Nurse Hypnotist
mc mf fd
by Matty Q
Added 14 October 2000

An amnesia patient moves in with the seductive French nurse who has been taking care of him.

Naughty Or Nice?
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 18 December 2021

When Harper tries to flirt with a female Mall Santa, she quickly learns that staying off the Naughty List isn’t easy!

Naughty Schoolboys
mc mm
by AgainstMyWill
Added 28 March 2010

Bobby is sent to a special high school for unruly boys.

Naughty... and Nice
mc mf ff md
by Captain Eazy
Added 03 December 2006

Nick’s slave wants Santa to bring her a new playmate.

Naval Commander
mc ff
by C&C
Added 19 August 2023

A US Naval Officer is corrupted by a fresh-faced, mysterious Admiral who isn’t all that she seems.

mc mf gr in
by Enrico Pallazzo
Added 24 July 2021
Updated 19 August 2023

After stopping at a diner in a resort town, a family goes through some changes.

Neat and Trim
mc mf fd
by Amus Cobblestone
Added 24 June 2023
Updated 23 December 2023

Tom meets his attractive new neighbor while trimming the lawn and gets roped into some heavy yard work.

Nebka Rassul’s New Slave From The Unified Earth Empire
mc mm sf
by The Slaver
Added 15 October 2022

A Space Marine is kidnapped by an alien.

The Necklace
mc mf md
by Zagnut
Added 21 November 1998

A teenage boy gets a special present from a dying alien

The Necklace (Crowe)
mc mf md
by Crowe
Added 13 July 2002
Updated 08 September 2002

Josh slowly discovers that the necklace given to him by his grandfather has special powers.

Necklace of Eros
mc mf
by Roman The Scribe
Added 19 February 2022

Jason and Ava’s sex life improves after purchasing an old necklace that just happened to be forged at the behalf of Eros, the God of Lust.

mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 15 October 2016

Lori has a private discussion with her new boss Isabella.

mc mf ff
by Tabico
Added 21 February 2004

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep; sometimes, very deep indeed.

The Need
mc mf md
by Resistor
Added 14 July 2001

Bethany, in the ROTC program, is captured by a group of bikers and turned into a real doll.

Need (Wrestlr)
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 27 December 2014

A student needs to be studying, but he also needs to be fucked. And then his hot straight roommate needs to get off.

Need a Lift?
mc mf fd
by The Scribe of Domina
Added 24 September 2016
Updated 02 July 2022

Mike picks up a passenger who has some elaborate plans for him.

A Need For Release
mc ff
by Spellbinder21
Added 27 December 1998

A masseuse consults as a stress councelor for a big corporation.

A Need to Breed
mc mf fd ft sf
by AnubusKiren
Added 25 February 2017

The ocean is a truly wonderful place. Beautiful flora and fauna, cool waters, gentle waves... and tentacles. Oh goodness, so many tentacles. A feline boy named Oliver discovers the true meaning of “tentacle hell” when he encounters an octopod lady with an intense interest in mating with him.

The Need to Serve
mc mf ff md fd
by Betsy Leohtar
Added 17 August 2019
Updated 24 August 2019

The old world order is doomed and the new world order is coming. Most countries will fall but the UK is determined to fight back.

Needful Things
mc md mf
by Jessa
Added 18 October 1996

Based on a Steven King story. Susan starts working in an antique shop. One of the amulets in the shop has special powers.

Needle Blinding: Mrs. Jesby
mc ff bd
by EyeofSerpent
Added 08 April 2000

Mrs. Jesby is a pawn in a plot to capture Corelle D’Amber.

Needle Chorus
mc ff
by EyeofSerpent
Added 05 March 2000

A programmed assassin targets Corelle D’Amber.

Needle Dance
mc mf fd
by EyeofSerpent
Added 06 February 2000

A corporate spy is captured, brainwashed and turned into a deadly assassin.

Needle Drop
mc mf fd
by Jukebox
Added 03 June 2023

A music journalist in the Sixties tracks down a unique record from a boutique label and discovers the fan club of an old radio star.

Needle Work
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 02 June 2001

A handsome young doctor helps Beverly overcome her fear of needles.

Needles and Needs
mc mf md
by sara castle
Added 24 January 2009

WPC Lane interrogates a stage magician, eager to discover what happened to a slew of missing women... perhaps someone should have warned her to be careful what you wish for?

Negative Space
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 12 June 2021

Marissa tries not to think the thought Stana’s implanted in her head.

The Negotiation
mc mf fd
by Milo Minderbinder
Added 31 March 2018

Milo attemps to negotiate a book deal with Sapphire.

Negotiation (TheGoodDrJekyll)
mc mf md
by TheGoodDrJekyll
Added 06 March 2021

A couple discuss the parameters of her hypnotic surrender to him.

The Neighbor
mc ff
by Rexy4
Added 17 September 2000

Dianne blackmails a doctor into hypnotizing a neighbor for her.

The Neighbor (Nanoslaver)
mc mf ff
by NanoSlaver
Added 11 July 2010

A newlywed couple meets a bashful young girl and their lives turn upside down.

Neighborhood Relationships
mc mf fd
by PlanetSurf
Added 29 February 2020

Mentari comes home to some changes in his living situation one day after work and learns something about obedience and himself.

Neighborhood Slut
mc mm
by AgainstMyWill
Added 19 November 2006

Aaron’s new neighbors have a special present for him.

Neighborhood Watch
mc ff
by Tabico
Added 17 April 2004

Why do thralls fall in love?

Neighborly Love
mc ff ft
by softi
Added 12 August 2007

A neighbor shows up at Liz’s door, with something for her to try on.

Neighborly Seduction
mc ff
by MissLornaD
Added 13 September 2003
Updated 04 January 2004

Kathy’s neighbor comes over to introduce herself, with a special tea for her to drink.

Neighbors From Back When
mc mf md
by Ice Bear
Added 09 June 2018

DJ is confused when a high school student from his old neighborhood suddenly shows up at his door.

Neighbour From Hell
mc mm in
by buffster67
Added 01 March 2003

Brett doesn’t take his neighbor seriously when he brushes off his complaints about the noise.

Neighbourhood Watch
mc mf md cb
by scifiscribbler
Added 14 March 2020

An off-duty superheroine and an off-duty mind controller live too close not to collide.

mc mf ff md fd gr
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 19 November 2022

Dave and Jenna move into a new home with strange neighbours.

Neo-Mistress Saga
mc mf fd md
by au29
Added 13 May 2007

Athene explores a Mediterranean island, and causes the resurrection of the Neo-Mistress.

Neon Dream
mc mf fd bd ds ft sf
by Laethir
Added 27 January 2024

A young man’s blind date at a nightclub does not go as expected.

mc mf md
by Mysanthropic
Added 14 March 1999

The Devil’s son looks for his next victim in the shopping mall.

Nephillim: Annabelle
mc mf fd
by Left Hand Harrison
Added 02 October 2005

A man goes to get a tattoo that turns out to be much more special than he anticipated.

mc mm
by Alchemy
Added 07 October 2000

Brian invents a computer program that allows him to seduce straight men.

Nerd In Control
mc mf ff md fd
by S. P. Riley
Added 17 September 2022

Tim finds out his girlfriend is actually a mind controlled sex toy. He has a plan to save her, but is betrayed.

mc ff
by Kallie
Added 03 July 2021

A jock girl bully gets her comeuppance when she finds herself transformed into a hopeless nerd and a total lesbian.

The Nerdy Professor
mc mf ff md fd
by J. Darksong
Added 21 July 2012
Updated 22 September 2012

Professor Scott Pringle is a stereotypical nerd, with the thick glasses, bad acne, and bony physique. Ignored by women, abused and insulted by his colleagues, his only friends are the lab rats in his experiments. One day, a lab accident changes everything, and Scott discovers there more to him than even he himself imagined.

The Nest
mc mf fd sf
by Steel Cobra
Added 01 July 2017

Fay Donovan has a problem. She is a Nest Guardian agent, assigned to protect humans on Earth. Her skills as a hypnotist are about to be tested to the limit.

Nesting Dolls
mc ff mf fd md ma
by BluejayGS and CG
Added 15 June 2013
Updated 03 August 2013

Chloe learns that every person, no matter how smart and successful on the outside, is simply one persona inside another...inside another...and inside yet another.

The Nesting Ground
mc sf
by Transformed One
Added 27 April 2008

Rebecca receives a gift from a friend and finds herself unwillingly become a small piece of a large alien invasion.

mc mf ff md gr
by Virtual Scott
Added 14 August 2021

Adele reconnects with an old acquaintance with a new friend who’s interested in expanding his network.

Neural Reprogramming Collars
mc mf ff md fd
by CrystalWitch
Added 09 January 2021

Women are fitted with bimbofying obedience collars, with nanobots inside that reprogram minds.

Neural Stimulators
mc md ma sf
by Synaptic Virus
Added 20 November 2011
Updated 12 June 2021

A curious young girl dreams of trying a new invention called neural stimulators. But what are the side effects?

The Neuro-Device
mc ff
by If I Was Not You
Added 21 June 2014

Gabi experiments with her research project on Tara.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 04 June 2016

Bev meets a stranger on a plane and finds out about a deadly world of magic that she never knew existed.

mc mf ff md fd ft
by Mageus2002
Added 26 October 2002

Modern psychology has come a long way in the 21st Century. A beautiful, spoiled heiress finds her money can’t buy her all she thinks she deserves, but then again, true happiness is a state of mind.

Neutral Territory
mc mf md gr
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 10 May 2014

How far will Morphina go to catch the bad guy and can she trust the mysterious immortal she’s asked for help?

Never a Dull Moment
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 04 November 2023

Neil is interrogated by the FBI about his boyfriend Forrest and Forrest’s ties to vampire mafia boss Antony Voronin. But the FBI seem to be hiring very strange and erratic agents these days.

Never A Wise Move
mc mf fd
by Robotunit8
Added 05 February 2012
Updated 09 June 2012

Stevie becomes more dominant after undergoing hypnosis, and develops a taste for hypnotic slaves of her own.

Never Be Nice to the Customer
mc mf md
by Niki Roar
Added 30 January 2010

When a waitress for a family restaurant is nice to a coming of age boy eating with his family, the boy falls in love. His family first offer her money in order to go on a pity date with him but then turn to more hypnotic methods to get the girl.

Never Been Closer
mc mm in
by Changeme
Added 15 December 2012

After a bad double date pushes bickering twin brothers to the breaking point, one of them seeks to repair their relationship.

Never Ending
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 17 March 2018

Sandra searches for the very center of the spiral.

Never Have Colourful Outfits Heralded A Hivemind Incursion
mc ft
by Mr. Scade
Added 18 February 2012
Updated 11 August 2012

Three friends find a weak and tired girl in the graveyard. From one girl spreads the mindless bliss and happiness, the submission and adoration, the need and craving, the obedient chanting and the glorious mind-community, but, most importantly, the girl spreads the shiny leotards.

Never Have I Ever
mc mf ff mm md
by Jukebox
Added 23 January 2021

Megan plays a friendly game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with her boyfriend and his buddies and learns some surprising things about herself.

Never Surrender
mc mf ff md
by Jukebox
Added 05 October 2008

A girlwakes up to find she’s been kidnapped into a mind controller’s harem. The girls have all been brainwashed to prevent their escape, but they’re determined to resist their evil captors as long as they possibly can.

Never Talk to Strangers
mc mf md rb
by Dr. Robo
Added 14 July 2001

You meet a stranger in a bar, who gets you drunk and takes you to his mansion.

Never Tell Anyone
mc mf mm md fd
by Quiet Hypnotist
Added 07 July 2018

Even among the best of friends, there are things you don’t want to talk about. And for some of those, it would be better not to press too hard. Or else…

A New Addition for Dexter
mc mf md
by valor6
Added 27 August 2006

Dexter uses his camera on a policewoman.

New Administration
mc mf md
by HypnoTimeMe
Added 24 December 2022

A college professor finds herself being turned into a worthless slut by a mysterious man.

A New Adonis
mc mf md
by Master Cowboy
Added 03 August 2002
Updated 16 February 2003

Jack describes how he became able to have any woman he wants.

New America
mc mf md hm ds bd sf
by Jay Inkwell
Added 30 December 2023
Updated 27 January 2024

Erin meets so many different kinds of men as a template prostitute in New America.

New Assignment
mc ff ft rb
by Catsuit78
Added 03 December 2006
Updated 10 December 2006

Nina is happy to get a new job at a mysterious biotechnology enterprise. But as she puts on the exciting but awkward company latex suit and acquires the strange company customs her life subliminally changes in a way she will regret having taken the job...

The New Assistant
mc mf md
by Hypnofur
Added 04 December 2010

A man watches as his wife is recruited to become a magician’s new assistant

New Best Friend
mc ff
by Dreamreaper2k
Added 22 July 2000

Gina decides to use her mind-control power when she meets her new friend Audrey

The New Boss
mc mf mm ff md fd
by Kasey
Added 23 March 2002
Updated 30 March 2002

A man takes a menial job at the insistence of his wife, not knowing just how degrading it will be.

The New Boss (Astropirate)
mc mf md
by Astropirate
Added 24 August 2019

The new, young boss uses his irresistible powers of persuasion on the female staffmembers.

New Boss (Pan)
mc ma fd
by Pan
Added 20 February 2016

Sonja’s flat-chested new boss has strong opinions about busty women.

The New Brand
mc mf fd ft
by jman_bigdaddy
Added 18 October 2014
Updated 03 October 2015

Stephanie tries out a new brand of hoisery.

The New Breath of Power
mc mf ff md fd ft
by mr. potestas
Added 18 October 2009

Jim and Katy learn the truth behind their altered reality.

New Breed
mc mf fd
by Chrysostomon
Added 04 May 2019

Satsumo’s company is targeted for takeover.

The New Candace
mc mf md gr
by Zon19
Added 03 October 1999

A man meets Candace in a singles bar, and he brings her home and demonstrates his wonderful machine on her.

New Coach
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 05 January 2019

The new coach has a plan for rebuilding the wrestling team.

A New Curriculum
mc ff
by Taboo
Added 24 June 2023

Ms. Mulberry has some new material share with her students.

New Dawn
mc mf ff fd md ma
by HB5211
Added 28 May 2016
Updated 06 August 2016

Jenny, a young college journalism intern is assigned to write a background piece on Alicia Murdock, the CEO of New Dawn, a soaring drug company. Jenny is soon caught in Alicia’s web and gets to live the New Dawn experience as Test Subject #1.

A New Day Dawns for Susan
mc mf ff
by Susan Bailey and T.MaskedWriter
Added 15 October 2016
Updated 29 October 2016

After going through an ordeal, Susan attempts to move on with her adopted family.

New Deal
mc mf md ft
by Circleloopz
Added 02 February 2003

Pantyhose-clad women are reprogrammed to be servers at a popular chain restaurant.

New Desires Installed
mc mf ff mm in
by Egyptian Hypnosist
Added 01 August 2020
Updated 02 October 2021

A group of people attend a hypnosis show in Egypt.

New Directions
mc mf md
by URN My Power
Added 14 October 1999

Danielle’s alternate personality is revealed, and while Danielle is bitchy, Dani is sweet and submissive.

New Directions (Mesmer Eyes)
mc mf ff md fd
by Mesmer Eyes
Added 10 February 2001

Jamie, a rich model, gets lost in a remote town.

New Discoveries
mc ff ds hm ex ft
by MythFinder
Added 30 July 2022
Updated 24 September 2022

A rude and prudish researcher arrives in a foreign land for the first time.

New Dogma
mc ff
by Benign Rasputin
Added 10 August 2019
Updated 04 January 2020

Katy, a conservative college student, meets a new friend.

New Dorm
mc mf md
by Pan
Added 08 July 2023
Updated 05 August 2023

Rob starts getting a surprising amount of attention from every woman on campus.

The New Eileen
mc mf md
by Robert Towers
Added 21 May 2011
Updated 01 August 2015

Eileen travels to Florida to meet the man who made the hypnosis mp3s she has been listening to.

New Employees
mc mf md ft
by FreeShot
Added 30 May 2010

Pita puts on a maid’s uniform she finds in the closet of her hotel room.

New Employment
mc mf md fd ft hm
by Latexthom
Added 05 April 2014
Updated 28 June 2014

A software engineer after completing his Master’s degree find a job in a software house and finds an old love working there. He obtains a drug to take over her mind and because of the abuse of the drug he develops Psychic abilities.

The New Empowerment
mc ff
by Witchman
Added 23 December 2012
Updated 01 February 2014

Jayne, a newspaper reporter interviews Dr. Drist, and comes out with a whole new attitude.

New Face
mc mf
by MoldedMind
Added 27 March 2021

Kelsey really doesn’t like Mark, and she never has. But he might be able to change her mind about him, and maybe even more than that.

A New Found Scanner
mc mf md
by Fiona69m
Added 31 December 2006
Updated 21 January 2007

Karl discovers his ability to manipulate other people’s minds.

New Friends and Instant Slaves
mc mf ff md ds in
by Second Chair
Added 03 September 2022

Sylvia Garrett just met her son’s new friend. He’s VERY charismatic. She isn’t the first woman to think so.

New Frontiers
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 14 April 2012

Grant goes on a camping trip with friends who have mental powers.

The New Galatea: with Leather and Silver Chains
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 30 May 2004

Terry’s dream becomes a reality.

The New Girl
mc ff
by Rachael
Added 10 January 2015
Updated 04 June 2016

A new girl called Lena joins late at a sixth form college in England where she starts to become very good friends with 18 year old Rachael. Rachael’s friend Leanne is suspicious and for good reason.

The New God — Breaking The Dark Elf
mc mf ff md fd
by The Winston Knight
Added 06 August 2022

Amari Spitpact was once a powerful servant of the Dark Goddess, scheming and plotting in the Under World, until she tried to take her mother’s throne. Now she has been cast out and captured, only to be given to mysterous mercenary, The Hell Knight. What fate will become her, as she is taken to the Surface World, and forced to become a lowly servant?

The New God — Breaking The Elf
mc mf md
by The Winston Knight
Added 19 February 2022

Salarah Mildsun has run afoul of a demonic entity and is now to be broken by its mortal ally. How long will she last and what secrets will she discover?

The New Guy
mc mf md
by checker
Added 15 August 2015
Updated 22 August 2015

Charlotte can’t stop hearing about the new guy at school.

The New Help
mc mf md
by Kestral
Added 01 March 2003

Lady Elaine, Captain of the Silver Knights, is offered a change of careers.

The New Hire Physical
mc mm
Added 18 July 2004

A job candidate is required to take a physical exam.

The New Home
mc mf ff md ft
by txhypnodegenerate
Added 23 April 2006

A man mentally controls a realtor while looking at a house.

The New Housekeeper
mc ff hu ma
by Tasukis
Added 16 September 2001

Cheri tells how a new housekeeper changed the lives of herself and her family for the better.

The New Housemaid
mc mf ff md fd rb
by Robotunit8
Added 02 July 2006
Updated 16 July 2006

Stephanie accepts a job as a maid for a couple with an interest in cybernetics.

The New Housemate
mc ff ft
by Grace Fairway
Added 26 December 2020
Updated 08 May 2021

Amy is a health-conscious, strait-laced salesperson. Her new housemate Amy is a smoking goth dyke, something that annoys Amy massively. Something’s going to have to change. Or someone…

New Housemate, New Life
mc mm ft
by Beth Wilde
Added 28 March 2020

Marc gets a new roommate.

New Hypno Method
mc mm
by Jay Roberts
Added 02 December 2007

A professor develops a machine to induce hypnotic trance, but it backfires and he loses control.

New Image Oriental
mc ff mf md fd
by Whyte, Colleen
Added 28 July 2002

Lynn is concerned that Luci, the assistant at her hair salon, is too subservient. Nonetheless, she agrees to let Luci help her deal with an uppity customer.

New In Town
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 11 September 2021

Book Washington and his wife Carol are new in town. They’ve traveled across country. Others have arrived—who have travelled much much further.

A New Infection
mc mf ff md
by Homer Vargas
Added 14 March 1999

The worldwide virus epidemic continues to take its toll on the female population.

New Invention
mc mf md
by Just Joe
Added 08 July 2000

A researcher discovers a way to make a hypnotic ray that only works on women.

The New Job
mc ff
by HappyAndre
Added 25 August 1998

A co-ed interviews for a job at a private club, but she isn’t exactly sure what her duties will be.

A New Job (Hypno-Tits)
mc mf fd
by Hypno-Tits
Added 24 August 2002

Colin, working on a remote Caribbean island, is lost. He meets a beautiful woman who helps him find his way.

The New Job (Roboman127)
mc ff rb sf
by Roboman127
Added 15 December 2018
Updated 04 January 2019

Melanie gets trip to France and an offer of a new job but is it as it seems?

A New Job, a New Life
mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 16 June 2018

A woman who has always been a tomboy needs work so she takes a job modeling, and it changes her life forever.

The New Job... (LatexDude)
mc mm ft rb
by LatexDude
Added 13 June 2004

Steven’s new job at a robotics company has an unusual dress code.

A New Kind of Sex
mc mf md
by FlashArt
Added 23 October 2005

Rachel is given a drug that makes suggestions irresistible to her.

A New Kind of Therapy
mc ff ds hm
by Skaetlett
Added 30 July 2022

Ally and her husband go to a hypnotherapist to get over their fear of flights, but the cruel therapist has other ideas in mind.

A New Leash On Life
mc mf md
by Uri X
Added 04 June 2006

Sue is tamed and controlled with a buttplug that contains her soul.

New Life
mc mm
by Peircedskin
Added 09 June 2001

Brian and his wife are kindapped by a gang of skinheads

New Life
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 17 July 2021

A brainwashed slave awakens to her new life of obedience.

New Life (Robotunit8)
mc mf ff rb
by Robotunit8
Added 30 July 2006

A woman has her personality transferred into a sexdoll.

A New Life (The Slaver)
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 13 September 2014

Pravda is captured by Maximillian and sold into slavery.

The New Line
mc mf md gr rb
by Farleven
Added 10 November 2001
Updated 06 February 2021

Mary discovers that she is to be the first to undergo a new process to turn her into an autonomous love-toy.

New Look, New Life
mc mf md
by Robert Towers
Added 21 November 2009
Updated 26 June 2010

Susan’s stylist boyfriend changes her look and her brain, too.

New Management
mc mf md ft
by Whyte, Colleen
Added 30 June 2001

The new manager requires his employees to wear uniforms, but nobody seems to mind.

New Master in the County
mc mm
by Rough Master
Added 21 October 2007
Updated 28 October 2007

The Master uses his Psychic Captivator to capture new slaves.

A New Menu Item—Adventures in Sushi
mc ff rb
by Nick Vegas
Added 03 April 2005

Amanda is jealous of Kim’s success running a sushi restaurant.

A New Mistress
mc ff sc
by HeisenburgNM
Added 20 August 2016
Updated 27 August 2016

Two college roommates get a special DVD in the mail.

New Neighbor
mc ff ds
by isadorable
Added 01 August 2020
Updated 15 August 2020

Allison gets unusually close to her new neighbor the night she moves into her apartment.

New Neighbors
mc mf mm ff md fd hm
by StryWrter7
Added 26 January 2002
Updated 17 November 2002

A husband and wife (and later their daughter) are used by a set of new neighbors.

New Neighbors (Second Chair)
mc ff ds
by Second Chair
Added 14 May 2022

Andrea Trent meets her new neighbors.

New Neighbors (Topper)
mc mf fd
by Topper
Added 06 February 2010

A man gets to know the mother and daughter who moved in next to him.

The New Neighbors Upstairs
mc ff
by Witchman
Added 30 December 2000

Tara is hypnotized and seduced by the lesbian couple upstairs.

New Normal
mc mf ma
by Changeme
Added 21 April 2012

Jenny, just wanting some rest, meets a new classmate who helps her feel normal again.

A New Perfume
mc mm in
by Chrysostomon
Added 18 March 2023

A new perfume has unexpected consequences.

A New Perspective
mc mf md
by Sophrotica
Added 10 February 2024

A young ambitious woman is broken in by her boyfriend using the revolutionary new brainwashing helmet.

The new platinum blonde wife
mc mf fd
by Robert Towers
Added 27 February 2016

Emma’s friend Sue convinces her to try a new hairstyle.

A New Playground
mc mf fd
by Hypnotic Flower and The Red Guy
Added 30 May 2004

Bored with her new-found wealth, Dr Stephanie Nelson decides to find a new playground where she can indulge her favourite pastime: hypnotically enslaving men.

A New Purpose
mc ff ft
by Allister Remm
Added 19 January 2013

After having strange dreams, Sarah finds herself exercising more—and feeling very submissive.

New Queen of the Drones
mc md fd ds rb sf
by bw
Added 24 September 2022
Updated 26 September 2022

Yvette is a scout fresh out of the academy who is bullied by her squad. In the middle of a civil war in the near future, she is sent on a mission to figure out why a neutral village was now working for their enemy. While scouting the village, an enemy leader, enamored with her, makes it quite alluring for her to become the new Queen of the Drones.

New Religion
mc ff
by BonHommeSauvage
Added 21 May 2016

Sarah wonders what strange ritual is going on inside her neighbor’s apartment.

A New Religion (Gettoman)
mc ma ft
by Gettoman
Added 19 January 2019

An alien being infiltrates a convent.

The New Roommate
mc mm
by Zot
Added 18 April 2009

A man advertises in the paper for a new roommate.

New Roommates
mc ff gr ex ma
by Zenith
Added 21 March 2009

Erica samples some of the special cream that her large-breasted roommates are using.

New Script
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 16 January 2021

Carol introduces a new script into Evelyn’s programming without asking.

New Sensation
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 31 August 2008

Verity’s the new girl at the Cinnamon Ranch, but all the guys seem to be lining up to spend time with her, and Tawana wants to know why.

The New Shower
mc mf md in gr rb
by Robotmaster
Added 30 July 2011
Updated 30 November 2013

Brad installs a new shower fixture that has some strange additional features.

A New Skin
mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 02 July 2016

When Jill orders a sheer bodystocking online, it comes with a cryptic and disturbing disclaimer.

New Slave
mc mm gr
by monstermash62
Added 03 March 2012

Martin thinks that Steve can’t tell what Martin wished for with his wish rock.

The New Slaves of Dr. Peel
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 20 December 2014

The warden of the prison makes the mistake of visiting a certain prisoner without wearing his special glasses for protection.

New Soap
mc mf ff md ma hm ex ft sc ws
by TriplemintTrish
Added 25 April 2020
Updated 11 July 2020

A woman stuck alone in her apartment digs up some old hypnosis files to pass the time.

The New Style Is The Only Style
mc mf fd hm
by Changeme
Added 16 March 2013

Candace goes to the mall with Tiffany to get a new look.

A New Tattoo
mc mf fd ft
by Jrad
Added 17 August 2002

A man is about to break up with his girlfriend, but instead he feels an irresistible urge to visit a dominiatrix and get a tattoo.

New Thoughts
mc mf md ff
by S. P. Riley
Added 02 October 2021

Bobby got caught hacking into computers, but for what reason? Does it have anything to do with his attorney giving him a blow job?

A New Town, a New Beginning
mc md mf ff in hm
by OpenlyJas
Added 27 September 2014
Updated 04 October 2014

A mother and daughter must do everything a high school principal tells them.

New Toy
mc mf ff md ds ft
by HotQT
Added 27 March 2021
Updated 24 April 2021

Rick turns his new employee into his personal slave.

A New Treat
mc ff
by SleepyTimeSlut
Added 28 September 2019

Two 18-year-old girls find that trick-or-treating isn’t quite the way they remember.

New Tricks
mc mf md in
by Chrysostomon
Added 28 August 2021

Greg gets himself a catalogue ordered set of magic tricks.

New Tunez
mc ff
by Tabico
Added 29 April 2000

Lissa downloads music from the Internet that contains powerful subliminal suggestions.

The New TV
mc mf ff md fd gr
by Kirjava
Added 07 October 2023
Updated 18 November 2023

Mark finds that his very large, ultra-high-definition TV, combined with his imagination and libido, gives him an unexpected ability to alter reality — by changing one person.

New U Salon
mc mf md gr
by Zon19
Added 20 September 1999

When Sharon goes to a salon for a makeover, she gets much more than she expected.

The New Version
mc mf ff md ft
by Tang
Added 11 September 2021

Bethany is concerned about how much her mother has changed after she started dating Antionio.

The New Wife
mc mf md
by Chrysostomon
Added 30 January 2021

Edna is getting on in years. Her husband Colton is now looking for a new wife.

A New World
mc mm ff ex ft ds
by ExhibSlut
Added 21 January 2012

The world has changed and now everybody is a gay nudist slut.

A New World (Gettoman)
mc mf ft
by Gettoman
Added 01 July 2017
Updated 15 July 2017

After traveling through a black hole, a spaceship arrives on a new planet that has interesting technology.

A New World Comics and Collectibles: Lady Devil — A Mad Libby Tale
mc mf
by TheWeaver
Added 08 September 2018

A comics and collectibles shop owner uses the power of the Weaver’s Mad Libby to recreate women in the image of the characters that populate his walls and shelves.

New Years Ball — SHR
mc ff fd md
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 20 January 2024

After receiving a mysterious, yet irresistible, invitation to a New Years costume ball, Sleepygirl arrives to discover that there may be more to the attire than meets the eye.

New Years Trigger — Hypnosis Session Log
mc md
by Sleepy Hypno
Added 06 January 2024

In the second session of the night the girls find themselves in another trance this time at a New Years Eve party.

New Year’s Babe
mc mf ff ma
by Lisa Teez
Added 02 January 2011

Something goes awry when wizards look for their annual New Years babe.

New Year’s Resolution
mc mf ff md
by Anynom
Added 10 January 1999

Cindy and Kathy plan on forgetting about men in the new year, but Todd has other plans.

New Year’s Resolution (Hypnofur)
mc mf
by Hypnofur
Added 03 January 2015

A teetotaling couple meet a shady street hypotist on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Sleep
mc mm
by Zot
Added 08 January 2006

Eddie is hypnotized at a New Year’s Eve party.

The New You Spa and Tanning Salon
mc ff rb
by Roboman127
Added 04 May 2019
Updated 25 May 2019

Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny white latex clad women. Is there a connection to the new spa in town?

New Younger Brother
mc mm
by maxrpotter
Added 20 January 2024

After Toby’s mom gives him a special ring, Toby has a new relationship with his stepbrother.

Newborn Dreams
mc mf la
by Udat
Added 20 September 2014

A man hypnotizes his wife shortly after they had their first child.

Newly Minted Bimbo
mc mf md
by MoldedMind
Added 24 June 2023

Yumi checks out a sexshop, and tries out its bimbofying booth, skeptical that it can deliver on its promises. Finding it can is an unpleasant surprise.

mc mf
by Aginor
Added 20 November 2010

A mind-controller makes some adjustments to the perfect-looking couple sitting next to him on a plane.

The News
mc ma ft
by J80
Added 12 February 2012

A small-town TV reporter investigates a meteor strike.

Next 2.0
mc mf fd md sf
by Steel Cobra
Added 02 September 2017

It is six months since Richard Blake was freed from the spell of Camille. His rescuer, Fay Donovan, a former Nest agent is now living with him. A mysterious woman moves into their apartment building. Fay is unimpressed and suspicious. She has good reason.

The Next Big Thing
mc ff
by Jypsy Jones
Added 04 September 2005

Worried about challenges from her rival, Anne’s heart is put at peace by the most persuasive of techniques.

The Next Breath of Power
mc ff md fd ft
by mr. potestas
Added 12 July 2009

Katy and Jim continue to explore their power of the Spores, while they both desperately yearn to find it limits.

The Next Case
mc mf md
by S. P. Riley
Added 11 July 2004

FBI agent Theodore Garvin goes in search for who’s been turning women into porn stars.

The Next Few Days
mc ff in
by Chrysostomon
Added 16 January 2021

The parasites attack and spread.

Next Generation
mc mf ff fd in ft
by Latexthom
Added 27 April 2013
Updated 27 July 2013

A high school graduate develops mind control powers and begins a fight with family members to take over his heritage. He wins until it’s time for the next generation.

The Next Level
mc ff rb
by Writer345
Added 25 September 2021
Updated 09 April 2022

Emily and her friends go on holiday for a well-earned break but a hive has other ideas.

Next on the List
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 09 July 2022

A woman discovers that she’s drawn the attention of a mysterious group of brainwashers who want her for their own sinister purposes.

NEXT — Social Media Revolution
mc mf ff sf
by Mistress Dyvia
Added 29 August 2020

Onyx downloads the newest Social Media app, ‘NEXT,’ where people vote on what a person should do ‘next.’ Is it a coincidence that she always wants to do the things her followers suggest?

Nexus Unleashed: A Dronification Erotic Hypnosis Tale
mc mf ff fd
by unrealhypnosis
Added 05 August 2023

Natalie, a skilled and dominant hypnotist, takes control of Alex and Emily’s minds.

Niamh’s Holidays
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 06 August 2022
Updated 08 October 2022

A sorceress goes on vacation in Cyprus. What (mis)adventures await her?

Nice and Tidy
mc mf md
by Griz T. Orc
Added 20 February 2010

Amanda tries to hypnotize her boyfriend, but things don’t work out exactly as planned.

Nice Guy (Downing Street)
mc mf md
by Downing Street
Added 17 April 2005

Vicky meets a nice stranger in an automobile who gives her a ride home.

Nice Guys Control Minds Too
mc mf
by Anonymous-009
Added 18 August 1996

Our hero discovers he has the power, the power to project suggestions into other people’s minds. He decides to try the sexual possiblilities with a shapely co-ed he picks up at the student union and gets more than he bargined for.

Nice New Neighbors — New Girls Next Door
mc ff ft hm rb
by Nick Vegas
Added 20 February 2021
Updated 27 November 2021

A middle-aged professor finds herself doing maid duties for her young new neighbors.

Nice to Men
mc mf mm md gr
by Limerick
Added 02 September 2023
Updated 07 October 2023

Noelle and Molly keep checking Twitter to see what changes to the world the God-King has made.

The Nicest Guy
mc md
by Marty Hunter
Added 13 August 2022

Melissa has been hypnotized or mind controlled by her new boyfriend, a “Nice Guy”.

mc mf md
by Deep Blue
Added 09 August 2014

A friendly bartender agrees to help one of his patrons and finds himself in an incredible adventure, leading him to learn more exists in this world than he could have ever dreamed.

Nick Vegas Must Die
mc ff ft ws hu rb
by Nick Vegas
Added 17 June 2017
Updated 20 February 2021

Nick Vegas travels to an alternate world where his fantasies come to life—at least for a little while.

mc ff in
by CactusJuggler
Added 16 April 2000

Michelle has all kinds of cute pet names for Annette and Cecilia after she hypnotizes them.

Nicky Blue — Rock Star to Pop Princess
mc mf md la gr
by rbstorymorph
Added 03 October 2020
Updated 02 April 2022

An independent rock starlet is turned into a mindless bimbo pop princess when her manager introduces her to a new sponsor’s products.

Nick’s Kitten
mc mf md
by DigitalWhiteHat
Added 11 May 2002

Erin is transformed into Kitten, devoted slave to Nick.

Nick’s New Partner
mc mm
by sb_jb_mc
Added 15 February 2014

After Nick captured Sam and Tommy in “Swimmer Boy,” he was told he’d get a new partner and training for his next capture. This is his story.

Nick’s Shiny Rubber Suit
mc mm ft
by Westpalm
Added 16 January 2000

Nick, the cute singer of a band, is given a new costume to wear.

mc mf md in
by jjboss60
Added 27 March 2021
Updated 12 August 2023

Nicole starts her new job at her father’s company, but first she must sit through orientation.

Nicole Is Elevated
mc ff
by Gooberstomper
Added 22 July 2007

Headed to a job interview, a smart young woman descends into hypnosis, being transformed mentally and physically by her would-be boss.

Nicotina: Origins
mc ff mf fd ft gr
by Smokewriter
Added 04 July 2009

A drug researcher gains the ability to control other people with her cigarette smoke.

A Night at Club Diablo
mc mf md
by Cathy345
Added 10 April 2004

Cathy and her friends are hypnotized at a nightclub.

A Night at the Facility
mc mf md
by Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson
Added 14 July 2001

The doctor prepares an abductee for treatment.

A Night at the Singapore Flats
mc ff
by Mind-Control-Makeover
Added 09 January 2021

Ghost hunter Rochelle and film maker Brandy sneak into an abandoned hotel to try and find proof of the paranatural. But they’re caught off-guard when the ghost of a turn-of-the-century Madam wants to add them to her staff.

A Night Away From It All
mc mf
by T.MaskedWriter
Added 21 July 2018

Troy tracks down the missing Countess Helena.

Night Blind
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 10 April 2010

Brent finds himself fascinated by the neighbors’ son.

Night Brings the Hunter
mc fd
by T.MaskedWriter
Added 12 November 2016
Updated 24 December 2016

The companion of a Contessa is kidnapped as part of an elaborate plot.

Night Cap
mc ff
by Kingfisher
Added 02 March 2013

Natasha invents a device to program unsuspecting women into her lesbian love slaves.

Night Cap
mc mm
by T. T. Fletcher
Added 24 June 2023

Alex picks up an attractive young man in a bar. He didn’t realize that the young fellow was a master of hypnosis and phycological torture.

Night Club Hypnotist
mc mf md
by RegardDebo
Added 14 November 2004

A stage hypnotist works at a venue that attracts young, pretty co-eds.

Night Deposit
mc mf ff fd
by Glass O
Added 12 February 1997

Our hero receives a call from a female hypnotist, and suddenly he finds that he is going to be a sperm donor.

Night Duty
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 13 January 2001

Natalie, a nurse, is hypnotized by a patient.

Night Games
mc mf ff md
by the fisherman
Added 10 January 2004

Susie is hypnotized after a three-way.

Night Games (T.MaskedWriter)
mc mf ff fd md
by T.MaskedWriter
Added 29 January 2022
Updated 16 July 2022

Visitors are coming to San Finzione.

A Night Hunt that Begs for an Explanation
mc mf fd
by Mr. Scade
Added 21 August 2010

Adeline loves when prey comes to her—its easier that way. Adeline, a thought pusher, a mind controller of subtle techniques finds herself a most curious prey in the form of a man that wakes in her a new craving to dominate while she, with her own devices, wakes in him a need to submit.

The Night In
mc mf md
by Hypsan
Added 21 January 2017

Claire is triggered by her man while talking on the phone with him.

A Night in Lockup
mc mf in
by Chrysostomon
Added 04 June 2022

They have taken over the planet. Only a few live free. But not for long.

A Night in with Mistress
mc ff ds
by calledbyflowers
Added 11 March 2023
Updated 15 April 2023

A brainwashed goth housewife serves as stress relief for her muscular goth Mistress after a long day at work.

A Night in Yellow Bird Bar
mc ff
by robotbrainhumanheart
Added 08 August 2015

Will Joey rescue her closest friend, or be consumed in the fire herself?

Night Music
mf ff md mc
by The Flying Pen
Added 01 August 1996

Man meets vampire. Man becomes vampire. Man uses newfound vampire skills to get revenge on former girlfriends.

Night Nurse
mc mf fd
by mike smitus
Added 03 January 2010

A patient in traction is hypnotized by the woman giving him a sponge-bath.

The Night of My Mom Style
mc mf md
by Robert Towers
Added 26 September 2015

Rachel’s husband has a big suprise for her that night.

Night of Submission
mc mm
by FuMan
Added 20 January 1998

A man is placed in a spell by two other men who live in the neighborhoo.

Night of the Horny Wrestlers
mc mm in ft
by Spandexlad
Added 04 January 2009

Dan accidently drinks a genetic hormone that his father brought home from the lab.

Night of the Sex Maniacs
mc mf
by Psychtales
Added 14 May 2006

They keep coming back in a bloodthirsty lust for SEX... A group of people is trapped in a farmhouse, surrounded by a sex-crazed mob, who have only one thing on their mind: fuck anyone they meet and infect them with their horniness.

Night of the Whore-Wolf
mc mf fd fu gr la
by Mudak
Added 26 March 2011

Amelia is convinced that she was kidnapped on her way home from work, but she doesn’t remember anything and has no proof of it other than a bruise on her arm and some strange dreams. What kind of experiments had her kidnappers performed on her?

Night On Haunted Hill
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 20 October 2018

Isabelle spends the night in a haunted house as part of a dare but soon finds the house is a lot less empty than she first thought. Who exactly are Trick and Treat and what are they planning?

A Night on the Town
mc fd md cb hu
by Zyzzyva
Added 23 July 2016

Laura and her friends decide to go out for drinks. Surely there won’t be anything more to it than that.

Night Swim
mc mf md
by DustyVeil
Added 17 September 2022

Joe shows Alex a DVD that she definitely hasn’t seen before, but Lexi has.

Night Time Nudging
mc mf md in
by MindSpark
Added 17 November 2018
Updated 29 June 2019

When a brother learns that his sister uses ASMR to sleep at night, an idea sparks in his head. What if he replaced the audio-files his sister listens to with hypnotic recordings?

A Night to Remember
mc mf md
by writing-feline
Added 09 June 2012

The sorceress Sardanomia and her bodyguard visit a potential dangerous dragon hybrid, but what are his powers? Why can’t anyone tell them more details about him? Will the strong-willed woman be able uncover his origin and intentions, or will he turn the tables?

Night Walker
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 02 December 2000

A sexual vampire plays with his food.

Night Wanderings
mc mf md
by Wendy Slippers
Added 22 April 2007

A farmer’s wife is awakened just before dawn.

The Night Watchwoman
mc ff fu
by MC Ellen
Added 03 October 2004

The security guard has a surprise for you when you try to steal from her company.

A Night Worth Begging For
mc ff ds hm
by Sammynona
Added 27 October 2018
Updated 09 June 2019

Regina is willing to give Nora what she wants, but only if she begs for it.

mc mf md
by Prospero Nox
Added 02 April 2022

A field researcher has come too close to the local legend she’s been studying, and she’s learning a lot more than she wanted.

The Night-Visitor
mc mm ft
by The Slaver
Added 18 February 2007

A shadowy figure shows up in men’s homes, but nobody ever remembers.

The Night-Visitor Strikes Again
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 18 May 2008

The Night-Visitor drugs and kidnaps a soccer player from his hotel room.

mc mf md
by scifiscribbler
Added 06 July 2019

Susan and Alec rekindle a hypnotic relationship that she had moved past.

Nightly Needs
mc ff ma in ex ws
by Olivia Palmer
Added 01 July 2017
Updated 04 November 2017

Bevery suspects that her daughter’s wife has some kind of hold over her daughter, and Beverly finds it arousing.

Nightmare in Bremen
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 17 May 2003
Updated 15 June 2003

Juni is a mental patient in 1950’s Germany.

Nightmare: The VHS Boardgame
mc ff
by HypnoticHarlequin
Added 27 October 2018

When Kaylee and her friends decide to play an old VHS boardgame, they find that the vampire isn’t just a cheap actress. In fact, she plans to make the game much more interesting.

mc ff
by Windy
Added 10 April 2010

A slave tells her owner one of her odd dreams about being a Mistress which turned into a nightmare.

Nighttime Visitor
mc ff
by MoldedMind
Added 27 February 2021

Doreen is woken in the middle of the night by the arrival of an intruder into her home.

The Nimfonian Takeover
mc ff mf fd sf
by RelaxationObsession
Added 10 August 2013
Updated 18 March 2017

A race of beautiful alien women seeks refuge onboard the Starship Excelsior. Tales are spun across the galaxy of their charm and desirability, but as Captain West and his crew soon discover, there is far more to their mysterious visitors than meets the eye...

Nina and Phillip Having Hypnofun
mc mf fd
by KinkyWeibling
Added 28 October 2023

Nina introduces her pet to hypnokink, what sort of fun will they discover together?

Nina Seduced
mc mf md
by Hypnopup666
Added 13 March 2005
Updated 18 June 2009

Nina wonders what it’s like to be hypotized.

Nina’s Revenge
mc mf ff fd
by Anonymous-047
Added 27 July 2019

Shana, a brilliant doctor has a very jealous sister called Nina that has had enough of living under her shadow of brilliance. She decides its time that Shana became the shadow, or even less.

Nina’s Story About Why You Don’t Want To Be A Spy
mc mf ff md
by Aerosol Kid
Added 28 July 2002

Akiko’s friend Nina goes to L.A., and finds herself in a familiar pickle.

9 Mages
mc mf md bd gr ex cb
by codepatu
Added 26 February 2011

A superheroine is sent on a mission to capture escaped mages.

Nine Months Ago
mc mf md in
by Griz T. Orc
Added 25 April 2009
Updated 20 February 2010

A stressed out older brother hypnotizes his younger sister by accident.

Nine to Hive
mc ff mf fd ft ma gr sf bd
by Half Shim
Added 20 October 2012
Updated 27 September 2014

Many corporations run their companies as lean as possible, attempting to extract maximum efficiency from employees by treating them as replaceable cogs in a machine. However, this kind of corporate culture normally leads to low morale and desertions. Suzy discovers that Rankotech has found a more foolproof way to exploit its workers.

Nine Yards
mc mf ff md gr
by Limerick
Added 18 September 2011

A mad scientist reveals his diabolical plan to bimboize the entire world.

mc mf
by URN My Power
Added 22 December 2001

After dying, Annette posesses the body of the beautiful Yasmine.

Nine-Tenths (The Dark Trianni)
mc ff gr hm la
by The Dark Trianni
Added 11 December 2010

Sue, a shy and homely girl, turns to a demon for help in getting the boy of her dreams. But what happens when the demon has plans of her own?...

1988: Naughty Neighbors
mc mf md ft
by Hypnofur
Added 01 August 2015

A couple discovers that one of their new neighbors is a hypnotist.

1985: Dracula’s Revenge
mc mf md ft
by Hypnofur
Added 16 January 2016

Dracula tracks down Van Helsing’s descendant for revenge.

1996: New Hampshire
mc mf md
by Hypnofur
Added 03 September 2016

Snobby, conservative Emily seems more comfortable at the neighbors’ party than her husband would have thought

1990: New You for the 90’s
mc mf md
by Hypnofur
Added 06 January 2018

Ellen signs her husband up for a hypnosis weight loss seminar.

Nineteen Seventeen Revisited
mc mf md
by Juni
Added 13 April 2002

Juni senses something strange about her friend Peter.

mc mf md
by Chrysostomon
Added 04 January 2020
Updated 28 March 2020

Humans fall under the control of an alien race, the Tox.

The Nineteenth Hole
mc mf md ma bd gr
by TheHandsThatLead
Added 10 September 2016
Updated 19 February 2021

Mikayla is trying to break in to the professional golf tour, will a trip to Japan’s mega-conglomerate OTTII to play on their new tour get her closer to her dream?

The 19th Hole (Bronze Mirror)
mc mf md
by Bronze Mirror
Added 03 November 2018

A country club employee gains a new mentor on the golf course.

Ninety Nine Laws of Mind Control
mc mf mm ff md fd hu
by Topaz172
Added 13 July 2002

A guide to the genre.

Ninja Vigilante: Beginnings
mc mf md cb
by Buster
Added 17 May 2009
Updated 30 May 2009

Young genius Alexis Bishop finds an outlet for her energies as a superheroine.

Ninja Vigilante: Spiraling Into Control
mc mf md cb
by Buster and Pan
Added 14 December 2013
Updated 25 January 2014

Ninja Vigilante’s adventures continue months after rescuing a scientist, but her fantasies seem to have her spiraling downward.

Ninjas Aren’t So Tough
mc mf ff md fd sf
by sara castle
Added 14 October 2006
Updated 14 January 2007

An assasin is captured while on a mission.

mc mf ff fd cb
by MisterJ
Added 27 July 2013

A young superheroine confronts a powerful villainess with mind-control powers.

The Ninth Needle
mc mf md
by The Lycanthrope
Added 06 January 2018

Ethan receives a gift that lets him perform near-miracles for others, but it comes with a warning that he must never use it on himself.

Nipple Sluts
mc mm
by Julian Obedient
Added 03 October 2004

What happens when there is a cathexis around the vehicle rather than around what is conveyed.

No Average Desire
mc ff
by JinnyJ
Added 07 July 2012

An average girl finds an above average way to get love.

No Bra
mc mf md bd hm gr
by Helpoemer
Added 04 February 2017

Thomas shows his babysitter the results of his science experiments.

No Escaping Mr. Claus
mc mm
by The Slaver
Added 11 December 2021
Updated 31 December 2022

Colin thought that he had finally escaped Santa’s clutches, but Santa always returns each year.

No Experience Needed
mc mm
by Nexis Pas
Added 21 January 2007

A inexperienced young man visits a gay bar for the first time.

No Good Deed
by Liriel
Added 16 July 2011

Paul is rebuffed when he tries to do a good deed, but someone is there to set things right.

No Homo
mc mm
by Jukebox
Added 14 March 2020

Andy and Blake are as close as two guys can be. Just dudes liking dudes, men who are comfortable in the company of other men. But Blake knows that there’s nothing, y’know... gay about it.

No Inhibitions
mc mf md
by Julian D’Angelos
Added 22 November 2003
Updated 29 February 2004

John uses hypnosis to bring a woman to the brink of sexual limits.

No Means Yes
mc mf md
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 21 November 2009

After a hypnotherapist hosts a positivity program where she works, Rebecca finds herself unable to say no.

No More Double Standards
mc ff ft
by Autumn Oldaker
Added 20 January 2024

A blogger complaints about double standards towards women, and her complaints change reality.

No More Limits
mc mf md in ex
by Pan
Added 12 March 2016
Updated 26 June 2020

A hypnotist recounts yet more sessions he has with his sister.

No More Words
mc mf md fd
by Jukebox
Added 22 February 2009

Tim discovers that the cop he brainwashed into a bimbo has an angry girlfriend. Can Candace rescue the woman she loves from his evil clutches, or is she doomed to become the newest member of his harem?

No Name
mc mf md
by missblue908
Added 18 June 2016

After being hypnotized by her boyfriend, Melissa forgets what her name is.

No Need to Think
mc fd cb ft gr
by Mr. Scade
Added 09 February 2013

There is no need to think, when you have big boobs. The phrase that is repeated just before the superheroines’ uniforms change, and before their minds empty.

No Nerd Left Behind
mc mf md
by shyguy
Added 18 October 2009
Updated 28 August 2010

The new school counselor helps the nerds become more successful with women.

No One Ever Escapes
mc ff ft sf
by Allister Remm
Added 11 January 2014
Updated 08 March 2014

Commander Lisa Jenkens is used to making difficult decisions. Finding herself and her friend captured, and brought to an alien prison, she must rely on her Spacefleet training to escape with her mind intact.

No Purchase Necessary, Enter as Often as You Want
mc mf fd in
by Ddmitrovich
Added 08 June 2008

The computer Cal wins in an online contest starts to do more for him at home than let him play solitaire or surf the web.

No Rest for the Wicked
mc ff mf fd
by Mampang
Added 02 July 2011
Updated 15 December 2012

Bella and Kate’s holiday takes an unusual turn when they decide to stay the night at a Chateau.

No Saint
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 04 April 2004

A man hypnotizes his poolboy.

No Secrets
mc ff mf ma in
by SleepyTimeSlut
Added 24 August 2019

A girl just can’t stop herself from masturbating in front of her family.

No Straights Allowed
mc ff
by Borbin
Added 11 August 2018

A woman is annoyed by the straight women who are invading her local gay bar.

No Strings Attached
mc mf ff md
by Whyte, Colleen
Added 14 September 2002

Greg’s experiments with his new mind-control ray at the high school are quite successful.

No Time for Boys
mc mf md rb
by Jukebox
Added 23 March 2019

Kayla’s sister sends her a Boy™ as a gag gift, and now Kayla doesn’t know how to switch it off. But it knows how to switch her off...

No Two Are Alike
mc mf fd ts in ff gr
by Creon Grace
Added 07 January 2006

A stranger shows Clara how to control time.

No ‘I’ in H_ve
mc ff
by fembotheather
Added 04 December 2011
Updated 31 December 2011

An heiress hires a thief to investigate her own holdings, but everything may not be as it seems.

No, I’m Not The Artist
by Sen Oluguat
Added 07 May 2022

James wants to use a special device help his wife Ashley understand just how far she has come as an artist. He had the best of intentions...

The Noble Lie
mc ff mf fd sf
by Amergin
Added 16 September 2001

Three deep-space travellers return to the Solar System, and discover that society on Earth has changed dramatically.

Nobody Does It Better
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 31 December 2011

The world’s best hypnotist is once again faced with disbelief from her adoring admirers. How can she possibly prove to them that they’ve been hypnotized?

Nobody Loves You Like Family
mc mf ff md in
by Hypnochic76
Added 26 May 2001

Seventeen year old Allison’s father is too embarassed to explain the birds and the bees, so he asks his younger brother, Jeff, to teach her what she needs to know.

Nocturnal Emissions
mc mf fd
by ShimmeringGloss
Added 26 September 2020

Seeking relief from his anxiety and frustration, Tyler lets himself be drained.

mc mf md
by Sophinisba
Added 09 February 2002

A series of letters written by a law student to her Latin professor.

Nora and The Crow
mc ff mf fd
by DazzlingLady
Added 24 July 2021
Updated 24 September 2022

Nora reaches out to an old friend and former lover for help.

A Normal Grocery Run During Which No Domestication Occurs
mc ff sf
by SapphicSounds
Added 11 December 2021

A desperate grocery run to the affini occupied districts of her city puts Irene on a collision course with an affini woman looking for a new pet.

mc mf ff gr
by Limerick
Added 21 October 2017

Danica, a bartender is struggling with the series of changes she has gone through. But so has everyone else, so it seems.

North Past Alaska
mc mf
by Lisa Teez
Added 28 April 2012

A woman is sent up north to retrieve an alien. She does and then she does a lot.

Not a Cruel Man
mf md mc
by Ludmenkov, Boris
Added 01 August 1996

Professor Hillman begins another school year with the Gizmo—the new equal opportunity officer proves to be the right conquest for the year.

Not a Dud
mc mf fd
by S. B.
Added 09 December 2023

Lewis discovers an old bomb buried in the backyard that turns his world upside down.

Not A Great Deal
mc mf ff fd md
by Fendin Nun
Added 15 July 2017

Andrea has an important deal negotiation coming up but she’s somewhat distracted by Rachel, a new office assistant.

Not a Second Time
mc mf gr la
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 09 January 2010

Doctor Robert Lane singlehandedly corrupts the world.

Not a Simple Masseuse
mc mf fd
by hypno perve
Added 16 July 2022

A masseuse enjoys hypnotizing her clients.

Not Exactly What He Wanted
mc ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 16 December 2007

When a man tries to take control of a politician, he gets more than he bargained for.

Not Feeling Like Myself
mc ff hm
by CactusJuggler
Added 25 November 2000

If Hanna isn’t in control of her body, who is?

Not Gay
mc mm
by Walter Ego
Added 01 May 1998

George insists that he is not gay, but Jason drugs his drink and teaches him a few things.

Not Guilty by Reason of Omnipotence
mc mf ff md gr
by The Sympathetic Devil
Added 05 August 2007

A routine reckless driving case turns out to be anything but when the defendant makes an unusual ples.

Not Like Nancy
mc mf md
by Hypnofur
Added 23 January 2016
Updated 06 February 2016

Determined to not end up like her jilted friend, a woman hatches a plan to add a little spice back into her marriage.

Not Like Other Girls
mc ff gr
by Achuloh
Added 05 September 2020

Jennifer loses her reality-changing ring at a sorority party.

Not Listening
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 08 April 2017

A woman tries to shut out a sinister hypnotist, with mixed results.

Not My Fault
mc mf md
by Anynom
Added 06 January 2001

A college student finds out about a device that turns women into slaves.

Not Possible
mc mf ff md ma
by Distant Whispers
Added 29 January 2006

A woman falls under a man’s control after he accuses her of sexual harassment.

Not the Alice He Once Knew
mc mf
by Kentauros
Added 28 January 2023

After they go to a Hypnotist Show, James’ wife Alice turns into a completely different person.

Not Too Tightly Wrapped
mc mf ff
by Lisa Teez
Added 29 October 2011

A professor brings back at an artifact to teach his class a lesson but in the end, he’s the one who gets schooled.

Not Waiting On Success
mc mf ff md fd
by Whyte, Colleen
Added 17 February 2001

Anonymous packages get delivered to a series of women, containing school-girl uniforms.

Note (MoldedMind)
by MoldedMind
Added 16 November 2019

Violet receives a bizarre note from a stranger. Her mind is increasingly preoccupied with its contents.

Note-Worthy Revenge
mc ff
by Eric Stray
Added 06 August 2011
Updated 15 August 2020

Three girls find out that a little too much honesty can really change the way they think.

mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 09 September 2017

Sandy goes over her notes from last night’s hypnosis session with Kevin.

Nothing Else Matters
mc ff md fd ma
by Jukebox
Added 21 November 2009

A young woman is entranced by a captivating pendant while delivering pizzas.

Nothing Like It in the World
mc mf md
by Jukebox
Added 22 August 2020

A dominant hypnotist shares the beauty of his sub’s surrender.

Nothing to Fear
mc mf gr
by Kris P. Kreme
Added 08 November 2009
Updated 14 November 2009

Released by a college professor and his students, a devious and ancient being feeds off turning fears into pleasure.

Nothing Too Serious
mc ff
by Jukebox
Added 10 December 2011

Dawn’s wrist hurts. Her new doctor prescribes a vigorous regimen of drugs, brainwashing and orgasmic bliss.

Nothing Ventured
mc mf md
by ScottS
Added 05 August 2000

A man uses hypnosis to get the only woman he ever wanted.

mc ff rb
by Kallie
Added 23 February 2019

Hina, a cyborg, and her girlfriend exploit her command functions to help her deal with some of her trauma.

A Novel Approach
mc mf ff fd ma gr bd
by HB5211
Added 09 November 2019
Updated 16 November 2019

Betsy continues writing erotic fiction based on her real life experiences, while Heather deepens her control. Betsy watches as Samantha is ensnared in Heather’s world providing more inspiration for her second novel.

Now Hiring, All Positions
mc mf md
by Lisa Teez
Added 11 January 2009

Melissa and Linday get jobs at a very strange used bookstore.

Now See Here, Young Lady
mc mf fd
by A Sinister Bent
Added 04 July 2015
Updated 12 August 2017

A sexy high school student discovers how to handle the principal of her school when she’s sent to his office.

Now You Begin Your Descent
mc mf ff md
by MrGrey
Added 26 June 2004

An overbearing female executive undergoes some changes after an encounter with a homeless person.

Nu Thought
mc ff bd ds
by Doctor D.
Added 21 September 2019

Dell joined Nu Zeta because it would look good on her resume but something odd is happening and now she isn’t so sure.

Nu-Wife, Inc.
mc mf md ft rb
by Robotmaster
Added 16 April 2011
Updated 27 December 2014

Jamie agrees to undergo a treatment she considers misogynistic in order to save her marriage.

The Nude Models
mc mf ff in md
by HappyAndre
Added 17 October 1998

Wendy is convinced to pose nude for a magazine shoot. When she realizes what a horrible mistake she made, she sends her mother to get the pictures back.

The Nude Weekend
mc mf mm ff fd
by Glass O
Added 11 June 2022

Nicholas spends the weekend at the home of his friend Lori’s mom, a sex therapist.

mc mm
by Altoid Lover
Added 13 November 1999

When Jeffrey’s roommate Mike ignores Jeff’s passes, Jeff tries hypnosis to give him a little nudge in the right direction.

Nuisance Neighbours
mc mf md
by Richard Gently
Added 14 August 2004

Jenny calls the cops on the noisy people next door.

Number 14
mc ff
by Janna
Added 19 September 2009

Ashley is hypnotized by a woman’s breasts while riding on a bus.

Number 16
mc mm ft rb
by numbered
Added 16 October 2010

Wanting to add to his stable of slaves, the Master brainwashes and transforms David into one of his playthings.

Number 17
mc ff ft rb
by numbered
Added 16 October 2010

Louise begins her new life in service to the Mistress who brainwashes her into becoming a slave

Number 19
mc ff
by S. B.
Added 22 February 2020

Deborah was kidnapped, brainwashed and raped by a mysterious woman. Detective Amy Weber has something to say about it.

Number 497
mc mf ff md gr
by Limerick
Added 26 March 2016

Erika is having difficulty understanding why she is so horny and driving herself to a secluded mansion. She’s been having trouble understanding a lot of things lately...

Number Seventeen (Wrestlr)
mc mm
by Wrestlr
Added 27 July 2013

A driver, a hitchhiker, and a lonely stretch of road, late at night with a telepathic serial killer on the loose. A story set in the Institute world.

Number Slaves
mc ff md
by S. P. Riley
Added 28 January 2023

Four women show up at a hotel room hoping their master will be there.

Number, Please
ma mc mf md
by Mind Control Fan
Added 01 August 1996

Reaching out and touching the operator; a persuasive voice convinces a female operator to tell all and agree to meet the caller.

mc mf md
by J. Darksong
Added 18 February 2007

Shelley is triggered by her hypnotic Master by his touch and a series of numbers.

mc mf fd bd
by Alyx Mesmer
Added 09 July 2022

Alyssa tries really hard to take care of her patient.

Nurse Diva’s New House Reboot
mc ff
by Nick Vegas
Added 28 May 2016
Updated 23 January 2021

Lisa is enslaved by her daughter’s new friend.

mc mf md
by Bad Kitty
Added 17 April 2010

Two nurses are kidnapped and reprogrammed by a porter.

The Nurse’s Watch
mc mf fd
by Neo Whyachi
Added 21 September 2003

Matt’s physical is conducted by an old acquaintance.

Nursing Home
mc mf md
by valor6
Added 18 September 2005

Katherine pays special attention to a new patient.

mc mm sf gr
by Hypnothrill
Added 24 June 2017

A ship of Space Marines gets an unexpected visitor. In space, no one can hear you moan.

mc mf fd
by A Nony Mouse
Added 23 September 2001
Updated 29 September 2001

A princess of Mars visits Earth for the first time.

mc ft
by Gettoman
Added 26 August 2017

In the year 2215, the world is in the grips drug that is instantly addictive.

Nylon Agenda
mc mf ff md fd ft
by jman_bigdaddy
Added 13 July 2013

A nylon enslavement conspiracy investigates a rival organization.

Nylon Empire
mc mf ff md fd ft
by jman_bigdaddy
Added 05 March 2016
Updated 26 March 2016

A man’s family is enslaved by a diabolical conspiracy.

Nylon Fantasy
mc mf ff md ft
by Circleloopz
Added 18 May 2008

John receives a special orb in the mail that promises to fulfill all his nylon fantasies.

Nylon Investigation
mc ft
by jman_bigdaddy
Added 23 December 2012

Jeff searches for his wife and sister-in-law, who have been turned into nylon slaves.

Nylon Turnaround
mc ft
by Joe M
Added 06 August 2011

Lacey is an out-ofcontrol teen, and her sister holds the only key to turning her life around.

mc mf ff md fd gr
by XXXecil
Added 31 July 2010

A team of commandos invades an alien Queen’s hive.

mc mf md
by Ohdammitnotagain
Added 16 August 2008

Sarah is recruited to become the new nymph of the forest.

The Nympho Patrol
mc ff mf fd
by Rinky Dink
Added 24 November 2001
Updated 19 January 2002

Dr. Heather Slick tries to help the police battle a mysterious upsurge in nymphomania.

Nymphos of the Sky
mc ff mf sf
by If I Was Not You
Added 08 April 2017

After a lifetime of nymphomaniac numbness, Charlene has a moment of clarity.

mc ff in
by Chrysostomon
Added 28 November 2020

A Godess comes to life to seduce the living.

Nyoka, the Jungle Girl vs. Queen Pulika
mc ff
by A Nony Mouse
Added 09 February 2002

A blonde jungle girl saves her tribe from a power hungry African Tribal Queen ... or tries to.